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  • 49er...

    I am sticking to the BFL eating plan like its a religion...kinda like I used to stick to those honey

    My typical eating throughout the day consists of the following:

    Breakfast 7 am

    6 egg whites

    1 cup regular Oatmeal

    Mid Morning Snack 10 am

    Myoplex Lite

    Lunch 1 pm

    Tuna Sandwich on Whole Wheat Bread with Celery

    Protein Shake

    Mid Afternoon Snack 4 pm

    Myoplex Lite

    Dinner 630 pm

    Chicken ***

    1 cup Brown Rice

    1 cup Steamed Broccoli

    Protein Shake

    Post Training 930-10 pm

    Protein Shake

    And I also drink water throughout the day...usually about 3-4 liters.

    So far it seems to be working so I am very hesitant to change anything.  I have the Eating-For-Life book and we have tried a few recipes out of it and they are delicious so sometimes we will use a meal from there instead but the above is my typical day.


  • Ken ~ That's nice of you to post your eating plan as it gives me an idea!  You are truly dedicated and I guess that I am not because I have been eating what I want but exercising.  I can rationalize my eating so well...Very inspiring to read!!!

    Did my cardio yesterday but had a holiday dinner so not sure what good thats really going to do me....

    Tonight LBWO and eat well today.....gotta go out and buy some healthy food again when I get paid tomorrow!

  • Hi guys! I've been doing pretty well with my holiday "treats". Over Christmas, I had 2 half "free days". In other words, I did really well with eating during the day and then at dinner, succumbing to my dad's Martinelli Pinot Noir, Zinfandel and tenderloin fondue with various sauces my mom made.

    The next day, I tried to be good as well, but didn't quite make it  eating some cookies, etc. The good thing is that I didn't gain any weight  and I still lost an additional 1/4 inch around everything except for my hips.  I haven't missed a workout during this time either. Yesterday, I went skiing with my daughter and then did my cardio. It was a struggle, but I pushed myself to running a 6 speed on my tredmill. I'm feeling it today. LBWO will follow this afternoon. Hmm.

    Now comes the New Year's festivities. We're invited to a party on New Year's Eve, New Years day will be Christmas at my in-laws, and on Sunday, the Packers/Bears game with my sister/brother-in-law and tailgating.

    Our family leads a very active social life and I don't want to miss out on "living". Sometimes I'm so tired of having to be good. What day do I choose for my free day? I think I'll choose New Year's Eve because on Saturday I can be good and for the Packers game, I start my new job on Monday and want to be in good spirits for that. Any encouragement would be grateful for this upcoming week!

    Ken, Thanks for your menu.

    49er Fan~ You can do it! You're doing well!

    Good job guys~ It looks like we're all on our way!

  • Juliegt ~ Good luck on your new job on Monday!!!  Thanks for the encouraging words too.  I haven't been good since Thursday so tomorrow, Sunday, will be my new start date for BFL.  I am exercising today but that's about it.  Still too much food around.

    It's good to see Ken's post as it keeps me motivated and I know he must have been hardcore through this weekend.  I should have too.....I gotta muster up all I've got to get on track too because I am now the heaviest I've ever been at 204....ugh!  Sunday is my day and Saturday will be my free day.

    Haven't heard from too many is everyone doing over the holdiays????

  • Hi all....

    49er Fan-It like you & I had a rough time of it during the holidays.  I did what I could & didn't gain more that I started with.  At least the end of our travels took us to our Brother-In-Laws & my husband likes to wo with him & I always tag along to the gym.  I sure like those pre programmed of the best cardio wo that I'd had in a long time.  Until today....

    Thanks, Tiffany, for your cardio wo example, I modifiedit  for myself & had a better cardio at home than ever.  You pushed me up a level-woohoo!!!!!

    Also my sweet sweet-toothed husband has agreed to keep out goodies.  He doesn't do the main grocery shopping but if & when he does.... So, that should help greatly.  He did it for the children. ; )

    It's been a good 4 days.

