Feeling tired. BUT the last 3 weeks where awesome! What's wrong?

  • Hello Everybody,

    I have an issue which anyway ideas are welcome. I'm finishing my fifth week and I seem to hit a slump in energy. I think I had the same problem for a short period during my fourth week too. Nothing has changed in my diet or exercise with the exepection of the last two workouts. I couldn't lift as much weight or run as much either. The biggest problem is wanting to good to sleep alot in past couple of days. The only idea I have is maybe I'm exerting myself to hard on the cardio days that has an influence on my energy levels. I'm not sick either. I hope somebody has a solution or has experienced the same.

  • Jo Jo,

    First of all congrats on finishing week 5!!!

    There could be a few reasons like not enough sleep and nutrition. Are you drinking enough water? Are you eating enough carbs? I know I, and many others, at one time tried to cut carbs in a effort to speed up fat loss. it doesn't work. it leaves you tired, drained and messes up all the good things BFL eating does for your body. Don't cut back on your intensity in the gym just be sure to feed yourself properly.

    I am sure others will chime in with more ideas.

    I hope this helps


  • Jo-jo - I experienced that same feeling for about 4 days with every one of my challenges - almost like clockwork. Hang in there, pay attention to your portions (eat good whole carbs around your strength workouts perhaps for a day or two rather than shakes), drink that water and sleep well. In my opinion, this is the stage where you are kicking in to a new "phase" of the challenge. Kind of like a growth spurt.

    This is also a time when many drop out because it is "uncomfortable". Keep focused and determined to finish straight through the 84 days.

    Best of success to you.

  • Hi Jo Jo,

    That is great that you have completed 5 weeks.  I wanted to tell you that I just completed my 6th week and have had similar feelings during weeks 4, 5, and even a little during 6.  However, I have just tried to take it one day a time and even one hour at a time, and when the feelings pass it is all worth it!  I would go with what Orrin suggested and make sure your nutrition is right, it really is so important to eat every 2-3 hours.  If you can't fit any more sleep in, then sometimes when you feel very sluggish, going out for a short walk or doing some light physical activity can get the blood flowing again and makes me feel better.  

    Anyway, just keep going one day at a time. The feelings will pass and you will be rewarded.

    One Life, Live Accordingly

  • This is good..this means things are happening.  I felt the same way.  I remember on some HIIT days just wanting to come home and go to bed.  It will pass.  Just make sure you are  not cutting carbs at all; this is the time your body really needs them.  So many people try to cut them out, and then wonder why they have no energy.  If you are doing BFL by the book, keep doing what you are doing.  With that being said, my 6th meal was always high protein, low carbs, since I was getting ready to go to bed soon.  Hang in there.  You are doing great!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Thanks everybody for taking the time to give insights and encouragement. The good thing is I'm familiar with some of the examples you have given me. More or less suspicion on certain ideas. Im just glad Im not doing something really wrong. Again thanks so much for the feedback. I will keep everything in consideration.