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  • For those of us that started on 11/29...week 1 is in the books...

    How does everyone feel after the 1st week?

    I feel was weigh day...lost 4 lbs scale weight


  • Ken1st - I lost four pounds too!  I feel pretty good, just wondering if I'm gonna stick with it.....

    Since Saturday is my day off, I went jogging today.  I jogged 3 miles in about 39 mins with various speeds (not too high) or levels but it was quite a workout since I hadnt jogged in about three weeks.  Anyone else here a jogger?  Man, I need to get this weight off so jogging will be easier!

    Next?  How does everyone feel?  Rainy day here in CA

  • Just wondering if your gonna stick with it????????

    Dont give up now...1 week down and 11 to go to a whole....we are all here for ya...


  • Yeay to everybody!  I lost four pounds too!  I'm proud that we're all keeping up with it.  

    49er:  I like to run, but I'm incredibly massively slow. My fastest ever  was a 10 minute pace (once), but I'm lucky to maintain 16 minute pace right now.  I just got back into it though.  I want to get back into going to races.  I don't do it for the trophy, just for the social aspect.  

    Everybody keep up the good work!


  • Oh, yeah, tomorrow, I'll be out of the house by 6 am and not home until aroung 9pm.  My middle school band is marching in a Christmas Parade at 6:30 and it's supposed to be 42 degrees!  That wouldn't be a big deal if we lived somewhere other than Florida.  All my students went home and told their parents I said they had to wear underwear to the parade because they didn't know what "long underwear" is!  That'll have to do it for my exercise tomorrow.


  • Hey 49er Fan! Go Pack Go! It was a great game.

    Sorry it's raining in San Fran. It's nice and cold in Green Bay. You have to stick with it! I'm down just 2 pounds on the scale, but lost an inch around my waist, 1 &1/4 inches around the hips, and 1/4" down around the chest. I'm just wondering what week 2 will bring! My husband doesn't think I'm going to be able to make it, but I am going to prove him wrong. Better yet, I'm going for the 25-Grand and I'm going to win!!!

    Back to was nice taking a day off today. I have so much more energy now. I feel great~ Tomorrow it's legs. I just love those lunges:) Ha! Good luck everyone! Have a great day 8

  • Just a quick update.  Crazy weekend but hung in there well.  Had a great UBWO on sat!  Have figured out good baseline weights for everything and will post it for 49er fan.  Decided to take a sneak peak at the scale on Sat because my wife said she could already see the wight loss.  Down 5 lbs!  Didn't go with the food on Sunday but did go to a party Sat nite an enjoyed a few drinks so all things balanced.  Looking forward to week 2 -- did my cardio, eggs and ff yogurt this morning so off to a good start!  I'm loving everyone else's progress.  Keep at it!

    Juliegt - grew up in charleston.  Mom, 2 sisters and my #1 daughter went to WVU and still a huge Mountaineer fan.  To bad USF didn't do a favor this weekend but what Big East team really deserves a BCS bid this year anyway?!?!?!

    BFL on!

  • 49er fan -- this is my UBWO log from Sat.  A couple notes.  I have moved more towards using a curl bar for a number of my exercises because I work out at home and I do have enough dumbbell weights to get me the variation I need across the exercises.  It still took me 60 minutes to get through this Sat and to be frank, I doubt I'll ever get it to 47.  Maybe 50.  Weights do not include the bar b/c that makes it easier for me to track.  This is from GymGoal on my iPhone...



    Full-body, Any, Beginner

    Exercise Weight Reps
    Bench Press (Barbell)
    1 44  lb 12
    2 55  lb 10
    3 66  lb 8
    4 77  lb 12
    5 66  lb 12
    Flyes (Dumbbell, Flat Bench)
    1 15  lb 12
    Shoulder Press (Dumbbell, Seated)
    1 10  lb 12
    2 10  lb 10
    3 15  lb 8
    4 25  lb 6
    5 15  lb 12
    Lateral Raises (Dumbbell)
    1 5  lb 12
    Bent Over Row (Dumbbell, One-Arm)
    1 44  lb 12
    2 55  lb 10
    3 66  lb 8
    4 77  lb 6
    5 55  lb 12
    Cross-Bench Pullovers (Barbell)
    1 44  lb 12
    Triceps Extensions (Barbell)
    1 22  lb 12
    2 27.50  lb 10
    3 27.50  lb 8
    4 33  lb 6
    5 22  lb 12
    Triceps Extensions (Barbell, Lying)
    1 22  lb 12
    Preacher Curls (Barbell)
    1 22  lb 12
    2 33  lb 10
    3 44  lb 8
    4 55  lb 6
    5 33  lb 12
    Hammer Curls (Dumbbell)
    1 15  lb 12

  • Chip - Thank you for posting worout!  Awsome!  I kept checking the BFL site to see if they actually had any workout videos showing how the workout is to be done and also if I am performing them properly. No such luck...anyone know where I can find those?  In the mean time, it takes me about the same as you so I guess I'm on pace, just using lighter weights....

