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  • ChipT..Thank you for you is nice to know that what we do still means something

    Julie..Cardio this morning was extremely rough with the sore legs but you can do it...just push through...

    Definetly looking forward to UB tomorrow...give the legs a break!!!


  • Amen on the sore legs.  LBWO today was good but does anyone else HATE LUNGES like I do???  Had to drop weight today to get through them.  But the fact that I feel them more than other exercises probably probably means Juliegt is right, they must be doing something good!  Plus, I'll need that climbing ability w/weight at Philmont so I'm sticking with them  Crunches are a close second...

  • I have to confess I did not do my LBWO yesterday, instead I went to happy hour!  I wish I had read these posts before I went.  Anyhow, what's done is done, so I will do my LBWO today instead of cardio because it's been a few days since my last LBWO and I feel weights are more important.  Anyone else have an opinion?  Should I do cardio tonight or the LBWO?  I'm already wondering if I blew it for my weigh in on Sat and what's the point....ugh...

  • Yesterday is yesterday.  Its in the history books.  LBWO is gone but the good news is, it comes around again.  Lower your head, get back on your schedule, do cardio tonight and move on.  Stop beating yourself up for the things you did and take pride in the next one you are about to do.  The point is the mirror...  You can do it!

  • Ok guys, I'm alive! I did my cardio today and thought of your comments Ken about pushing through it and how it is really working even though we all have a little pain to deal with. I found some EAS Myoplex shakes on sale at the grocery store today and downed one after my cardio session. I hope it's going to help. It has about 25 grams of protein in it so we'll see.

    I'm pooped! I cleaned, mopped the floors, worked out, did laundry and zipped around town grocery shopping before I had to pick up my daughter from school. I can't believe how time flies when I've become a temporary stay-at-home mom! Now I have to cook dinner!!!!! I don't know about all of these domestic duties....Ha!

    I can't wait to give my legs a rest and do my UBWO tomorrow. Thanks for all of your encouragement  guys and gals! I really appreciate every one of you:)

  • Well i thought i was looking forward to my UBWO but I'm not so sure now...

    I killed my UB this morning and my LB is still sore from monday so now I'm just sore all over...

    Hey no pain no gain right...Keep Pushing!!!!!

    Julie:  I am glad to hear you had a good cardio workout yesterday...I kinda take Bill Phillips advice when I am doing my cardio...Right before I hit that LVL 10...I ask myself...HOW STRONG AM I...HOW MUCH DO I WANT THIS...and then i just go for as hard as i possibly can for that 1 minute, and then guess what...its more cardio for 48 hours.


  • Wow; everyone is on track here! Impressive and so healthy for us all; YEAH Team Philmont :)

    Well today was my 7th day of the 12 week challenge; Hmm. I had said that I wouldn't take the day off - that it would be too difficult to start again and I'd just have a desert as my treat.

    I ate and ate and ate.. Funny part is that I'd have a few bites of something junky and put it down. I just didn't have the desire to eat gluttonously today. I actually craved a salad.

    I could feel a need for exercise but I pushed it out of mind and paid the price; I was a bit sluggish today.

    On to tommorrow, my 8th day - healthy tasty eating and a fabulous lower body workout. I am actually looking forward to tommorrow.

    My hubby gave me a compliment the other day (that he was impressed with my determination and that I got straight away into my cardio when I hopped out of bed at 5am). I must admit I feel more confident this go round and I feel physically better by the nutritious eating and physical exercises.

    Glad to be going the distance with you all. G'night

    Tiffany in VA  

  • Hey everyone! I started on the 29th of November as well and was curious if you had room for one more in the group! My husband talks about how great the support is coming from this group, and support is something that you can never have enough of!

    Thanks and good luck to you all!


    "It's not food if it arrived through the window of your car" - Pollan

  • Hi all... I have been away from the forum for a few day... are we still using the See you at 12,500 feet etc. or is this now our group??? I would like to stay with this original group... but I am confused... thanks... Em

  • Hi Jo -- Always room for more!  Glad you are with us.  Tell us how you're doing so far...

    Tiffany, hang in there!  Sometimes (like this morning) I don't really feel like killing myself but I don't want to mail it in either.  Today was a cardio day and I just got on the bike an pedelled on 2-3 for 20 minutes.  I know its not a BFL cardio workout but at the same time it was exercise.  I'm doing good on the eating part and the progress is still there!

