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  • Julie's back in the house! Go Pack Go! In fact, I'm still recuperating from that game last night. What a game and I'm so fired up we may have a chance to go to the Superbowl. Anyway, it was my free day and boy was it free. But, I broke through my 169 and weighed in yesterday at 168. Ounce by ounce, I'm losing. I'm afraid to hop on the scale after last night..  I have, though, lost 2 inches from my waist and my hips. Yeh!

    It's great to hear from everyone again. Tiffany, I know what you mean by trying to be good on a free day. Usually I do really well throughout the day and then at night for dinner, I let loose with the carbs. But that's why it's called a free day. Boom and 49r fan ~ wonderful job on the 5-10 pound loss!  Chip~ I usually get the lite cheese sticks and an orange or an apple to stock up in the fridge. That really helps me control what I'm eating when I'm famished and busy. I also cut up green peppers and celery to munch on throughout the week. It's so much easier if you have "grab N go" items when you're really busy at work/home. Those types of foods keep you in check.

    This coming Wednesday-Sunday, I will be in Nashville for a conference. I'm kind of concerned that I'll miss some workouts and I won't eat very well. Does anyone have any good snack ideas to pack for the week that won't spoil?

    We're more than 1/2 way through. We can do it!

  • Hey Julie,

    I can't say that they're great, but the snack/health bar that we like the best is ZONE, their fave is chocolate mint & I prefer something with peanut butter...that might be one thing.  But apples & prewrapped cheese sticks travel well in pockets & purses; perhaps you could make a stop at a grocery store on the way to the hotel.

    Hope that helps.

    Boom (thanks for the handle, Chip)

  • Thanks for the ideas Boomer! Good luck this week. I'll touch base with everyone before I leave for Country Music land!

  • Hope Music land went well for you Julie....

    Boy, we are a quiet bunch lately.

    I weighed in yesterday & am still at 130, but I can wear my clothes that are the next size down!!!!  If I don't drop anymore weight or size this week then I'll use the South Beach Phase One food list the BFL way.  It's a bit more restrictive & I won't get to eat my apples & cheese.

    Chip-another quick meal is yogurt & cottage cheese....keep hanging in there so you can be climbing high later!

    What's 49er doing & the rest?  Where's the band director?

    When I worked out with my brother-in-law back on the 1st I asked him if he read any books or did his workouts a certain way.  He said, "No, I'm just trying to keep in the habit of working out for my health."  (He eats pretty well, too.) What a great mind set...though I'd want to be rock hard chiseled if I worked out as long as he did.

    Don't count any set backs as losses, but experience & keep going this is a lifestyle.

    Hope to hear from someone....lots of you really.  Talk to you again in at least a week.


  • I'm back! 3 pounds heavier! Wow. What a bummer. I even worked out while I was at my conference and ate pretty well. How can you gain 3 pounds in just 3 days? Is it from the flight??? Just kidding.

    I took this week off to recoup and let my body and mind "rest". However, tonight I'm going to hop on the tredmill to try and get re-charged.

    Boom, thanks for keeping us alive by posting. I have to get back in the game. It's just taking sooooo long to see major results. I'll have to measure myself again to make sure all is not lost. OK. Tomorrow is another day. Talk to you guys soon~


  • Hey Julie...

    I bet that 3 pounds has a lot to do with flying.  I usually can't get my rings off for a day after I land-even when I drink a fair amount of water.

    Well all,

    I only lost a pound...but my clothes are a little looser.  Thankfully, I am near the end of getting rid of the weight.  I have a lot more muscle than I ever did; I need to find out my fat:lean ratio & go from there.  I still have too much fat, but don't really know if weight wise I'll just be exchanging fat loss for muscle gain.

    Let you know what happens next week.


  • Boomerang, Julie Hi Ya'll (and Everyone)....

     I'm still around here too. Been going strong with daily workouts and have even been eating healthy... I've not seen my scale budge one pound (but I've not gained either) but I was talking to my hubby about my frustration and he pointed out spots on my body (namely my mid section and my arms that have definately begun to take a good shape. So I took my picture and, compared to my before picture I have begun to change. I can see where muscle is building and I look healthier too. I am going to do my measurements tomorrow and see if I've lost some inches. I began this challenge on December 1st, 2010.  (I did start over at week 1 about half way through, so that my hubby and kid could join in with me). It's been so many weeks and I was feeling disappointed to not see the scale changing.

    After some deeper thought though, I can see how much things have actually changed in my life. I'm exercising daily 6 times each week - and I actually tend to enjoy my workouts- I can do full routines and last all the way through them. I've increased the amounts I can lift in weights, my time and endurance through different moves and I have incredibly energy. My eating is so much more health focused and I find that if I do choose some fatty or overly processed foods on my free day I usually can't stomach much of it and am more than ready to get back on track the next day.  All I can hope for is to complete this challenge strong and keep it up (for life) to see my goals reached and maintain good health once I get to that point.

    Hope you are all doing well. It has been very quiet here in Philmont Land lately. If you're reading this be sure to stop by soon and give us all an update on how you're doing.

