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  • Hello all! How goes everyone's challenge thus far? Welcome back 49er and Boomerangmama -- I was begining to think ya'll traded us in... Sorry to here you were sick though... Yikes!

    As for making it this far, I want to make it the whole 12 weeks and yet each week that I get closer to 12 I feel so much accomplishment.

    That being said I must admit that today (this is my day 15) I am struggling with my food! I've been an over eater for years. I mean I'll eat and eat and eat (usually for no good reason). We'll for a few years we've been doing this thing were we buy a bunch of food for recipes, cook them all in one day and deep freeze them for later use. This gives me more time in my day to get other things accomplished and it helps me to stay out of the kitchen. Well I did a lot of cooking and my house smells so delicious. I've stayed out of the kitchen so far, but honest my head ACHES! I can smell the food and it's making me want to eat. Now I understand that it is just in my mind and that I am not physically hungry (I've just had a healthy meal) but I just can not seem to shake the craving...

    Any how I am feeling discouraged today because I took my two week pictures and body measurements. I am not seeing any change. I've done so much. I've put forth so much effort and I don't see the numbers changing.

    I'm on a low calorie, high protein, low fat diet plan. I've exercised daily (minus my free day) and I've ate well even on my free day. I know that the results don't happen overnight, but when do they happen? I was sure I'd see some change by now.

    Question for the Team Philmont ladies: When you're going to have your monthly menses do you tend to retain more body water? If so, do you ever see a positive effect using diuretics (natural remedies or over the counter). I just wonder if the weight is not coming off because I'm holding too much water... (I'm not a doc so this is just my own brain talking here)...

    Okay Team, we're still on the path, Hoorah Team Philmont!!!

    Tiffany in VA

  • Tiffany - Hang in there! I know sometimes it's so hard, but it will be so worth it in the end! If the smells in the house are driving you crazy, you should get out of the house for a bit. Maybe do some window shopping and start picking out all the things you'd like to wear once you get your "new body" :) This will keep your spirits up and the cravings at bay! I've read on a lot of the forums here, and it seems like it always takes the ladies a little bit longer to see results, usually around week 7 or 8, sometimes even 9. I know that seems like such a lifetime away, but apparently, once the results start, they are fairly quick! As women, we do tend to retain water a bit more. I know I do, especially if I eat anything with a higher sodium content, which is easy to do. I don't use diuretics, as a doctor once told me that when you use them, after it gets out of your system your body actually retains MORE water because it is so depleted and dehydrated. So it becomes a vicious cycle. It will eventually go away, just keep doing what you're doing. You are doing a wonderful job and you can do this! Try not to get too discouraged. Week 12 will be here before you know it, and you will be so glad that you stuck with it! We are all here rooting for you!!

    Julie - I absolutely love the recipes in the Eating for Life book! I'm going to make the "cheesecake" today and we'll see how that turns out! After seeing all the things I can make from this book, I don't think feeling deprived will be an issue any longer. :)

    I hope everyone is doing well and just keep pushing on! Week 12 is going to be here soon!

    "It's not food if it arrived through the window of your car" - Pollan

  • Team Philmont -- really enjoy reading everyone's posts.  Thanks for taking the time to share.  Haven't gotten Eating-for-Life but it sounds like a must have.  Doing OK on food so far but will admit that its starting to get a bit boring which I think contributes to the cravings.  Haven't caved much yet but I can see it happening over time so I think I'll get a copy.

    Good UBWO on Tuesday.  Just pedaled again today.  Sigh.  But I did add crunches to the end of my pedaling.  LBWO tomorrow.  Looking forward to those lunges!

  • Chip - Definitely get a copy! There's a lot in there I think will suprise you, and will keep you focused and interested in your food. :) There's even a recipe called an "Anyday Sundae" which looks so much like something you would pick up from Baskin Robbins lol! Lots of quick, easy, healthy recipes that follow the BFL plan so no guilt involved which is lovely! Keep us posted! You're doing a great job!

    "It's not food if it arrived through the window of your car" - Pollan

  • Hi guys! I just had a little piece of the cheesecake-plain....Hmmm at 11:30 at night. I've been up doing some work and I got hungry. Plus, my husband sounds like a frieght train right now so I'm waiting for it/him to pass through...ha ha!!  I hope the bite won't affect my weigh in tomorrow. The dinners and snacks are really good as I said before. Chip, if you're getting bored,  you NEED to get this recipe book. Another good thing about it is that it includes pictures with every recipe so that you can visualize what you're about to eat. The spices that are incorporated with the foods are fantastic.


    TIffany~ One way that I try to control my over-eating is I try to think about food as just fuel needed to keep my body in gear. I also tell myself that the kitchen is closed for the night (unlike tonight) and that I've had enough. I've also just lost 3 pounds but I feel great. I feel stronger and even though I'm confident, I feel more confident mentally and physically. We just have to keep plowing through these frustrating times and this will pay off in the end. Not to mention, we're all doing this during the holiday season!

