Direction Determines Destination - November 15th Group

  • I'm not sure of the science either, but I agree with you.  And thanks for the reminder to "stay where your feet are".  I love that!

    "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out." - Robert Collier

  • hi all,

    Day 5

    UBWO - almost never made it, was hard getting out of bed, real hard. funnt thing is once i actually get my fat backside out of bed i'm good to go, still trying to figure out what weights and exersize to be doing, had a great work out though. my arms feel like jelly, shoulders are sore chest feels a bit tender so all round a nice sore.Yesterday i read the post suggested by bonwitty, it's on the main page written by Orrin's  titled random thought.

    realized what the difference is between champions that come in the top 10 world wide and champions that finish the 12 week challenge. i finished 3 challenges 4 years ago, got great results but nothing that would put my before and after pic on the cover of the BFL book, or even on the web site, now i know why, i hardly ever gave myself a 10 when working out, did a few 9 and a halfs, now realise they were closer to a good 8 and my 10's were far away. fantastic post well worth the read.

    so next week to finalise starting weights and exersise routines, hopefully with at least one genuine 10 in there somewhere.

    love the post earlier, focus on where your feet are.enjoy the journey, i really am starting to- will see if i feel the same tomorrow morning when i can hardly move my arms.

    at least i have eaten properly this week, no cheats, not even a nibble extra.

    Cardio tomorrow.

    "keep doing what you have always done and you will always get what you have always got" - " the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repetedly yet expecting a different result" and my personal favourite " weather you think you can or you think you cant - you right"

  • Morning guys, its sooo good to get up and read everyones posts!! really motivating!! I had a good 6km run this morning, my dog 'stella' held me back this morning i was really ready for a great run but she was a little slow, thats all good thou usually im trying to hold her back!!

    I remember my first lot of successful challenges i made a pack with myself to increase my weights on 1 exercise each week and it had to be a difference bodypart each time.  Sometimes it was more others than some as biceps for example are a smaller muscle group so dont get as strong as fast.  This not only helped me stay on track intensity wise but it gave me little challenges along the way, i had to push myself every time i trained, but this is what got me results!! 22.5kg over 9 mths from 37% bf to 17%bf.  We all need to find the "inner" strength while we are doing our workouts and when you have accomplished what you set out to do for 'that workout" the feeling is fantastic!!

    Donald you didnt wana get outta bed, but YOU DID and thats the difference!!!

    Only we can make the change, only we are in control, 'OWN IT" and you will 'DESERVE IT".

    Have a fantastic day!!!

    Healthy body healthy mind

  • Hi, I've decided that I really dislike the format for posting here.  I don't mind one big thread as long as you can reverse the entries (lastest first) or easily navigate to the last page.  I also think that the sign on times out way too soon - what is up with that?  I get to the last page, find I want to post, and now I have to log in and it takes me back to the home page so I have to navigate all the way back to the forum and the last page.  Not fun, and not even burning any calories doing it (unless you count my fuming :-)

    Ocean and JA2 - I'm not letting the pictures get to me, I'm just saying that the "befores" really do not look bad at all.  It sort of reminds me of those "choose the best bathing suit for your body type" articles where they show a woman with a 28" waist having a "belly" problem.   Jeez, I'd love to have that problem!  

    I need to lose (note spelling - one of my pet peeves is people who spell it "loose" which rhymes with "goose") 50#.  I know it will take me at least a year, but I hope to firm up my jiggly spots while I drop the weight.


    PS - another reason to hate this format, I had started writing this and had to step away, and then I went to post it, but it had logged me out so my post disappeared.  Grrr.

  • hi kiwigirl,

    yeah i got out of bed because of mt secret weapon. Jenny - she kicked my butt out of bed and then had a great workout. I havn't weighed myself at all, remember i said i was going to wait 4 weeks. anyway she weighed herself this morning and she has dropped 1.9KG THIS WEEK!!! not bad considering a start weight of 70KG. her goal is to be about 50kg, she is short so that's a good weight for her. i wish i only had to lOOse 20kg. i need to drop over 60 kg.

    will see what the scale says after 4 weeks.

    I see you say you dropped 22.5KG over 9 months, how long ago was that?

    went to nzmuscle yesterday, got the cla and some other goodies, so much good stuff there, only place i have found EAS products so thanks for the referal.

