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  • Hi ChipT, got you reply on the 12,500 see you at the top etc.... Thanks so much!!  and now I have the Philmont Group on my favorites. Had a great day today..... but I am confessing cheated a little bit on my eating due to my book club holiday gathering... everyone brought appetizers and deserts... I ate a clean dinner before I left and to make sure I would be full. did have a 'bite' of just 2 things.... not great... but way better than what I would have eaten if I was not on BFL.. will make my workout harder tomorrow! All in all the eating is getting easier than last week and the week is half way thru... I have been planningmy meals and making sure I have all the right foods in my home...glad to be a part of your group. Thank you for having me. Blessings and sweet dreams...

  • Hi Alicia, Dave and all of Team Philmont!

    Horray another day down a few more steps to healthier us.

    That sucks that you two were sick the first week; but I am so proud of you both for getting right into the game once the bug passed!

    So I got my aerobics in this morning. Oh boy, what a workout!

    I realized today that I am lazy to begin, but once I actually get going into the workout I enjoy myself. I did a few extra minutes today being surprised that I'd completed the entire routine.

    I have a question for you all though...

    On aerobic days do you all find your appetite to be more grabby? I mean, are you having more temptation with carbs, sugars, etc?

    I've been keeping a watchful eye and I notice that I am not as satisfied with my food on these days; does anyone have an idea about this?

    Have wonderful BFL day all.

    Tiffany in VA

  • Great workout today! I hit a  9.5... really sweat and felt great! had a good eating day... but I too after my cardio... I ate dinner than this evening was craving the sweets. but did great. however; I wonder is it b/c I have so many treats in my house these days due to all of our neighbors have started exchanging baked goods.... we will do our baking this weekend.. on my free day :) and pass the treats along... trying to work these days around free days. I feel great that I am planning as this time of year is c'mon crazy hard with all the treats and carbs of the holidays.

    Heres to keep on moving forward!!

  • Good morning Team Philmont!

    Great reflection for me today,

    Day 10 of the BFL Success Journal: "Who do I want to be today: the old me or the new me?"

    Moving forward,

    Tiffany in VA

  • Really good UBWO yesterday.  Weights went up a bit to my surprise to keep me close to failure which is really fun.  Aerobics was stinky this morning but I did it.  I've been surprisingly good with food.  Even managed to stare at a plate of holiday cookies and sweets sitting in the middle of the table less than a foot away and not indulge myself during a 3 1/2 hour marathon scout planning meeting last nite.  Also watched the other three ladies have nice glasses of red wine while I stuck to my diet coke (should have been water but that was my "splurge").  I now know I have a lot more self-control in me than I ever thought I had.  Funny how this whole thing is about winning each little battle, and when you do, it empowers you to win the next one!

    Getting it done and liking the results!

  • Good for you ChipT.

    Self control is a major issue for so many of us.

    It's so positive that you are choosing to look at each opportunity in which you could give up your control of your choices - and instead choose to stay ontop of your eating and good health by making a more nutritious decision.

    Horray Team Philmont, we're on our way.

    How's everyone else doing today???

    Tiffany in VA

  • What's up guys? I've not seen any posts from you folks for a while? I'm still hanging on with the challenge; it's a struggle today- it's my day 12- my kids are being kids and I'm stressing. So I got in my exercise and did a bit extra too. It felt good to go the distance.

    I hope everyone's doing well and enjoying their day 14 free day. 2 weeks down, 10 more glorious weeks to help us transform!

    Tiffany in VA

  • Great job Tiffany!  Tough weekend here.  Friday nite my wife was tired of cooking to we took the family out to dinner.  Did a quick switch and made Friday my free day only to find out we had a Christmas party to go to Sat nite.  Upside was a really good LBWO Sat morn and I've committed myself to good cardio tomorrow.  Weight progress is slowing now but strength is increasing.  Great to be through the second week!

    How's everyone else doing?

  • Well week 2 is down...10 to go..

    Lost another 4 lbs this is up to 8.  Had a really great UBWO this morning and looking forward to getting week 3 in the books.  Glad to see everyone else is on track...

    Keep Pushin..


  • Week 2 is done! YAY!

