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  • Hey all..

    So week 3 is over, and while the week was okay, the weekend was kind of tough. Wasn't very motivated on Sunday to go and do cardio :( Saturday is free day, and went a little crazy with it. Today was weigh day, and only lost a pound again. I know it takes time, but it really sucks being a girl some days lol!

    Great job to everyone who has made it this far. We are on our way!

    Have a great week and keep up the good work!

    "It's not food if it arrived through the window of your car" - Pollan

  • Tcmj ~ thanks for the encouraging words!

    There are really no potlucks this week so I should be good to go til at least Christmas Eve or Day....Did Cardio yesterday since I took Sat off and will do UBWO this nite.  My niece is joining me so keep fingers crossed.  I figure it I at least work out everyday, I can drop a pound or two til weigh in..

    Yes, again, I remember reading in Bill's first book that women see a real change around 8 weeks but I'm not sure I have the patience!  Anyhow, we will see on Fri when I weigh in.  Gonna kick butt this week!  I'm amazed at how much some people have lost so far!!!

  • Ken, friggin amazing on the 12.5 lbs in 3 weeks!  I've been working hard but am not losing very fast now (but not going up either).  Still holding on at 198.5.  But it's not bothering me because both the eating and the workouts feel like they are starting to take root as "habit" much more than seeming like "diet and exercise."  I feel like there's a new, smarter, healthier, adult me coming out of my cocoon.

    I actually look forward to UBWOs & LBWOs and even cardio I recognize as a good filler in between and who can't take 20 minutes a day to do that?  Its feels even a bit weird when I take Sunday off.  I haven't missed a workout yet.  

    As for eating, I pay more attention now when I don't eat right than when I do.  Its getting easier to moderate  -- even when I'm eating out.  Even the cravings for carbs are starting to go away.  I'll actually "snack" on lunchmeat sometimes.  It's like my body kinda knows what it wants.   Went to a friends last nite for a dinner party she served a 4 course meal.  I ate what I wanted but not everything and ended up taking only a couple bites of the coconut cake that was for desert because to be honest, I just didn't want it.  That's weird for a guy formerly known as a trash compactor style eater.

    So yay to us all for getting through week three!  Week 4 with Christmas will be a challenge for us all but Team Philmont will rock through it.  In the words of Buzz:  "To February and beyond!"


  • Okay, I'm back online and even eating, but not exercising today. My head's bangin', kids are whiny and I we're all feeling ICKY! Tuesday is my free day so I'm hoping this bug is passed by Wednesday and then I'll be on track...

    Hope everyone's making it through this week and doing well to meet goals.

    Tiffany in VA

  • Tiffany~ I feel the same way. I've been fighting a cold for a couple of days. My exercise rest day was Sunday and although I really wanted to do my LBWO today, I was just feeling achy in my back and stuffed up in the head! I hate missing workouts! At least my eating was right on track.  I lost another pound so that makes it 4 in 3 weeks. Whooo Hoo! I love being a girl too Jo~ At least it's a good solid 4 pounds! My friend took my 3 week pictures and OK....that's keeping me motivated! I can't wait to see what week 8 brings:)

    Great job Chip on the eating! 49er fan: Kick butt! Have a great week everyone! Sniffle..sniffle!

  • Happy Tuesday everyone!

    I did my UBWO last night after not working out for a week or so because of being sick, and I have to say that it was hard again.  Like I had just begun, but I guess I did.....anyhow, sore in the arms but glad I did it.  I was really trying to rationlize my way out of it but I have got to get on track and stop with the "crazy thinking" that got me here in the first place.  I did weigh and unfortunately, the 4 pounds I lost during the first 9 days I did this came back....oh well, weigh in of Fri.  

    How are them women progressing?  Please give me some inspiration!

  • Hi everyone ~ not seeing much posting from yesterday.  Must have been a busy day!

    I did my aerobics last night and plan on LBWO this evening.  LIke I  said on Sunday, just trying to lose a couple before Christmas Day and then start again the day after.  Feeling a little motivated but will know on Fri when I weigh in.

    How is everybody else this Wed morning?

  • Great 1 1/2 hour cardio workout lastnite playing full court hoops with friends.  Much better and more enjoyable than any other cardio workout I do.  Bad news is that I can't sleep when I play until 11PM.  Had to skip my first UBWO today :-( because of Christmas duties at home (wrapping presents before I went to work...).  Overall, though, still on track and the progress is very encouraging!

    Happy Holidays to Team Philmont!

  • Chip~Don't worry about skipping your UBWO...I had to skip my LBWO (oh boo hoo) when I was sick on Monday. You are doing so well! I think you made up for it anyway working out for 1 1/2.

    OK. for the past 2 days I've been below 170!!!! I am now 169. Long way to go to 135, but I'm psyched! I'm just really worried that I'll cave in to my wine tonight at my sisters for Christmas. I just got off the phone with her and told her not to be offended when I bring my own "pizza" for dinner. (They're having the real stuff and I didn't want to cave into that either.) Then tomorrow, we're going to my parents house for dinner (my mom is a gourmet cook) and then the next day, my husband's parents for an all day gathering. I"m going to use that for my free day which is a Saturday anyway. Please say a few prayers for me that I will be good until then! I have been working really hard to lose this weigh and tone up. I can't blow it:)

    My cardio went well. Now I'm heading out to walk Sophie...our mini Golden.