    I gotta tell everyone that I am having a hard time today, even tho Monday has just begun.  I here my mind saying just eat out for lunch and have a few drinks when you get home today from work.  I also have a cold so I'm really feeling crappy....gonna try to stick with it thanks to all your motivating posts....

  • 49er fan.  Don't worry about the weights.  If you are challenged by whatever you are lifting, its the right weight for you.  I have some buddys that would really laugh at mine!

    There are some good instructional videos on the Mayo Clinic site:

    Definitely try to stick it out but even if you don't, just come back tomorrow.  Nobody's 100% perfect.  Life throws you crap all the time.  I think Monday is hard because Sunday is the whole "eat anything you want day" and I don't know about you guys but having it on Sunday just makes me want all over again Monday!  It's kinda like I gotta redo the commitment thing all over (esp the carbs).  I'm going try to really take it easy on Sundays allowing myself to have some little pleasures but no way I can haul off to McD's and have a couple big macs like the book says.  That would send me back over the cliff.  Right now, I'm hanging on pretty good (unlike the Redskins...)  ;-)

  • 49er Fan...I agree with Chip. Think of all the reasons why you started BFL. When I want that glass of vino--from Sonoma Valley--I look back to my "before" picture and immediately put the glass away. I was dreading doing legs today, but actually got 2 things accomplished. 1: a great Lower body workout and 2: a clean basement by vacuming in between sets. 1 minute increments and then 2 minute increments.

    Fortunately, I am in between jobs right now and I told myselft that I have to make every day count by being really productive. I'm starting my new job in January so I have to get a jump start this month by concentrating on losing weight and addition to getting back my house in order!!!!!

    When I think about my decision to do this, I think of this as giving myself a gift to a better me, a better wife, and a better mother. Keep your eyes on the prize! One other thing, when I did BFL back in 2002, I called the 800-number and spoke with some of the people who are standing by to help us out. They're very patient and they want everyone to succeed. Give them a buzz!

    Talk to you guys tomorrow! Julie

  • Thanks Chip for this website and the UBWO plan. Question for everyone; are you doing the same exercises for each day or are you alternating with different ones? For instance do you always use Bench Press with UBWO or do you sometimes use a different chest exercise?

    This past weekend was AWFUL. I struggled with my food, but surprisingly I stayed with my plan. I am not having a free day on Sundays because I will not get back to the routine come Monday. The only thing I did different for food was that I added in a desert.

    My exercise has been enjoyable, when I've done it. This the most difficult part of the challenge for me thus far- being consistent with exercise.

    Keep up the great work everyone. I enjoy reading the posts.

    Tiffany in VA

  • Whew my legs are killing me from yesterdays LBWO...

    how is everybody else feeling today?


  • My second LBWO is tomorrow morning.  My first was a killer.  I walked like a duck for 2 days because of the lunges.  Today I was hungry because I didn't eat right.  Forgot my lunch at home and then ran into a killer day where I couldn't break.  But I didn't overdo it when I got home and stayed on track.  Ate a meal at 6 and another about 8:30.  Feel good now.

    Ken1st, I read your bio and just wanted to say thank you for your service to our country.  I'm sure you will pass the next physical with "flying" colors.  We'll be passing through the AF academy on our way to Philmont next summer.  Haven't been there since I went to Philmont.  Place was beautiful and I'm looking forward to it...

  • Hey tmcj~ This round, I'm alternating different exercises for each workout. A couple of years ago, I bought the Body Scultping Bible for Women and most recently, Body for Life for Women. There are a variety of exercises for each body part.  I really like mixing them up because it livens up my workout and I feel like time flies because I'm doing something different.

    ChipT & Ken1st~ I think I'm probably going to walk like a duck tomorrow. My legs are killing me right now--again after my LBWO today. At least I know I"m doing something right with these wonderful LBWO excercises. I just have to make sure I get my cardio in even if I'm a hurting unit with my legs.

    My eating is going well. I'm really not that hungry except for at night around 9ish.  I made the BFL Turkey Meatloaf and it was pretty good--a little salty though with some of the ingredients such as Knorr Veggie Soup mix....not using that again. Hopefully the 1/2 banana with fat free yogurt at 8:30 tonight got rid of some of the sodium I took in.