Starting 11-29-10. See you at 12,500 feet!

  • HI all.....happy Wednesday!  I was not going to workout last night but my partner reminded me of my "rationalizing" my reasons for not working out, so thanks to that I did indeed workout.  I am a little different than the BFL regime as I started a few days earlier but I did my UBWO last night.  The problem I am running into is that my WO takes about 55 min, the book says 46....I am not even resting a full min between the first four sets so I must not be moving quick enough?  They say it's important on form and function but I don't know....anyone else running into this problem with the UBWO?  I'm ok with the LWBO.  I'm not as sore today!

  • My first UBWO yesterday took me 67 minutes and I pushed hard and was sore.  But I wasn't able to keep pace because a lot of the weights I planned were wrong (some high, some low) and required adjusting.  I also decided to use GymGoal on my iPhone to track my workouts.  .  I'd planned and programmed in the routine but futzing with it during the workout definitely slowed me down.  It will probably take me a couple more workouts but I think I can get it down to 46.  Keep working at it!

    Day 2 complete, Day 3 in progress and 100% on track with food/exercise.  Thanks for all the support here.

  • Great goals and 22 lbs already.  Impressive!  That is very motivating.  Here's to the trail!

  • Boomerangmama -- I think its fantastic that you've got your son jazzed about this.  Our kids are both sponges and mirrors.  They take in everything we do and repeat it.  Fortunately, my kids are all very active and I think I'm taking a page from them on this one.  Here's another good read from the Mayo clinic that reinforces your research:

  • WAIT FOR ME.... I'm coming along too!

    I'm Tiffany, in VA and today's Day 1 for me. I'm giving this all that I've got. I need to lose body fat. I want to lose body fat and so I am here today... YEAH for me; YEAH for us all!!! Thanks for getting the round up rolling Chip T. You are going to shine with your boy on that mountain next summer; HORRAY!

  • I couldn't get on yesterday for some reason.  I have had 3 very good clean eating days, but will not get the full week of exercise in due to babysitting a post operative husband.  Before, I would have just chucked it all and said what's the point, but now, every postive eating day is a good one and when I can commit to the gym whether this week or next, I will be ok.

  • How do you guys feel about a weekly thread like "Philmont Group Week 1" etc...that way we won't have to filter through so many pages once we get really going?  Each Monday a new thread could be started??

  • I'm all for a Philmont Group thread but I don't think you have to do the Week 1, 2, 3 think if you just follow the recommendations of MereJ to list the postings in reverse order:

    Just found out how to sort the posts so the newest are first. UP IN THE RIGHT HAND CORNER under settings, there is a tab called site options. The drop down menu says ascending. Change it to descending and the newest posts will appear first! Woo hoo!!

    I did it and it works great.  It doesn't matter which post you reply to, they all go to the list.

    If there's no great outcry, I'll create the Philmont Group list tonight and provide everybody who doesn't know how with quick instructions on how to switch over.  It would be fun to see if we can keep the Philmont Group right up there at the top with the Breakfast Club.

    Doing great on Day 3!

  • Hey Chip and everbody:

    It doesn't matter to me how we stay in touch as long as it's easy.  

    I've been out of touch because I had to go to a funeral in Tennessee (I live in Florida).  I did not do at all well on the trip because I didn't have time to adequately prepare for the trip.  Kind of frustrating.  BUT I'm motivated to get home, get the groceries and get going much more seriously.  

    I heard somebody else had trouble getting on the system yesterday.  I'm glad it wasn't just me!  

    Hope you all had better plan days than I did!


  • Gotta make this quick since the morning is flying by... I am here on Day 2. I feel a bit sore, but I'm glad about it. Day 1 and Day 2 exercise sessions are complete and my food yesterday was terrible. I'm going for a better food day today. Question? What about extra exercise sessions; would that hurt the program? I feel great after my session this morning but I'm thinking about repeating my Day 2 routine this evening just for extra release of energy.  

