Direction Determines Destination - November 15th Group

  • By the way, Bonwitty, I love the quote you sign off with.  So true!  


  • Wow must of had a better LBWO than I thought,  sitting at my desk working and I keep having to get up and walk off the tightness in my Legs...Day 3 and I already feel so energized and confident and over all just much better!!!  Cant figure out why I ever went off BLF to start with.

  • just done day 4 cardio, OUCH!!!!

    i am so unfit, 20 min on the treadmill feels like a marathon. it's actually sad that i have got so fat and so unfit, i have being telling myself off big time this morning. ah well i suppose got to start somewhere hey.

    feeling a lot less bloated, was a bit hungry through the day yesterday but i think more mental than actually hungry, ate 6 times so couldn't be starving.

    kiwigirl i looked at the website you gave me, thanks a ton for that, their shop is about 20 min from us and i'm going to be driving almost right past them today so will pop in and get the CLA, thanks for the info, that website is brilliant, got all the eas stuff, i could spend a months wage on there with ease.

    so i'm done for the day, workout wise, just need to eat right and its another good day.

    cheers everyone, have a great day!!!!

  • Donald great to hear about your CLA, keep going on the treadmill the first 6 weeks is the hardest!! i had cut out picture pasted to the back of a mirror for motivation esp in the last minute of cardio - a killer!! I used visualisation alot in my 3 back to back challenges and i didn't cheat once!! I remember asking the gym owner if this program didnt work will you give me my money back!! They used me for advertising for their local gym in Hamilton as i worked the program to the full - i made every part of my free day a free day to the fullest!! Enjoy your day!!

    Lynne try this exercise if you have a swiss ball its fantastic for the hamstrings espec for a high point!!

    Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl

    Lying on your back with legs extended and calves on swissball.

    Lift your lower body off the floor (shoulders only thing on floor), contracting in your abdominals to keep lower back supported.

    Pull swiss ball into your buttocks contracting into the hamstrings.

    Release back to starting position.

  • Hello,

    I started out Monday November 15, but started out with Lower Body first. So technically jumped to week 2.  I'm going to take a look around and maybe being the challenge with those starting on Nov. 22 so at least my weeks are correctly aligned.  

    I have trouble sticking to the eating.  I have a very addictive personality, one of them being sugar and food (def not the food that is good for you.)  I actually heard about BFL at a holistic rehab I visited in Sep.  I've had the book for over a month now and orginally wanted to start in Oct. However, I wasn't in the right mind set. Now I am and that really is half the battle.

    If someone has any suggestions about eliminating sugar and caffiene without the horrible side effects please let me know. Around mid-afternoon, I get a splitting head ache. I'm pretty sure its from my change in diet since this just started this week.

    Good luck.

    I can't wait to see the results.

  • Thanks Oceanlover650!  It's one that I remind myself with so often.  I struggle with forming healthy habits over the long haul.

    The day is almost gone and it's the first time I've had to spend a few minutes on the computer.  Very busy day.  However, I planned thoroughly yesterday so I was able to get up even earlier to get my LBWO done and eat on track the entire day.  I'm am so esctatic about that!!!  I'm exhausted from the workout and very long day, but mentally, I feel fantastic.  I feel strong and more in control.....and that is a very good thing.  I'm looking forward to some serious HIIT tomorrow.  I really appreciated Orrin's post (on the main page - titled random thought - or something like that) about hitting our 10's.  I'm going to take that to heart tomorrow.

    Best wishes for everyone's workout and eating tomorrow!

    "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out." - Robert Collier

  • Hi - cardio day, yeah!  I am very comfortable in that space - except, of course, the fact that my legs are killing me from yesterday.  I can't get up from a chair without groaning :-)  I did 34 minutes this morning so I could make 2.5 miles.

    Kiwi - thank you for that tip.  I found a video on youtube that demonstrates that.  I'm going to try it.  I bought a ball yesterday.  Someone else told me I can use it as a bench for exercises like flys on an incline.