    Jo~ I need to try the "Anyday Sundae" I'll let you know how it is....not tonight though:)

    Good luck with the lunges Chip. Tomorrow is my cardio day. Yeh.

  • Hello all.

    Thank you for the great words of wisdom and encouragement. I ended up getting something to eat, but I've dropped the guilt and moved on.

    I'm gonna have to get a copy of that book you guys are talking about... I could go for a Anyday Sundae for sure!

    Chip I know what you're saying about the getting boring. I think that's one of the reasons I was craving so much yesterday. Same foods and same workouts day in and day out. Today I plan to come up with some alternatives. I hope you find some cardio that you can enjoy. One thing I tried for cardio (and enjoyed, especially when I fell and my husband and I sat on the floor and laughed at how silly I looked).

    For 20 minutes this is what I did and trust me it was intense and I was exhausted and sweating afterwards.

    Each thing I did for 1 full minute wih no break in between:

    20:00 jumping jacks

    19:00 walking (pumped my arms and did high knees while walking in place)

    18:00 jogging (I moved back and forward, then side to side, then in place, repeat)

    17:00 squats (sumu squats- YIKES)

    16:00 stationary front lunges w/ arm raises

    15:00 walking

    14:00 jogging

    13:00 side lunges w/ punches

    12:00 squats w/ arm raises

    11:00 jumping jacks

    10:00 tire jumps (imagine jumping through tires in an obstacle course)

    9:00 running (I start at the couch, run across room to wall, touch floor with one hand, run back to couch, touch floor with opposite hand, repeat process)

    8:00 stationary front lunges - alternating legs

    7:00 jogging

    6:00 side lunges w/upper cut punch

    5:00 jumping jacks

    4:00 squatting position w/ punches

    3:00 front lunges w/ back kick

    2:00 stationary lunges

    1:00 jumping jacks

    :00 Smile and be thankful that I made it through another cardio session!

    Have a great Body for Life day Team Philmont..

    Tiffany in VA

  • Hey Team I've got an idea that might help us all to spruce up our workouts.

    Let's share the things we use to plan our workout routines.

    I'll get us started:


    Bill Phiilips "Body for Life"

    Denise Austion "Sculpt Your Body with Balls and Bands"

    Aerobics and Fitness Association of America "Personal Fitness Training and Theory Practice" (this is the book used in their Personal Trainer's certification courses- it's chalked full of information and will teach exercises in addition to many useful health tips and a beautiful breakdown of each body system - with detailed focus on the muscle groups and how they work)


    Women's Health "Slim-Down Secrets, yr 2008"

    Prevention Magazine - many different issues


    Minna Lessig "1 Minute Workout- Total Body Toning"

    Prevention Magazine "The Sugar Solution Workout"

    Jillian Michaels "30 Day Shred"

    Denise Austin "Blast Away the Pounds Indoor Walk" (Chip,  I suggest this for you as an alternative to your pedaling. On the 3rd walk she uses weights. It's about 15 minutes and quite simple. To increase the intensity I use heavier weights and I jog / run instead of walking)

    Leslie Sansone "Walk Away the Pounds", "Walk Your Belly Flat", "5 Day Slim Down"

    Denise Austion "Yoga Body Burn"

    Jillian Michaels "Cardio Kickbox", "Frontside", "Backside" (the Frontside/Backside dvds are teaching and really give a good education on how to do each move properly)

    Biggest Loser "Bootcamp", "Cardio Max", "Power Sculpt" (there is an option to have the music without hearing the instructor's voice and that's what I use to keep my pumpin' through my workouts)

    My husband works long hours and attends college and often has overnight duty. I educate our children at home (so they are home ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT; YIKES!!!) and still have a nursing babe. This being so, I have absolutely no time for a gym. I don't have a treadmill, stair climber, or exercise bike. I use resistance bands, exercise balls, dumbbells, and my stairs (the stairs are AWESOME for heel raises for your calves).

    It can be done folks, just gotta use a bit of creativity...

    Horray for Team Philmont!

    Let's Go Team!!!

    Tiffany in VA

  • Okay I'm on fire this morning... It's all I can do really (typing that is) since I was about to do my Day 16 Cardio when baby woke and won't let me put her down...

    So.... Let's share our number one work out tip that is sure to get us pumped...

    For me it's stationary lunges with a opposite arm dumbell raise. I do this when I'm waiting for food to finish cooking on the stove, when I'm watching a show I do them on the commercials (this was my husband's idea to sneak in exercise when I can)

    How it goes is: Stand in the lunge into position with your right leg in front. Have your right hand raised and your left hand at your side. As your go down your left hand rises and your right hand goes down.

    Do what ever number of repetitions on that leg as you desire and then switch the routine for the other leg in front.

    To increase the intensity I use heavier weights and I spread my legs out further.


    Tiffany in VA.

  • Wow Tiffany, I got a workout just reading your workout materials lists!  Great ideas on the aerobics workout -- very creative.  