  • Boy, what happened to everyone????????  Anyhow, did the LBWO today so this is technically my first week back.  Maybe I need to join another group that began on Mon?  Did anyone else do this, would that be why not many posts lately????  Just wondering....

    Boomerangmomma ~ Seems like it's you and me the last few days.  Hope everyone is doing ok....

  • Sorry for being off the grid.  Holidays were fun but tiring and with travel and parties and everything else that went with it, definitely found myself succumbing to the dark side.  Good news is that I found the light at the beginning of the week and am back on track.  Definitely lost a little ground but got back into routine workouts and have found that laying off for a couple days is definitely not like starting over.  I played 5 games of basketball last nite -- full court for 1 1/2 hours.  When I started BFL, I could barely finish one game.  Weight is back to pre-Christmas and schedule has almost returned to normal (college kids are still home -- when do they go back???).

    Happy New Year Team Philmont!  Lets hear from everyone...

  • Happy New Year! I'm so glad that Christmas and New Years is over (bittersweet, I guess). It's been going pretty well. Still at 169. My goal was to lose 2 pounds a week and be at 160 by the end of this week....but oh well. I'm not 24 anymore. The good thing is everyone is noticing a big change in me and I guess that's what counts. I started my new job on Monday and I'm finding it's hard to get the workouts in. I'm going to have to double up tonight with my UBWO and Cardio. I know, we're not supposed to do that, but I don't want to miss a work out. Once I get in the swing of things, I'll head to the Y at noon. That'll be my goal for next week:)

    Body for LIfe On!

    It's great to hear from you 49er fan---thanks for the good luck on the new job

    Chip-congrats on being able to play 5 games!!!!


    Happy New Year 2011.

    This is OUR Year; We've set goals, made plans, we're following through (some of us more quickly than others, but we're staying the course  none-the-less) and we'll see the results.

    Judging from the last page of posts here I see I'm not the only one who went MIA the past two weeks.

    I wish I could have traveled, been sick, or done something of importance that would be my reason for being so flaky, but truly it's just been normal life here in VA and I kirked out for a while.

    Now I'm back and in full swing. Saturdays are my new "free day" as I am doing a 12 week family challenge with my husband and 12 year old son. We printed out the success journals, made some meal plans and exercise routines and intend to begin tommorrow.

    I did well with my first "challenge". I didn't complete 12 full weeks (because I want to begin it with my family tommorrow), but it was a great "practice run" for me. I learned to plan and journal daily. I got into a routine schedule for eating and exercising. I dropped some bad habits (like not being consistent and not planning) and I implemented some healthier ones.

    If ya'll don't mind me being behind in the challenge by a few weeks, I'll stick around and continue chatting. I love the energy of this group.

    Yeah, Horray for TEAM PHILMONT.... the mountain's peak awaits us all!

    Tiffany in VA

  • Hey Team ~ I weighed in on Sat and in my first week back (after holidays) I lost 5.2 pounds!  That LBWO really, really burns calories for me.  Next week I know I won't see the same results but will keep my fingers crossed for at least two.  Happy Sunday!


  • Go ahead 49er! Congrats on the weight loss. Now do it again. Give it just an extra nudge at each workout.

    As for me I am not seeing the weight loss on the scale, but in the waist yes and in endurance yes. Yesterday I did lunges and squats so well. While I did sweat intensely and my legs were sore, I didn't have to stop in the middle of a set. I was so glad. It's been so long in the making to get to this point where I can complete an entire workout and do well at it.

    Horray for TEAM PHILMONT!

    Tiffany in VA

  • hello?

    I'm here. It's Saturday night and I see that no one has posted since the last time I did (on Wednesday). I hope that everyone is doing well and continuing on their personal Body for Life journeys.

    I hope that Group Philmont still exist with all our original members.

