Starting 11-29-10. See you at 12,500 feet!

  • hihi, i piped in briefly on the 29th and back now.  i had trouble with my page formatting to access the "reply" option... so, finally.... many thanks to all for your helpful posts and to chipT for leading this cyber path to encourage all of us in the BFL challange "zone"... more soon!  

  • Hey just checking in over here.  I see 15 subscribers to this list and only 10 in the Philmont group.  Want to make sure we didn't lose anyone.  Everyone still going good?

  • Yeay!  I survived the parade!  Nobody was hurt, and everybody made it home with their parents.  I did great today, considering I was out of the house 14 hours.  I ate Thai Beef Salad at a restaurant, but didn't get appetizer, or desert.  Only ate half the rice.  I kinda counted the parade as my exercise today because I had no time to do any kind of workout.  I was up at 5 and home at 9...hope everybody else is doing great.  

  • HI Everyone, hope your all doing well! I had a hard time staying on track on my free day. I know it is a free day but I had a free weekend... ok I confess.... I had 2 christmas parties this weekend. one at my house that was going to be my official free day... and at the end of the day.... I wrote down everything I ate and I cant believe how fast and how much it all adds up!!! than Sunday was another party and I thought 'just a little''' and I didn't do as bad but I did not eat as clean as I wanted to. However I am not going to beat myself up. I started back yesterday and I am on track... Sore today from the lower body work out and will do cardio this evening. I have been on track with my eating past few days and I thought that this weekend was not a failure b/c it was such an awareness of how I was eating ALL of the time... for way tooo long. YOu know they say' awareness is the first sign to Recovery' :)... Have a blessed day and stay tuned for more great successes!!

  • hi ChipT... I started with you all ... but am confused.. been away for a few days from forum... should we just visit the Philmont group or still this one too? thanks...

  • Hi emmysum11,

    Most everyone has moved over to the Philmont thread.  Just click on this link and the use the Follow icon on the right and you'll be back with us!

    Let us know how you're doing!