    I hope you are all working at reaching your goals; Enjoy your day and the path to a healthier you.

    Tiffany in VA

  • Hey Chip & everyone!  Happy Thursday!  Chip - thanks for letting me know I'm not alone in the UBWO taking so long.  Wow, they must be really, really moving to get it to 46 min.  Hopefully, like you say, it will come together in the next few weeks.  Chip, any advice on eating as far as snacks besides bars?  Also, about working out on an empty stomach???

    lovemy6dogs - I'm all for a Philmont Group must I may get lost so whoever creates it, please invite me so I can find everybody!  Also, I took Wed off as far as exercise but ate well.  Today is LBWO after work. I cannot WO on an empty stomach in the am, as the book says because I end up feeling like crap all day.  So I will try the don't eat three hours before in the afternoon so I can WO after work and see if it helps.  I have been eating dinner and then working out and I guess that's a no no?

  • Bechmomfl - hang in there and sorry about the would be hard for me too to keep on track as food is a comfort for me.  You are back and that's all that matters!!!!  I wanna live in FL someday, although CA is pretty good to me....

  • OK, today was a rough start!  I managed to get out of bed to help my wife get the kids to school but was tired and sore and went to bed late last nite so jumped back in the sack.  After 30 minutes of a pity party, I got my fat *** out of bed and went downstairs and got to my LBWO.  Lunges and crunches KILLED me but I got through it huffing and puffing and barely able to walk back upstairs.  47 minute on the nose.  LBWO definitely easier to keep on pace.  Shower, egg beaters and dannon low-fat yogurt and I walked out of the house feeling great (although a bit late to work but my productivity and focus are already improving -- I think because of my mindset).  So off to a good Day 4 now...

    49er fan.  Eating was always going to be my weak point only because I know so little about "eating right."  Different from exercising because I used to lift free weights in high school and college and thats a bit like riding a bike...  So I'm pretty much following the book so far on eating.  I haven't bought the Myoplex.  My wife had about 4 boxes of powdered protein/other stuff shakes from a prior diet.  They're not bad. My routing so far is:

    1) 8AM eggbeaters & yogurt/fruit, water during workout and on the way to work (I'm always thirsty now)

    Coffee when I get to the office

    2) 10-11AM: protein shake (just mixing it in a plastic water bottle with cold water)

    3) 12-1PM: turkey (thanks thanksgiving), carrots, a little stuffing

    Coffee around 2 -- that really helps the mid day munchies and gets me to

    4) 3-4PM another protein shake

    5) 6-7PM dinner:  have to be a bit careful here and just eat what I'm allowed.  that can be hard when there's other good stuff on the table.  I am very conscious that its me doing BFL.  not everyone in the family.

    6) 8-9PM:  shake in the blender with ice:  This is really important for me to do it this way.  It turns into about 3 cups.  really huge.  but i have no late nite snackies after this guy...

    Eating on the empty stomach thing.  Its been OK for me so far.  I eat soon after which I think helps.  Everything I've read says working out on an empty stomach is 3x more effective than vice-versa because the body has to bur fat instead of what you just ate.  That may be why it makes you feel bad.  Maybe what you want to do is think about it like we do weights.  With weights, you try to work up to higher and higher amounts as you build strength.  Maybe you want to try to eat a bit less and less each day before your workout until you body adjusts to it and eventually, you can do the workout without eating.  Not an exercise physiologist or a nutritionist, jut trying to apply a little engineering logic.  

    At any rate, no matter how it works out, keep working out!  You are better off eating whenever and working out than just eating whenever!

  • OK all, the "Philmont Group" has been created.  Its here:

    Click on the link and then use the "Follow this Question" link on the right to add yourself to the followers list and get e-mail updates.  I hope we don't lose anyone in this process!  I'll continue to check this list and provide links back to the new group for stragglers!

    BFL on!

  • Hey 11/29's where are you?  I didn't mean for this thread to end!  Keep posting your success here or join in over on the Philmont Group...