Philmont Group

  • Julie, I'm right there with you! I tell you what, in the beginning of this 12 week cycle I just wanted to see the pounds change. I had it all mapped out and knew how the end would be. What I didn't expect is the journey that would take place between both ends. Am I disappointed that I didn't see the weight loss I set out for? Sure I am. I'd still like to accomplish that goal. I just realize now that this is a process and most processes are not short and simple. It's not a one time gig of diet control and physical activity and then I'm set for good -- no, no.. I've got to maintain this perspective for the duration and not only see the results but be able to live them, maintain them and benefit physically and mentally from them. I too see my body's physique changing and my clothes fitting better. I bought a pair of pants in a size smaller, than what I was previously wearing, thinking they'd be just large enough for me now... WRONG! I have to exchange them for yet another style. How did my clothing size change if my scale hasn't moved much? I just know it's thanks to this challenge, to the small changes that are having a lasting effect on me.

    I'll see ya in round two; but for now keep checking in and giving us all the updates on your wonderful success!

    Tiffany in VA

  • Hey all, Boom's back...

    or is it "oh my aching back!"

    I thought I was healing up well enough to get back to the weights...even thought about starting again this morning....

    I was standing on my left leg while putting on my right sock-perfectly balanced, I might add-when wham, I pulled a muscle in my outside lower left back!  I hope you can picture this as it must have been rather funny.  I smell like Life Saver Wint-o-greens right now, too.

    But as this is a life style & not just a twelve week plunge I'm still hanging in there & have good news to report of another 4 lbs gone!  I don't know how, but I have been watching my food choices. That's a total of 14 lbs.  I can't weigh much less, so now I'm hoping to see definition.

    Thanks for being there.

    GO Go GO