In this for LIFE... because I want my "body for life"...

  • Hi yummy,

    I thought quinoa was a starch. But it is considered to be a protien. I had to change my eating habits after being diagnosed with Celiac disease cannot have glutten the protein in wheat. From what I have been reading you are right on track do not give up now just keep on going and you will reap the rewards of your labour. I plan on starting the challenge on Jan. 1 2011, with my daughter who is my 17 yrs. old who is sort of a vegitarian she will only eat chicken and turkey. So I will have to plan her meals for her to ensure she eats properly as she hasn't been doing that for many years and my wife and I gave up the fight to make her eat what she should have been eating. So as a parent it is as much my fault for the way she is. The whole family has joined a new gym and I am getting ready for this fight. My Motto now is never say die no matter what excuse she gives me as the gym is open 24/7. It doesn't matter what time we work out at as long as we do.

    Merry Christmass to you and your family

    Claude Laprade

  • quinoa is a starch

  • Quinoa is a starch with a high protien content which is misleading. Sorry for the bad info.

  • That's ok, I knew that quinoa is a starch with a higher than normal protein content compared to brown rice and other foods we consider "starches".

    No prob.

  • I will be looking for as much info as possible to keep us on track. If anyone has done the challenge as a vegitarian I would like to see a meal plan. HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  • Claude, I hope someone can help here... there are other protein options such as beans and tofu... there are many more.

    Start a separate thread and ask for vegetarian meal plan ideas... I am sure someone will have some ideas for you!

    GOOD LUCK!!! Looking forward to hearing good things.

  • Claude,

    Go to the search bar and type in vegetarian and you should get past posts to come up for you. I can't remember who it was, but she was a vegetarian and I believe she posted some of her meals. That was this past summer.

    Best of luck to you and your daughter!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • So finishing up week 7. Was a really good week. Looking forward to week 8.

    I was so sore this week from the workouts. Also was EXHAUSTED!! Is that normal? I went to bed by 9:00PM each night and had SOLID sleeps!! Did anyone else experience this?

    Anyway, looking forward to another great week ahead...

  • So here I am beginning week 9.

    I guess I am one of those ladies that falls into the category of "not much change in the first 8 weeks". I have a bit more definition, and I am stronger but as for scale changes...nil.

    I will not be derailed as I am doing this for not only a better body but a better life.  I am eating food that is good for me, in normal quantities, and really enjoying the BFL workout schemes.

    I have had years of abusing my metabolism with crazy diets, having 4 kids relatively close (which makes me very proud), and now it is my time. My time to get in the best shape of my life. Not just skinny. HEALTHY in body AND mind.

    So with that said, as I enter the last quarter of this first 12 weeks, I am going in even stronger than the first 8 weeks.

    1. I will focus on maximizing my time in the gym (make sure to control my movements and really hit those 10's)

    2. I will watch to make sure I am getting enough but not too many of the macros I need, and keep guzzling the H2O

    3. I will speak positively to myself and encourage myself regardless of change or lack thereof

    4. I will stay focused on the big picture... which is my life.

    This is not a is a marathon. Slow and steady wins the race and I will win. May take me a bit longer, but I will win...for myself.

    I want to thank everyone who is following along, helping and listening to my crazy rants email after email or post after post.

    I can not tell you how valuable your time and info is to me. In the end I am the only one who can make change, but know that I credit you all tremendously for helping me get there.

  • urgh, as I am going into the 9th week...BAM feeling a bit under the weather (and I am NEVER sick...yes, even with 4 kiddies, and generally neither are they ;) ). My youngest daughter was really sick since Thursday and so it is probably a variation of that or something.

    But anyway, had a great workout today, food was on point, guzzling the water and will go to sleep early tonight and be ready for HIIT tomorrow!

  • So just finishing up week 9, was a really good week. I was bang on with my nutrition and I hit the gym HARD even though I was a bit under the weather, still feel I did well.

    Looking forward to week 10...

  • Finished week 10 and onto week 11!! Almost there!!!

    Weight wise, nothing significant at all. But I am really beginning to really understand that the scale is not as important as the measurement changes. My body has definitely changed, but more importantly, my mind has changed.

    I know my bodyfat has gone down and I have lost inches. I will measure again at the end of week 12. I will begin another 12 weeks after that. Like I have said before, this is a lifestyle for me more than a "competition". I need to keep challenging myself to achieve my goals and do better. That is the competition that I am in.

    I will keep you posted...

  • I must admit though... I am a bit frustrated things are not moving as fast I would like.

    Any suggestions?

    On cardio days I only have a protein before the gym (vs carb and protein) as I am up preparing my kids for school etc at 6:45 and I don't get to the gym til 9:00 and I feel it would be too long to wait if I ate nothing before the gym.

    Any other suggestions? My free days are by all means not  a "free for all". I have some things like a few squares of 72% chocolate, a PB&J on ez bread, some dried fruit or a dessert. Otherwise the day is pretty much the same...


  • Bump...anyone? any help? comments?

  • Can you list your typical meal plan?  It would be helpful to get the whole picture. 

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