    Only lost 1 pound this week which was a bit disappointing, but there's always next week :) I told DH this morning that I wish we would have measured ourselves before starting but hindsight is 20/20 I guess! :)) Did UBWO this morning and left the gym feeling super drained, but in a very good way.

    This is my last week of classes, then I will be doing BFL full tilt, spending every waking moment on improving so I'm pretty stoked about that!

    Chip - I completely sympathize with you! This time of the year is so hard because temptation is everywhere we look! But inner strength always perseveres, and in 10 more weeks when all of us look completely fabulous, none of us will feel deprived whatsoever! Great job on the strength increase :)

    Congrats everyone on another week down! Hang in there! I have a feeling we won't regret it!!  :D

    "It's not food if it arrived through the window of your car" - Pollan

  • Wow Ken~ Great job!

    OK. I had a few challenges over the weekend. Unlike Chip, I kind of overindulged with my Bud 55 beer at a party I was at on Friday....instead of having Diet Coke.  However, there were cookies, wonderful red zinfandel and chardonnay, pretzels and dip etc and I overlooked it all execept a few pretzels. It could have been worse. In the old days, I would have nixed the 55 beer, eaten the hors d'oeuvres, and "consume" the wine. Even though I was kind of "under the weather" on Saturday, I managed to get my cardio in at an even higher level than I did before so I was happy with that. Yesterday was my eating free day so I kind of incorporated what I had on Friday and didn't go overboard on the bad stuff on Saturday.

    Not sure if I lost any weight/inches. Kind of scared to hop on the scale after my indulgence over this weekend. But my friends told me that I looked great and energetic! Wow. What just 2 little weeks can do for a person!

    I can't wait to do my UBWO tomorrow. I really felt the urge to workout today, but I know I need to give my body a rest. It's great to hear from everyone~ BFL on Team Philmot! We're all doing great!

  • Hi all ~ it's been awhile, since last week but I got sick and went way off track.  Today I am back.  Just looking at everyone's progress is amazing. I have to say I would be pretty much starting over but I started with this group so would like to continue, if not a problem.  I still have one week under my belt just last week sent me for a loop?  Would anyone mind if I continue with the group?

  • I hope they let us come back!  You've been so insprirational just with the reading.  I, too, have been sick or taking care of the sick.  I think it is almost out of the house, though.  The good news about having this cruddy cold was that I have a special recipe for chicken soup & so lived on it for about a week & 1/2.  That doesn't mean that I ate the best that I could but I didn't eat the worst either.  I feel like I maintained my body weight & just lost some gain on strength & endurance....but then again I am a mom-so did I really lose any endurance?! LOL  

    Take heart 49er fan, I've never finished 12 complete weeks with this, but the time I lasted just 5, the progress was tremendous.  For the rest of you who've been able to stay with it these last 2 wks, you just have 3 more to see what I mean.  

    We're about to travel again...this is always a challenge for the weight work outs, but if you find yourself in this situation take heart, I knew a man who was well toned with large muscles & his method of wo was isometric (his own muscle against another one of his own muscles).  So, if you can't find the gym you can always find the other side of your body & use that.  I will be doing this...and probably lots of chores, too.

    Remember, if you don't use it, you lose it!

  • Welcome back 49er fan and Boomerangmama :)

    Did LBWO today which felt awesome! I really felt it today which was great and I'm sure I'll be feeling it tomorrow as well. Ken and I got the Eating for Life book in the mail yesterday, so my week will be full of trying new recipes from the book. They all look really incredible so I'm sure we'll enjoy them!

    Not looking forward to cardio tomorrow as I'm sure my legs will be sore, but no pain, no gain :) Wishing everyone a successful week!

    Take care!

    "It's not food if it arrived through the window of your car" - Pollan

  • Welcome Back 49er fan and Boomerangmama!!! That's what we're all here help each other along until we hit our goals!

    Jo~the Eating for Life book is awesome. The recipes are really flavorful and it doesn't even feel like you're even on a diet! My husband and 8 year old daughter even eat the dinners, etc.

    I had a great cardio session this morning. I pushed myself today and I feel wonderful! I hope everything is going well for everyone. Until tomorrow. It's my LBWO--Hmmm I love Lunges!