Starting 11-29-10. See you at 12,500 feet!

  • hi lovemy6dogs

    thank you!! That is awsome... I just did my body fat and did a few more for my end goal. So I am not discourage but excited to see that this is attainable! I will definately need the forum as support and encouragement is the name of my success game!!

  • Hi guys! I'm another old geezer in the crowd at 44 years old! I completed the BFL challenge after I had my little girl back in 2005 and I loved it!  I teamed up with one of my co-workers and we helped each other along the way. While I didn't get to my goal weight of 125  (back when I was in college size 4-6 5'3") I had so much energy and although I didn't officially enter, I looked and felt great!

    Fast forward to 2 years ago when I went back to work full-time in the hospitality industry. I gained more than 20 pounds....thanks to complimentary lunches and having to entertain clients at night. The food was too good AND too bad for me. I'm starting 11/29/10 too and I can't wait! I"ve tried some of the recipes from the Eating for Life book recently and they're really tasty. I really enjoy weight lifting and pushing myself with the cardio. Currently I weigh 174. Yuk~ I really need to lose a lot more than I gained...40 pounds for good! Good luck everyone:)

  • Monday morning, yea!  This is day 4 for me ( I started a little early but this is the group with the true start date I want) and am excited.  I am all for this being a group but not sure how to do that!  Any suggestions?  I was in one before about 4 months ago and we will tend to stick together and not have too many join in because of different start dates, at least, that's what happened last time.  Okay, here we go.......It feels good to be in a group with others who are on the same mission!

    Lovemy6dogs- sure we can buddy up but I'm not sure if I know how to navigate this site well enough so I might need your help.

  • Emmysum11 - I couldn't find the group either so I added it to my favorites and it comes up and then I sign in and go to favorites again and you will find us!  Hopefully!

  • [cross-posting]  Mary,  Great Idea!  Hard to believe that what started as just a post to write down my commitment to myself has sparked the replies of so many!  Lets all go to Philmont!  How do you create a group?

  • I think all we have to do to form a group is always title our thread "Philmont Group" and that's our que???  Anybody else?  I'm a teacher, so I never write on weekdays between 6:30 am and around 4:00 pm unless I get lucky and can sneak on for a minute.....hope everybody is doing well!

  • Count me in on this too! I bought the book yesterday and did my first work out this morning. I'm so new when it comes to free weights, so it's a little intimadating, but I'm going to man up and power through!! I am determined to get a great body that I am proud of. I'm a female, 5', and I have about 30-40 extra pounds on my frame (I haven't officially weighed myself as I'm scared as sh*t to). I'll be joining in on the group, hope you don't mind!!

  • We unofficially tag our posts "Philmont Group"....look for those or title your with those and we'll find you...I'm a three-peat and have always had good benefits from the program.  Food is my stress release (don't like the taste of beer or anyother vices)...I just LOVE food and live a hectic weight didn't come back fast, but it did all come back once the remote was more important than my running shoes!  I hope we can stay in touch even if we're slipping.....which I hope not to do, but I'm human.


  • Welcome jules!  By all means.  The great thing about free weights is that they develop both sides equally.  You can "cheat" (compensate a bit with your strong side) like you can with a bar.  Don't be afraid of free weights and don't be afraid to use the small ones.  A couple suggestions:

    1) Free weights are all about control.  Start light (but challenge yourself!) and make a quality rep every time, working as hard on the down motion as you do on the up motion.  Control, control, control and slow, not fast.  If you find the weight is flopping around and you can't control it -- or if you have to use "rebound" from one the down part of one rep to start the up part of the next rep, you're using too much weight for now.  Scale down and work up to it.  Make each rep independent and make sure you control the weight -- not vice-versa.  It will take a number of tries to figure out what the right weights are for each exercise so take good notes for the first week or two!

    2) Focus on one exercise for each muscle group first.  On the sample workouts in the BFL book, you see that they introduce one rep of a different exercise in the challenge part of the set.  That's a great approach once you know all the exercises but its too complicated.  It doubles the number of exercises you need to know and makes you think too much at first.  Learn some of the basics and then add more when you are comfortable or get bored with the the core.

  • Ok, now I am confused-I though this thread WAS our group?  We don't have do start another one do we?  I wish they would post the most recent first!

    I have had a good clean eating day.  Am not sure if I can start the workouts until Wed or Thurs cause my hubby is having surgery Tues, but will do my best :)

  • Hello everyone!  I also am starting 11/29/10.  This is my umpteenth attempted challenge.  I know it works, even though I've never officially finished, I've achieved really good results.  But for some reason, I never follow through.  I am a 5'7" 30-yr old female and weigh around 180.  The lowest I have ever been is 160 since I've started watching my weight (about when I was 20).  I am married with 2 young kids, with a full time job, so planning is key.

    I try to pack my lunch every night so I'm not rushed any more in the morning than I already am.  I have an elliptical with a treadmill on order and free weights and a bench.  What I've run into in the past is boredom.  I'm hoping that the treadmill helps that.  I might have to join a gym to keep weight lifting interesting.  That is always where I have struggled.

    I would love to join your group!  I really don't have support at home and I always seem to fizzle out, so I'm hoping that the group can keep me accountable!  My husband's favorite saying is "Another picture?" since I've started but never finished so many times!

    My favorite thing to do is wake up around 4:45 or 5:00, drink my coffee, catch up on posts, and then go workout.  This is advice from the old guestbook members, if anyone is familiar with it.  Always had a hardtime waking up and getting going to workout, so this helps!

    So, I would love to be part of your group!  Here's to February 20th!

  • Welcome to Philmont!

    You're not alone-My husband always says..."another diet?" One of my friends is going to take my pics tomorrow. My husband will never see the before...just the after picture when I'm all chizelled and back in shape. I'll probably have to do 2 rounds but that's ok with me. I worked out my upper body today and I feel great! I know I"m going to be sore tomorrow. Tomorrow, I can't wait to hit my tredmill. I even dusted it off in between sets this morning. Good luck everyone! Talk to you on DAY2:)


  • heyhey, another 11/29'er and am more optimistic than ever.  i've been following BFL since it's beginning and have never followed through past a solid two weeks of the program... l kept letting my life's challanges and adversitites get in the way.  that's all history now... i know i'm here for 12 weeks this time... very glad to see this online community support and have appreciated the tips thus far... thanks so much and best to everyone here.

    deb g

  • Hey lovemy6dogs:

    I'm sorry if the "Philmont Group" thing was confusing.  I wish they would put the newest posts first too.  That's why I suggested if we had something to say, we could just title the thread "Philmont Group" and know it was for us.  We can keep this thread open...

  • Hey Deb G:

    I think if we all try to keep each other motivated, we'll do better...I'm hoping that because I need to motivation!