  • Hi all

    So yesterday I left my lbwo feeling a little deflated like I was finding my ideal  weights and only hit what I would estimate as a 7 . Well jeez good thing cause I am sore. Not can't get down the stairs with bent legs sore  but more like stiff lol. Had to help out at my former business today so went to gym at 7 am and first 5 min I broke the stair master which is my cardio love.....shoot!  So had to do treadmill and elliptical yuck!

    I hope they have it fixed by next cardio day! I also tried to weigh but one of the trainers was asleep between clients in the room where the scales were.... Or well hopefully it means another .5 lb off tomorrow.

    So doing really well with the eating. Better than ever. One thing I learned that if you do fall off the wagon and eat crap for whatever what. Don't say to hell with it and decide to start again on Monday. Say ok I ate crap this time but next meal is back to clean eating. You will be much better off for it both with weight loss and emotionally.

    I am feeling great and I know I will hit the wall in the next few's a given we will all hit the walk in the first 8-10 days....that's a good thing. It means our bodies and being cleaned out . It's like a detox. Embrace it and know it is coming but the challenge is to perservere and get over it's just another hurdle we have to get over......don't give it. Be armed and dangerous!!!

    Have a wonderful FRIDAY!!!!!


  • Hi Donald, yeah i get that too when my alarm keeps beeping my hubby keeps jabbing me in the ribs.

    WOW your wife must be thrilled!! Well done Jenny!

    I did 3 back to back challenges in 2000 after my first child, i didnt use any supplements until the last 3 mths cause we couldnt afford to.  I did all my cardio at home, i hired exercise equipment, couldnt justify the gym which was 22km away just for a 20min workout but i did do the weight training at the gym.  

    I following the program by the book, didn't cheat once and was very satisfied, i am a muscular build, when i got to 72kg i was about a nz size 10.  It wasnt until the 6week mark when i weighed in that i saw the difference, i lost 6.5kg in the first 6 weeks!

    After the 3rdchallange i fell pregnant with our 2nd child, followed the BFL training and eating but still gained 20kg back!!  Thats when i got into bodybuilding with a nutritionist which i did for 2 yrs.  The result of doing that my body gained 12kg and was pretty shot hormone wise so any training/dieting i did didnt work so well and also my head was not in it 100%

    My training has never been an issue, but after the bodybuilding my head outta the game, so my eating for the past few years hasnt been great, thats where my biggest gain will be in this challange.  Its amazing what your body will do just in 3 weeks of eating well, but the real gain is sticking to good nutritional program, thats why i love the BFL you can eat all those temptations out there but still get the results you desire!!

    I am a true believer in this program, it does work you just have to believe, visualise, and trust this program!!

  • Wow, so surprised that I'm the first to post.  Maybe we started a new thread?  Well, I am late because I decided to sleep in a bit - DD was up at 4 AM, just for a minute, and she came to our bed.  It just took me a while to get back to sleep, so the alarm rang before I knew it.  Working from home today, so I was able to do UBW at lunch.  Just finished.  Tomorrow is cardio again, which is a cinch.  Hope you all have a successful day 5!

  • good morning everyone!!!

    Day 6, cardio.

    I bought a commercial gym type exersise bike off Trade me (same as e-bay) and it arrived yesterday. i was like a little kid at xmas, well let me start with a confession, this is the 2nd bike i have bought in a week, i bought the 1st one without going to look at it, lets just say me and my size are not what that bike was designed for.HAHAHA, so that one is going back on trade me$1 reserve, my mistake but at least i got it right with the second one, lets call it the beast. so anyway it arrived yesterday and last night i couldn't wait any more so i jumped on, man oh man did it kick my butt, i was sweating 40 min after i got off it. Tried a different program this morning and it beat me silly again, but i prefered yesterdays workout. going to try everything it has to offer and then decide what i like best. the nice thing with it is that the program  decides when it's time to up the intensity and the state of your legs and mind have no say, it just say oi, you, going to get harder and you just got to pedal harder.

    so happy with it, best of all it only cost me $200-00. best $200 i have spent in a long time.

    This forum is brilliant, makes me feel accountable to everyone that started the same day as me, not doing a workout feels like i would be letting the team down, Accountablity- just what my fat ass needs to get skinny, thanks for being there.

    Hope everyone is having a brilliant day 5/6 where ever you are on the globe, and dont go too ballistic on the free day.

  • Happy Friday everyone!!  week has gone by fast !!!  Cant believe how much better I feel already!!!   Have 50lbs to go.  Would of been to my goal by now if I hadnt went off BFL in March..Gained 20lbs in that time.  Made me realize why this is called Body For Life... Kinda worried about my free day.  In the past I always totally over ate..Then would feel terrible on Monday.  Think maybe I am going for a Leisurelyt walk on the beach and just have a free meal.

