Starting Monday 12-13-10!! Anyone else?

  • I have made the decision and I am super motivated! I hope I can stay this motivated throughout the challenge. I know I need tons of support so I recruited my mom, sister, and my moms friend.Its going to be GREAT!!!

  • i will be startin that day too. keep in touch and we can keep each other motivated. I'm really good at motivating everyone else except for myself lol maybe your the same way

  • Hi, I plan to start then too. Started a challenge earlier in the year, but broke my big toe in the first week and dropped out! Such a little thing, but sooo painful!!!


  • I too am starting on the 13th! It will be C2 for me...I've had about a two week rest, and am anxious to get back on it! We can all do this!


  • I started Friday, but will start the program on Monday.  Went to get the soreness started so I could at least get myself off the toilet!  That lower body exercise will leave you so sore, so start with low weight!  It's so painful those first few weeks then it starts to hurt so good!!!  Wish I had a partner for this 12 week transformation!  It really helps you to stay on track and accountable.  Great job on crossing that abyss of knowing and doing!

  • Good morning all! How is everyone on Day 1? I have done my upper body workout, and so far am following my eating plan and drinking my water (actually coffee at the moment...hehe). is proving to be a great day! I do have some injuries that I have had to 'baby' on my first challenge, and the same holds true for this challenge so far...not worth re-injury! Have a good one friends!




    Make it a great day!

  • Mornin',

    I have not done my upper body yet. I plan on it tho. I had my last final in history this morning. I am about to eat some lunch and drink some water, then work out around 130. Hopefully tomorrow morning will be less hectic (sp). Im glad to hear your monring/day is going good! Keep it up Leggs!!!

  • Hey everyone! I hope you all are off to a great start! I just finished my upper body. It went good but next time I am definitly going to up the weight. Food is still going good for me today. Have a great week everyone! Stay in touch!!

  • I'm started too today.  It's my second time this year trying to build the new me!  Hope everyones first day is going smoothly.  I woke up at 6:30am(great start in itself!!) and everything else is falling into place.  Good luck everyone.  My girlfriend kicked but on the challenge and now its my turn!!  

  • I started today as well. The exercises went well...eating is ok, but had client meeting so lunch was a littel more off the mark. Hope to keep it up. Best of luck to all...lets stay motivated

  • I will be starting tomorrow.  Looking forward to a fabulous Day 1.  

  • Hey everyone! I hope everyone is still doing well on day 2! I just finished cardio. I really dont like running. Probably because Im not good at it. I am hoping with this challenge I will learn to love it! It went good tho. Food is still good. I need to do some tweaking but I am staying on track! Have a GREAT week everyone!!

  • Hey everyone! I also started yesterday! :D I was on FB trying to find other people that started the same day but i am not sure they get much use. Hope everyone is doing well and having los of success so far! bring on day 3!!

    Judy :D

  • Hey guys I started on Dec. 13th as well. Hope we can all support each other, I'm really glad I signed up feelin great already!

  • On to day four we go!! That lower body workout last night just about killed me! My legs are like jello today. I LOVE IT! lol I love the sense of accomplishment! Also doing yoga daily on top of the bfl plan and eating well. I used to do yoga on a regular basis but stoped less then a year ago. when i did the yoga on monday let me tell you my body sure told me how much i had needed it.

    I am pumped for todays workout! How is everyone doing on their programs so far?