    I've been relying on memories from past days when I did weight training.  About 25 years ago, I bought a full free weight set with barbell, curl bar, free weights, dumbbells, bench and rack.  I think the biggest workout I ever did with it was carry it inside.  Its been in storage since we had our first kid (of 4) and I got bumped from that room.  But now two are at college, there's a little more space and its now in full gear and I'm having a blast with it.

    Maybe its a guy thing though.  My wife was going to work out with me last Saturday, came down when I was halfway through, looked at all of the stuff splayed out and promptly said:  "I'm going to the gym!"

    I decided to take a peek on the scale today and to my surprise, down to 198.5.  This is a huge milestone for me (down almost 10 lbs since I started) because I have not been below 200 for over 20 years.  This is incredible motivation to make sure the scale never again starts with a 2.  Too close for comfort now though.  Gotta go do those lunges. Off to my LBWO!

    Have a great day Team Philmont and thanks for all the encoragement.


  • AWESOME! Hitting the scale at under 200 is so great. Remarkable loss for just 3 short weeks Chip! Congrats on the accomplishment Chip.

    As for the home gym; Work it man! However you can get in that exercise is a good thing.

    I don't work out with my spouse either. He says that my workouts are too simple and girlish; No matter that I'm pushing to my max and about to pass out, hahaha.

  • Wow Chip ~ congrats on the 198.5!  I'm up to 200 but did do my cardio last night.  I believe I'm off schedule so I'm going back to the book to see what I do tonight after work.  It does seem that this program works for men much quicker than women...but I saw that back in basic training 20 years ago.  Men would drop weight and women would gain.....

    I read somewhere back a few posts about someone not seeing really much progress after two weeks.  That happened to me the first time around and I gave up.  My friend that did it said it happens in week three but I never seem to stick with it....hang in there!

    I am having a tough time right now with eating!  Potlucks at work, candy and such....I am trying but decided if I at least work out, maybe that will at least curtail until Christmas is over with.....???

  • 49er Fan I'm so glad you're reaching for top heights. Exercise had made all the difference for me these past two weeks. I still struggle with not eatng alot of unhealthy foods, but I'm getting better at it little by little.

    The scale will move down, so they all keep telling me anyhow... I believe it will.

    Keep up the exercise and hide in the janitor's closet during holiday parties (hahaha).

    You can do it! You're here, you're ready. you're a Team Philmonter...

    Tiffany in VA

  • Tiffany~ I tried your cardio workout and man was I sweating! Where did you get that workout? It was a nice change from what we have been doing for the past 2 weeks. Thank you!

    OK. I was getting frustrated with my weight loss progress (just 3 pounds) so I called the BFL1-800 number and spoke to one of the staff members there. What a great experience! Long story short, for most women, we won't see a major change until approximately the 8th week. They call it the 8th week miracle! Since women naturally hold onto fat for child bearing, it takes awhile for the body to change. We are actually in the process of detoxification--obviously from the inside out. So, once that is in full gear, we'll start seeing results around the 8th week. I also gave him a run down of what I ate in a typcial day. He tweaked my eating plan and gave me some good suggestions that will hopefully expedite my weight loss. For example, I was eating 1 full egg with 2 egg whites and 1 slice of Ezekial sprouted grain bread for breakfast. He suggested I just eat 3-4 egg whites and skip the yolk. He also suggested that I need to skip the BFL Cheesecake (boo hoo) for dessert and replace it with oatmeal with peanut butter and Myoplex chocolate protein powder. I should also watch how much meat (such as turkey/chicken)that  I'm actually eating and really stick to the "palm of your hand measurement."

    So, if anyone has any questions/concerns, I highly recommend calling these guys. I feel kind of relieved that it's just not me working my butt off and not seeing results right away. I had a great UPWO and I am looking forward to my cardio tomorrow:) I'm not going to give up! I have too much to lose....literally!

    BFL on guys!!!!


  • Oh Chip~ Congratulations on getting below 200! You're going to be chizelled before you know it!

  • Congrats to everyone for making it this far....we are 25% done with our first challenge and so far everyone is seeing great results.

    Weekly update for myself...Monday is weigh day and I have to say, I was a little worried about this week.  It has been a long week, lacked motivation a few times but still managed to drag myself out of bed for every workout.  The cravings were a little harder this week, it seems as though everyone around me is trying to give me food for the holidays, brownies, cookies, candy, etc...   I have been proud of myself all week for sticking to it and not cheating.  When Saturday(free day) came around, I took full advantage.  I had a nice big bowl of hot and spicy ramen for our favorite ramen shop, I had a whole medium pizza all to myself and had 2 soda.  At the end of my free day I figured there was no way I was going to lose any weight this week.

    Weighed myself this morning and l have lost another 4 lbs.  That brings the total to 12.5 lbs for the first 3 weeks.  I really hope this pace continues but I am sure that as I get closer to my goals, it will come to a screeching halt.  

    So thats it for me, I hope everyone else is starting to feel as good as I am about doing this.  Good Luck to everyone in the upcoming week and dont sucombe to the holiday temptation.

    Keep Pushin!!!