    Am I the only one here that would be really happy to look like some (most) of the before pictures here?  Seriously, the women "before" look 2x better than I look.  It makes me think that my results won't be too impressive when I'm done.  Oh well.  I hate to get ahead of myself, but I was already thinking that when I finish the challenge I may take a month to do Jillian Michael's 30 day shred.  We'll see.  Last time I tried to do it, I shredded my knees!  Lunges and squats seem to really bother them.

    Have a great day!


  • Keep up the good work everyone!! more than half of the first week is already gone!!!

    if you guys want a tip concerning dieting, try bill phillips "eatin for life book". tons of great food and it makes it easier to stick to the plan.

    finish the week strong

  • Morning everryone!!!  Cardio done yeahhh..I am so sore from lbwo yesterday and then cardio today I can barely walk...But I must be crazy because I love that feeling..Makes me feel like I am getting somewhere. Have a great day everyone and stay focused.  

  • Morning!  Holy crap am I sore!  I agree with you though, Anna; I love that feeling.  I'm kind of surprised because I've been working with my trainer for so long.  Even though he kicks my butt so hard I'm usually shaking when I leave, we usually do a full body workout tho.  Now I'm focusing the entire workout on one section and it really makes a difference. I've also learned not to run for my cardio the day after my LBWO.  :-) Ouch!  Thank goodness for foam rollers.  Ready to kick day 4's butt now!

    Whatever it takes!


  • Lynne, don't let everyone else's numbers or sizes intimidate or get you down.  Even though we're all starting at different places, it's encouraging to me to know everyone else on the board is going through the same thing as I am - read: in as much pain as I am ;-).   When I started my weight-loss journey a year ago I weighed 217lbs and felt totally out of my league when I joined the gym and started working out.  It's been an excruciatingly slow process (to me), but I've lost 55lbs and now I'm here to finish the job (at least 30 more to go).  I've seen Jillian Michael's stuff advertised everywhere. What kind of workout is on the Shred DVDs?


  • I have Jillian's 30-day shred also. I like it alot but prefer getting out of my apartment and going to the gym. I live in a small apartment and my dogs think I'm playing when I'm jumping around like a maniac.

    Don't worry about what the other ppl look like. This is your journey. And its just beginning.  Two things 1.) stay where your feet are, become too focused on the finish line and you miss the journey it takes you getting there and 2.)  if you have more to lose than the pictures you are looking at most likely they will fly off of you.  Not really sure of the science behind it but average to small builds seem to have a hard time lossing than large to obese builds. Not really sure what one you are but I am sure if you stick with it, you will get the results you want.

  • You can get excel versions and print them out.  Check the following links

    All these are more is available at

  • OK, everyone, I have been reading your posts this week and enjoying them, and they have helped me stay motivated, thank you so much.

    I have had a rough week -- "guy troubles" -- and so have partaked in some emotional eating, etc.  But still exercising daily, and I woke up today with renewed determination not to let whatever else is happening in my life upend my Body For Life goals.... and part of this process is learning NOT to find emotional solace in food, so clearly that is something I need to work on still, starting now Challenge 2.  

    Anyway, ran on the treadmill today, felt great, such a great release of stress!  Nice Myoplex Shake, then pineapple and ff cottage cheese, a favorite!  Determined to stay on board all day today, take it one day at a time!

    Kiwigirl, I like that hamstring exercise you just posted!  Good luck to all!


  • Hey WorkingMom,

    Don't fret, you probably look better than I do.  I'm pretty sure of that!  Have you looked at Carolyn Culverhouse and Mina Hobby's pictures in the Body-for-Life Journal?  The had to do three or four challenges to reach their goals.  I have both of their pictures and stories on the wall in my workout room.  It doesn't matter where we start, as long as we start.  And then, continue moving in the right direction.  And face it, we can loose more weight quicker than those skinnier chicks!  Until we get to their size anyway.  (-;

    Great cardio this morning, but like everyone else here.....oh man am I hurting after yesterdays LBWO!  I even spent 20 minutes stretching afterwards, but once I cooled down, I returned to stiffness and soreness.  But it does feel 'good'.  About three weeks of this and we will all feel a little looser, recovering quicker.

    Best wishes for a great day of healthy eating!

    "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out." - Robert Collier