    Merry Christmas everyone! Happy Holidays! Body For LIfe On!

  • Hi all, Merry Christmas.

    Just want to say we are a bunch of nuts for starting this during this season, but no time like the present!  Better to goof up a little now, than to have no boundaries and have to take off 10 extra pounds in the new year, just to think I'm going to lose "x" before Valentine's Day!  

    Remember that this is a lifestyle, not just a 12 week program.  We just have 12 week goals.

    Just for the record, (& hopefully some encouragement) I've used the BFL eating size portions since the first time I did this 10 years ago.  I've only gained 22 pounds since I was my "right" size before marriage & having children-starting 17 1/2 years ago.  I was slim to start with, so usually the charts say I'm within a good weight, but we all know where we should be by looking at what's hanging around.

    After being sick & now on our 3rd travel in 3 months I find myself scrambling for ways to work out & eat correctly....

    The best encouragement that I can give you is to measure your portions with your hand like the book says.  I don't like no or low fat chese...I've always just stuck with the portions & the fat has gone & the muscle built.  Of course the less fuel for fat the less gain of fat.

    If you want a heady book (It uses scientific words) you might try The Zone Diet, I think it is where the Zone bar gets its name.  It talks about how the body uses the fuel you put in it for either muscle or fat (energy).

    So, 49er just keep going...I have to too.  I finally got in an aerobic...& when I think of weight training now I just have to laugh & try doing my isometrics or just some movement until it burrns.  At least, by doing this I'm using those muscles & won't lose as much (hopefully not any) of what I've gained.

    Sorry for such a long post...I get to read all of yours on email, but don't always get on the web to opine.

    This is such a great group, so much encouragement.  I'm glad I found y'all!

  • So there we have it...our first month in the books...We are one third of the way done with our first challenge.  I hope everyone is starting to see the results they were hoping for.  As for me, I have noticed little changes...Jo tells me that my body is changing but so far I guess I just dont see it.  But hopefully soon I will see what she is able to see.  I know that she has made changes since we started and I am so proud of her for sticking with it.  She is my strength to keep going when I wanna quit.  

    Today was weigh day and I must say, I was a little nervous after the big Christmas dinner I had on Saturday, but it turned out not so bad.  I lost another 2 lbs this week.

    That brings the total up to 14.5 in the first month.. I am really excited with the weight loss so far and will keep on pushin.  Good luck to everyone in the upcoming weeks.


  • Hey all. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas.. mine was wonderful... almost a little too Merry :) I have not worked out in 3 days and my eating was a bit out of wack Christmas eve and Christmas day... I am feeling very overwhelmed.. I am back on eating clean today but did not work out. Tomorrow is MOnday and I will do my weights and I will do a Tao bo class as well. However; I am feeling so guilty.... ugg... I nkow it is a lifetime change and that helps me feel better. I know I have been feeling so much better physically and emotionally on BFL and my hubby says he can definately tell my body is showing changes.. we are leaving on Tuesday for AZ to visit family for new years and that is why I am feeling actually a bit scared... I don't want to fail!!!!! I have worked so hard... I also think I am a bit nervous as I will have to go back to work full time on Jan 3rd... I just need to chill... turn it over and enjoy the next week with my family. My dad has weights and my sister has a treadmill at her house so I can do the exercising but my mom and dad always have so much food at their home... I have 6 siblings and tons of kids.. etc... it is great fun... but pleas someone any words of encourgement will help. Your all doing so well and that is encourageing and I guess just writing this will help loose the power the anxt is having over me... thanks for listening.. Emmy.

  • Great Christmas, definitely let myself enjoy the merriment of it.  It probably set me back but I don't really care and did not weigh in to see the damage.  Back to exercising (good cardio) & eating right today.  Looking forward to UBWO tommorow.  I'll take a look at the scale at the end of the week.

    Ken, amazing on the 14.5 lbs in month 1.  That is HUGE (you won't be)!  Great work!

    Emmy, don't do the guilt thing.  This is 3 months that start a lifetime.  Don't fret the past or the challenges ahead.  Just get up every day and do your best.  Its definitely a challenge being around the traditional trappings of family and food.  We always used to joke that all we did in between meals was plan the next meal!  Enjoy your trip.  Use moderation.  And just get on the treadmill for 20 minutes a day.  Then get back to the full routine when you get back home.  You can do it!


  • Chip ~ I agree with you.  Don't beat yourself up over all the merriment out there.  I did UBWO last night but kind of ate what I wanted.  Back on track today and this week until Friday. I will weigh in.  Btw, last Thursday I weighed in and I had last 3 pounds.....however I probably put it back on over this holiday weekend but my goal was not to gain over the holidays and then kick butt in the New Year.  I will have everything down by then.

    Ken ~ Geez, 14.5 lbs in a month?  Talk about hard core!  What discipline you have shown! Are you sticking to BFL eating plan as well during this time?  That would be amazing!

  • HI Chip and 49er. Thanks so much that is exactly what I needed to hear!!! and I am sure I did less damage than I think... it is the committee in my mind that can sabatoge me and I need to fire them!! hee, hee... Today I am starting great, will do my UBWO soon and eating clean... It is interesting that when I woke up yesterday from all of the holiday eating how icky I really felt and i went back to my notes and goals last night ans re-read some of the BFL Book to get me in the moment and re-motivated and I used to feel that way all the time, tired, full and acky.. these past 4 weeks I have really felt great thanks for the reminer!