In this for LIFE... because I want my "body for life"...

  • thank you for your support. I am trying to not over think and doubt and question. That has been my biggest down fall. I am probably a bit PMSing now so I go a bit bonkers with self doubt etc. I will get thru this and keep going as I have. If I know I am putting good food in my body and working hard in the gym, then the numbers I know should not be relevant. This is a journey and a learning process for me that I am working hard at not only transforming my body but more importantly... transforming my mind and how I view myself.

  • You know what got me through the 12 weeks?  Going with the flow of the program and being anxious to see what my body would do next. It seemed at times there was a slight change I noticed or I felt almost each week.  I really felt good and wanted to continue feeling that way.  Eventually I was able to do things I hadn't done in a long time and I even learned to lose the fear of running on the treadmill.  Now I run my behind off on that thing (if want to)!  Really pay attention to all those little changes and milestones you make because they all add up at the end of 12 weeks. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • the last time I did BFL I didn't see results until the 8th week... I mean looking at my pictures, because I took them every week you can see a difference, ever week a little, but man week 8 when I looked at my pics I was like OMG! This is really working! Keep it up, stay focused... you may not be "noticing a difference" but you are feeling a difference!

  • Here's a couple of things from BFLMike (RIP) that might be helpful:

    WEEK FOUR TO SIX: Weeks 4 through 6 are the golden weeks. You’ll find yourself feeling great–even exhilarated–which is a welcome change from the sleeplessness, aches and pains and sluggishness from weeks 1 through 3. The guys will see quickening weight loss and a visible change in the size of the old beer gut or love handles. Women will see some changes, but usually more modest in nature than the guy. So, if you are doing a couple’s challenge, be prepared for the uneven (don’t say "unfair" just yet) nature of your changes versus your husband’s situation.

    Both men and women will see significant changes in strength and stamina. Sleep habits will settle down. The diet will begin to become almost second nature and the exercise and multiple meal events will become a regular and comfortable part of your life. Especially for women it is extremely important to continue to advance in your weight training goals, lifting to failure rather than simply walking through the exercise. Unless you strain to lift, and really do hit it hard, you are essentially wasting your time doing the strength training.

    If you measure them at this point, you’ll likely see that blood pressure is lower; cholesterol and triglycerides are lower, and that resting pulse is lower. This is also the time, though, that small nagging injury or pain can gets worse. Be extremely careful about working sore joints such as knees and especially shoulders. If the shoulder joints are sore, don’t lift weights overhead. It is not worth it to develop a rotator cuff or neck problem at this point.


    This is great motivation for the ladies:

    Have a good day everyone!

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Thanks so much for the supportive words and info.

    I know I have to focus on the big picture and celebrate the small milestones... it is sometimes just hard to focus when the physical results are so slow to come.

    I am doing everything right (as long as what I am eating is on track) so with time the physical results I am sure will come. I know I feel better, not drained, dragging and tired. I am getting stronger in the gym in both weights AND cardio. I sleep well. Overall, I feel confident I am doing good things for my body. Still working on trying to enjoy my free meal when I take it. I still have a tendency to feel guilty and beat myself up over it.

    Anyway... I am gonna keep working!!

  • So this week was good. Loving all the support. Working hard and eating on point...we shall see what week 6 will bring...

  • I have changed the title of my thread as I am now entering into week 6 of this program and I am making this my lifestyle. I have been searching for a method of eating that not only will help me achieve my desired body but also something that I can live with for the rest of my life. I feel BFL is that. Overall it is balanced, supports my workouts and is most importantly something that "fits" with my life and that I can live with.

    I look forward to loads of changes (lean muscle and strength gains and fat loss!!)in the next few weeks...

  • So today did LBWO and it was GREAT!! I can definitely feel huge strength gains. I was able to squat 185 lbs today for a full 6 reps, and then go on to squat my last 12 at 135. My leg extention was 65 lbs for 12. My leg curl superset was 70lbs for 12 reps, My lunges were also pretty significant. I feel for me those are some pretty good numbers...

    I have found I was RAVENOUS though every 1.5 to 2 hours (vs. the 2.5-3)!!! I was wondering if anyone else experienced or is experiencing this? What do you do? What does it mean?

  • I am now in week 7, and all is going well. Really no movement on the scale up three, down three, up two...URGH frustrating. I will not go on the scale anymore. When I do and I see a loss, I feel great. When I see a gain...even though realistically I know it doesn't mean too much I still am VERY mentally affected by it. So, no more scale for a bit. I know I am doing everything right so what more can I do.

    This for me is about life not getting to an extreme low on body fat% so I really can not make myself crazy. (just venting).

    Anyway, with that said, going into week 7 with a strong mind and attitude. I WILL see significant changes soon. I know it. So I will continue on and keep doing what I am doing.

    Thanks for listening. :)

  • Hey Yummy - I think you are wise to stay off the scale. I am going into week 12 and only weighed in at the end of weeks 4 and 8. I think I could have done without that as well, except that I wanted to see how my body fat was progressing. I'm not sure I will even reach a 10-pound loss overall, but that's OK, I know that more than that has come off as fat loss. I want to be healthy and fit, visible six pack is not necessary.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • I agree with you saralynn. I am in it to win it for me and to change MY life for the better. No stages or competitions for me. Just me and me. :)

  • If i eat gluten containing carbs i get bloated along with other things.  the carbs i do eat i never eat them alone. i always have them with protein and that balances my sugar levels to. i'm on my 12th week and i've lost 12 pounds and gained alot of muscle.

  • So I thought I'd share what happened to me today...

    I was meeting my husband for lunch. I sat facing the back door as I thought that is where he would come in from. But I was wrong he came thru the front door so my back was to him. He is NEVER late and so I was wondering where he was 12:31PM and then voila! There he is. He says " I didn't recognize you..."

    So later in the meal I ask him just out of curiosity "did you not recognize me because I look smaller? It's ok if that is why..." With a look of  'you caught me with my hand in the cookie jar' He said YES. He would have never said to me "I didn't recognize you cuz you looked thinner than my wife..." so when I asked him if that was a possibility he admitted... besides my hair looking a bit different, my back etc looked smaller...

    Bottom line, until he saw my face, he wasn't sure it was me!

    LOL!! Woo hoo for me!

  • That's a great story, ayummymummy!

    It's going to be getting even better....when I look through photos of family vacations and the like, I don't instantly recognize myself!  I can tell it's me after a doubletake, but the message comes in as "Oh yeah, that's what I used to look like."  I was at a sad occasion recently, a funeral for a cousin.  Two other cousins were there.  One I had not seen in 20 years, the other for about 3 years.  Neither one recognized me....

    Not long ago I wrote a post in "My Transformation" called "10 Reflections on Day 559", with interesting, unanticipated things that happened after C1 - you may want to look back and check it out (dated 10/23/10).


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Jacium... that's GREAT!! I look forward to reflecting as well ... I will never be done though, just like you, this is a way of life for me.

    Thanks for the support and kind words.

    Finishing up week 7 strong! Had great workouts this week and looking forward to the next few weeks...