    Donald. I feel the same way this holds me to accountability.  So if I come here everyday and read everyones post it gives me strength

    Have a great weekend everyone!


  • Hello, hello

    I got booted off, timed out.  So, I'll re-write my post.  Live and learn, huh?

    Feeling good, but tired.  The workouts and cut in calories is an adjustment.  Maybe those CLA's are accessing my fat and burning that for fuel instead.  Either way, it's a good thing.  And our toddler hasn't been sleeping well so I guess it all adds up.  I'm sleeping in tomorrow for sure and then tackling HIIT.  I upped the weights on todays UBWO.  Didn't hit a 10, but close.  Still chewing on Orrin's post.  I'm realizing that I'm jazzed about being back on BFL, but my mind hasn't quite got there for embrassing 'the pain' on those upper intensities.  But I'm going to just keep moving forward and I'll get there.  It's been a good week.  Eating has been great which is a huge thing for me.

    Kiwigirl - Woo Hoo on losing 20% bodyfat.  That's a harder number to move than the scale.  Great job.  I'm encouraged because I have about 30% to lose.

    AnnaFL - If I wouldn't have struggled throughout the summer after a successful C1, I would be on challenge 3 now, so I feel your pain.  But here we are.  I told my husband the other day that instead of bemoaning the summer, I'm going to think about it as starting my new years resolution early.  That way on Jan 1st, I won't have regret, I'll be ahead!  That makes me joyful just thinking about it.

    Have a great Friday, or Saturday for some of you.

    "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out." - Robert Collier

  • Hey Don - yeah on your bike!  Sounds great.  I love to bike outside, but have never liked the stationary - feels like torture to me, so I am impressed.

    I'm glad you mentioned the free day - what do you all do?  When I tried BFL before, this was the hardest to manage - life events don't just happen on Sundays, so what if - like next week here in the US - your splurge day is going to be Thursday?  I was going to still do my day 11 workout that morning, but eat like it's my free day.  Also, tomorrow I have this lunch I am going to.  I already logged my calories, and I am up to 975 just for lunch - it only leaves ~200 for breakfast and anything later.  I thought that maybe I should just make it my free day for eating, but still work out tomorrow morning.  I can be good on Sunday.

    Anna, you and I have the same amount to lose.  I plan on logging my food on my free day - I know one of the principals is to have the day off from that, but I think it will really help me to stay accountable - it's been a long time since I read the book, but I don't think you are supposed to go out for a bacon and egg breakfast, McDonalds for lunch, and Outback for dinner, right?  You are supposed to eat within moderation, and maybe have a treat - something you wouldn't eat during the week?

    I just made some chili with the MorningStar Farms meal starters.  You can't even tell it's not meat.  I will freeze 1 cup servings to have for lunch.

    I haven't started with any supplements yet.  I have been logging my meals since last week.  I wanted to see how I could do on my own, and mostly I see a deficit in calcium, iron, and potassium.  Oh, and of course not enough fiber.  Never enough fiber.  I think I am going to start taking a multi-vitamin (1 a day Women's active metabolism) to see if it makes a difference or not.

    Have a great rest of your day.


  • I have been having salads at lunch for the past three days. They are not agreeing with me and my stomach is making a ton of noise and harboring gas. (TMI I’m sure).

    I’m glad it is Friday. I’m certainly exhausted and missed my cardio yesterday. I want to put off the gym today also.  I have quite a few things I need to accomplish by Sunday and it doesn’t seem like there is enough hours to get them all done.

    Even with my missed workout, salad dilemma, and loose meal plan, I am feeling better, noticing the change and have had other people notice it too. All very worth it.

  • Morning All!!!  Been  slow starting this morning..Just now headed out to do my HIIT!!!!   Have a great Saturday everyone..

  • Happy Saturday everyone,

    I can't believe that I'm already fighting a cold!  I've been so very tired....ugh.  But I'm going to plod through it, working out anyway.  I may not hit all the intensity levels but I can still maintain the habits.  In C1 I got sick 6 times, but still managed to work through it and had great results.  So, if it is to be the same this time, well, I'll just have to do the same.  I did decide to have a free meal last night, hoping that would help give a little extra strength.  But just one free meal.  I'm eating per plan today and won't have a free meal/day until Thanksgiving.

    In a few minutes I'll be going outside for cardio.  Stay strong everyone.  

    "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out." - Robert Collier