    I am steady tugging along. Today was a free day. I thought that after a long week of workouts, eating healthy, and being committed that I'd totally binge today. Not so! I wanted a fruit smoothie and a salad. Funny part is that I did eat pizza, but I couldn't finish it all. I just didn't have a taste for much junk. I didn't even have a soda pop today; ON  A FREE DAY???

    This Body for Life 12 week challenge is transforming my behaviors, my mindset, as well as my physique. I feel so empowered.

    I made a decision to further my education. I couldn't have done this last year. I wasn't ready. Body for life has helped me. The things that Bill Phillips teaches in his book are so great and it's hard to not want more; better; to go further; to push a little harder.

    After posting here in the forum I'm going to lay out my plans for tommorrow.

    I'm excited about going into a new week. Are you all with me? Shall we shed a few pounds, build some more muscle and expand our mental and emotional selves?

    Horray for Team Philmont!

    I hope to hear from you all soon.

    Tiffany in VA.

  • Tiffany, great job!  New year has come and I'm hanging in there.  Still getting in 6+ workouts a week and trying to stay on track with eating but work has gone to a fever pitch since the 1st and I have been putting in 80+ hours/week making it very difficult to plan my eating and stay on track with that part.  Weight is stable and I'm just trying to see this through.  It's likely going to last through mid-Feb so what is one to do othe than stick at it as much as you can.  Sometimes, I'm so tired and hungry when I get home that all I can do is grab whatever is there -- and its not always what should be on my menu.

    But I'm sticking to it because this is a lifetime, not 90 day gig.  And, I still have to climb Mt. Baldy in July!

    How's everyone else on the team.  Ken?  49er fan?  Julie?  Boom?

  • Boom's here!

    Good to see you post Chip..I thought you were already climbing the mountain & had no web access <g>.

    Perhaps my last 2 weeks success will keep you motivated.  Remember when I wrote about this being a lifestyle & do as much as you can during the holidays, & then get on back on track when real life shows up again.  Well, that's what I had to do during the holidays.  I did get to start my wo on Jan 1 but I still had to travel a day back home.  Since then I've been consistent on my eating-actually I haven't gotten to eat all 6 meals a day, but I haven't been putting the junk in my body when having the chance.  I've had 3-4 off days of exercise, though.  

    Here's the good news:

    I weigh in on Sundays, last Sunday I was down 5 lbs & today I am down 5 lbs from that!  

    I can only attribute this to the mindset I had over the holidays & the determination to stick with it when real life showed up. The mindset came from reading all the posts here & how supportive we are to each other, THANK YOU ALL!

    Chip, this must be your "holiday season" more so than the real thing...real life will come back in no time, so just do as much as you can.  Isn't there a nutrition badge in boy scouts? Maybe your son could work on that & help you at the same time by preparing well rounded meals on the go.  My favorite is still a fist sized apple (Fuji's my favorite) and 2 mozzarella sticks (my palm size) & I still don't eat low fat cheese.

    I'm not looking for another 5 lb drop, I think a lot of it was water, but we'll see.

    Tiffany-I know what you mean-I can't bring myself to eat & drink junk....I'll only treat myself to a home made goodies made by my daughter-we've (my husband & I) have limited her to 1 baking session a week.


  • Hey Chip and everyone! Started my challenge 3 on Jan 3rd- I have yet to actually complete the whole 12 weeks without getting sick or hurting myself! But last one I was supposed to finish Dec 26th and when I went last week to do my body comp  - I had lost 14 lbs since Sept 28th - that was 14 lbs in 15 weeks - so I'm pretty psyched about this one!

     Chip my son is scheduled to go to Philmont June 2011 and it's one of my goals to get down to the weight I need to be so I can start training with him and maybe actually go with him!

     Every year our Troop does a 20/10/5 mile hike on Dec 30th up Mt Cristo Rey. Last year I simply did the 5 miles and this year we had to cancel due to wind advisory. But my goal is to finish the 20 miler with him this December.

     I look forward to hearing from everyone and getting a "Scout" perspective on BFL.

    Make it a great day! Look forward to going into Week 3.