    I am using Nutrimed powder protein shakes (my wife had 4 boxes left over from a prior diet -- she couldnt get them down).  I did some research on skim milk and its supposed to be very good to help you recover from workouts.  Mixing the Nutrimed with skim milk instead of water produces a very rich (and I think pretty tasty) shake.  In the fridge, it almost turns into pudding.  Its very satisfying both mid morning and as a late evening meal #6 to ward of snackies.  Not endorsing Nutrimed or any other product, just a tip thats helping me.

    Looking forward to tomorrows UBWO!  Go team Philmont!

  • Oh my gosh you guys! Just like Ken the other day, I am sore all over! Even my feet hurt! Last night I thought I was coming down with a cold and thank God for husbands! He gave me a back rub and I felt a lot better. This morning, I'm really dragging though. I do have a little bit of a cold, but not a bad one. I think I can do my upper body ok, but I don't think I'm going to push it a lot today. I took some major vitamin C so I'm hoping that will help.  I know I don't sound too positive right now, but I've never felt so sore! Maybe it's my age.... 7 years ago when I last did this, I could plow right through this! Hmmmm. Maybe I'm REALLY out of shape now! I'll get through it.:) :) :)

  • Seriously feeling it right now!!!! Did an incredible LBWO this morning. Got to bed late, was up with the baby in the mid of the night and was just so very tired when the alarm sounded at 5am. Lazed around a few minutes then got up ready to pick up my weights when... here comes baby! I could've called it quits there folks, but no sir. I dealt with my sweet angel and got into that sports bra... 56 minutes later I was one sore lady, but most glad and proud I must admit.

    Eating hasn't been very challenging today, perhaps because I am tired and sore and can't move my legs to get me into the kitchen... Hehehehe.

    Have a wonderful UBWO all you day 10 folks... I'm still following your path. Day 8 and I'm feeling great!

    Tiffany in VA

  • Thank you for the welcome ChipT!

    So far it has been challenging to say the least! Waking up at 4:30 A.M. and being sore everyday certainly has it's moments! But, I just come home and look at all the transformation pictures on here and it makes me realize that all of those people didn't get there by quitting, so it just inspires me to see it through! :)

    I'm almost at the end of the second week. I haven't weighed myself yet this week but I lost 5 pounds last week which was awesome! I'm having some trouble getting the protein shakes down, but they are getting easier with time. I don't think I pushed myself enough in the first couple of workouts, but since then I have been soooo sore, so I know I'm starting to give it my all! Now I just need to get over my gym phobia of thinking everyone is staring at me! Yeah I know it's silly but what can ya do! :D

    Julie - I'm right there with you... thank God for husbands! He makes sure I'm doing everything I'm supposed to be doing and holds me accountable. Sometimes I want to kick him in the shins LOL! But when it's all said and done, I'm grateful to have someone who pushes me and encourages me to not give up!

    Tmcj - Good for you! I can't imagine how hard it is to try and care for an infant and do this at the same time so kudos to you! And the soreness just means you pushed yourself hard, which is what this program is all about, meaning you are on the right track!

    Hope everyone is doing well on their workouts!  Can't wait to see everyone's results in 10 weeks!

    "It's not food if it arrived through the window of your car" - Pollan

  • Welcome Jo! It's nice to have you in this group:)

    Tiffany in VA~I'm really impressed with your determination with your little one around. That must really be hard work. You should be proud of yourself:)

    Ken~ How are you feeling? Are you still really sore? Hang in there!

    ChipT- I did what you did by listening to my body and  taking it a little easier today. However, half way through my UBWO, I got a burst of energy and increased my weights. I'm still a little under the weather, but I think I'll be fine tomorrow for my cardio. I hope you're liking your lunges more. They're a necessary evil....Whenever I do them, I pretend that they're the best exercises in the world! Crunches are fantastic too. Ha!

    Have a great day tomorrow!


  • Hi everyone! This is Alicia and Dave from Houston, TX. We started with the group on 11-29 but haven't posted since we started. Week one started off with me getting a 48 hour stomach bug. Talk about a way to detox your body. We were so pumped on Sunday night, had been to the grocery store, planned our meals for the week, set out our workout rountines and them, boom! I was down for the count.  I lost 8lbs in three days but most of it came back once I actually could eat and keep stuff down. Dave was great. He started the eating plan withour me but waited till I could get back on my feet to go to the gym. Since then, we have both be diligent in our food choices and exercise. Dave lost 4 lbs the first week and I was down 3.5. We are already feeling stronger and healthier! Everytime I feel like not going to the gym I think of the picture Dave took of me when we started. That's all the motivation I need. ****Make good choices and do the best for you! See you at the top:)