    Tiffany in VA

  • OK!  Julie, Tiffany & Boom are the only ones who have been posting for the last few weeks.

    Can we have a roll call and find out who is still here?

    I'm hoping life is full for you & your BFL life is taking priority over posting.

    I'm a bit injured myself, from snowboarding, but still managing to get in aerobic workouts & will be adding weights back soon.  I'm hovering between 128 & 130-just about 5 # more than I want, but then again I don't care so much about the #s but about the fat to muscle ratio & I don't know what that is...yet.

    OK...roll call please.  Go Team Philmont!!!!


  • Ok guys, Im going to admit it....I fell off the wagon at week 5. mad with myself.  This is the first time ive been back on the site.  Im about to try it again.  Hoping to start on my birthday 02-26.  You that have hung in there...WAY TO GO!!!  Soo proud of yall!!  :)

  • Welcome back Margie!  I didn't really get started until about week 5!!!!  Remember this is a lifestyle, not something we start & then quit because we've hit our goal or 12 weeks is over...jump in & do what you can right now & build up to the whole thing...  I'm glad to have more than a few people climbing this mountain.

    Chip, where are you?


  • HI guys~ Welcome back! It's great to hear from you:) I'm still hanging in there.

    Yes, this is a lifestyle change even though the pounds haven't been melting off like I thought they would. HOWEVER, I just got back from the doctor this afternoon and thanks to the program, my blood pressure is GREAT! It's not boarder-line high anymore. That is such a relief especially since high blood pressure runs in my family. My clothes fit better. I don't see half of the back-fat as I once did (ha Ha) and I'm walking more tall. I'm now more confident in my "hobby job"--selling clothes for a LA fashion designer at home shows--- and feel great when I wear the new styles because I can fit into them better!

    We're almost finished with this first round. I'm definitely going to continue into the second round to see what happens. Anybody with me? I just have to spruce up my workouts and be more diligent with my eating.

    Good luck everybody! Talk to you all soon:)

  • Sorry for leaving you guys high and dry for a while.  Work has gone through the roof recently and shows no signs of receding soon.  At current, I am at 195 down 13 lbs from my starting weight.  The eating changes are there in the context that I no longer snack, am eating nutritiously but don't do the 6 times per day thing because I haven't had the time to shop.  I got the little deli in the basement to make me an eggbeater omelet with veggies and without cheese and dry toast.  Is very good, inexpensive and an when I combine that with Myoplex shakes (expensive!), I've stayed on track.  Workouts have taken a hit but I get at least one fully UBWO/LBWO per week and 2 nites of 1 1/2 hrs of hoops so good cardio there.

    The net-net is that this has been a life change and its working.  I expect to be able lose another 10 lbs by June and be standing on the summit of Baldly at 185 which was my original target for Feb. but I'll take it.

    I haven't weighed what I do now in over 20 years!  I have 3 suits that now fit me that haven't for a while so increased wardrobe options are a real bene!

    Way to go everyone!  And its never too late to jump back in.  I'm here for the duration!

  • No way Margie! You can't sneak off from us that easy. You'll have too keep at it take your slouch day and then get right back into the routine. I've learned from this program that it's not about what week or day you're on. It's not necessarily about the number on the scale either. Instead it's about how you feel physically when you're living life. It's about a mental clarity that you have from following some perception of routine and orderliness and releasing your stresses in exercise instead of food, alcohol or over-relaxation.

    So you're excused now. You've gotten lost, now you know where you're at. We'll all be waiting to hear about your fantastic week of giving it your gold!


    Tiffany in VA

  • Hi Chip. You know what; I UNDERSTAND. Reading everyone's post I can't help but nod my head and say "me too". I've had some weeks that were much more focused than others. I've incorporated into my life, some techniques (such as carrying a packaged tuna, plastic fork, and napkin in my glove box, purse, and diaper bag) that have kept me from the drive through many a days. On the flip side, I've had some days where I just did not get to that exercise routine that I had planned out. I realize now, a lot more than I did at the start of this, that this is a body for LIFE challenge. It's not going to happen for many of us in just 12 weeks. That's just the start. It's going to be a daily walk for life that I maintain and strive for; sometimes meeting the challenge with ease, other times stumbling, falling, and having to admit that I'm just plain human, not superhero.

    Congrats on your achievements Chip.


    Tiffany in VA

  • Boom I'm so proud of you!

    Thanks too, for calling the roll. I'm here. I'm steadily going. My boy turned 12 yesterday. At first he was laxed about the program. Now he's up (even on the days that I'm not) and doing the routine. He's been a driving force of encouragement because I want to be that physical example of great health and I just can't do that well if I'm not living healthy. So I'm here. I'm seeing some nice change in my body as well as my mind. I feel great. Life's busy and overwhelmingly stressful,  yet the things I've learned thus far in this challenge have enabled me to stay out of the junk (for the most part) and into the workouts and mentally focused on a body that it healthy for the remainder of my life.

    Get well soon, back with the weights and we'll be looking forward to hearing about you meeting your goals!

    Tiffany in VA