Direction Determines Destination - November 15th Group

  • Hey Donald - Ol' workout buddy,

    I didn't say that I was going to quit.  I was just frustrated that the 'mountain' was still so big!  I'm learning to workout through my frustrations.  I'm so glad that I'm not a scale addict because I would mess up big time.  Measurements give me hope, but seeing that picture last night......ugh....well I already said all I can about that.

    I knew you were going to copy and paste my words that I said to you.  I did read my own words before I wrote that, kind of chuckling inside.  I think some of my frustration is that my head was saying woopee I've done two challenges.  But in reality, it was one because of falling of the wagon for five months in between.  So I was mostly losing the same weight.  I think that's where my head was playing tricks with me.

    Now with C3, I get the opportunity to tackle new 'ground'.  I haven't been smaller than I am right now for at least 7 or 8 years.  I soooooooooo want to leave this fat behind for good.  I've just got to channel that impatience and frustration into energy and determination in my workouts (as soon as this back behaves) and eating.

    Even though I'm only at a whopping 1.5 to 1.7 mph on the treadmill right now, I wanted to officially start C3 so that my head would be focused.  My eating was out of hand on AR.  But I can say that I've lost 3/4 of the water from last week.  Yeah!

    And as for not posting it on CC, well I admit I'm starting to feel a little lost there.  It's grown so big.  But THAT is a very good thing.  It just means there's more people changing there life for the better.

    Emotional slump......okay, time to move on!


  • Bon, i get the loosing it all over again bit, story of my life.

    So, we just need to stay focused, keep the eating under control, stick to 6 meals a day and keep the portions small. MO & ORRIN have both lost heaps on AR eating right not working out, so if you keep a lid on the eating then even the limited workouts WILL work for you.

    Dont ever forget that YOU the lady who spent all day baking and never tasted a thing!!!!

    SO. can you keep a lid on the self control eating, hell yeah, i'd put $$$ on you doing it over anyone in the CC, because i 100% absolutely know you can, Do YOU? You better because it's FACT.

    and if this is territory that you havn't been in for 7 years plus it will be extra hard, but extra rewarding, and once you break through you will have AMAZING RESULTS.

    STAY STRONG AND focused!!!!


  • bonwitty and Donald, good luck for your next challenge, don't feel you have to post on this group, i can link into the coffee group if i feel the need!!

    Ive been 2 weeks off sugar and feeling great, i have started reading a book i purchased when i made the decision and it explains about the full process within the body, not just about sugar but all addictions.  Im not giving up natural sugars or sugars in some foods, more processed foods and "junk" foods, i still have a day off but i have my other foods i enjoy rather than piging out on sweets and bakery foods.

    I have already seen and had people commenting on my physique change, im still power walking 3-4 times a week and running mondays, last monday was tough!! but that makes me work harder.

    I biked 76km without stopping this morning took me 2.58 hrs, we have our bike race next saturday in methven 76km, first bike race ever!!

    After that i will probably tone down my road riding, just go back to my thursdays again, i did Diamond Harbour to Lyttetlon Thursday just gone, 28km but took us 1.5 hrs.  The saying is what goes up must come down well the downhills were great got up to 65km/hr but the uphills well a different story!!

    I did my 2 weight trainings last week have changed my reps around, im doing 15 reps for 1 exercise then straight away another 15 reps different exercise same body part. I do that 4 x so muscles are burning like crazy at the end.  Im doing all bodyparts except the legs, they get enough use through my classes.

    I have also brought in the ab bridge, 3 minutes total, hold the bridge for 1 min, break 30 secs do this 3 times over the abs are burning!!

    So thats what im up to at the mo, enjoy your weekend hope the sun is shining!! :)

  • hey Kiwi, Glad to hear you still on track and going, great to hear about the sugars, i try avoid as much as possible but it seems like evrything is made with Sugar some way or another, so i avoid the obvious and dont add sugar to anything, i do add splenda but not sugar.

    I had a buddy who was into bike races, quite an experience from what i have heard. very intense and riding in a group is not always easy so best of luck with that.

    Hope evrythings keeps on track, great to hear that people are passing comments on your looks, thats ALWAYS  the best motivator ever. Someone says wow look at you and thats another 5 workouts in the bag, motivation sorted.

    keep on letting us know how it's going.



  • Hey Kiwi,

    I just read about the earthquake in Christchurch.  I hope you're okay.  I remember you saying that you live outside the city in the country or something like that.  Take care girl!

  • Hi Kiwi, just got back into the office, you ok.

    *** i know this one was a bad one, please let us know that you ok.

    Your poor kids, this must be mega dramatic for them, you in our thoughts and prayers.



  • KIWI, i know you guys have no power, no phone lines etc.

    if you want to get out the area for a bit you welcome to stay with us. give me a shout akld 4414474


    let us know u ok when you can, you guys are in our thought and prayers.

  • Donald and Bonwitty thankyou for checking up on us.  We are all ok was such a scary time, i was teaching an RPM class at the time. The last 48 hrs have just gone by so fast, once we had our family back together again (took about 6 hrs) we could finally breathe a little better.  I spent all day yesterday baking don't know why there is nothing i can do out here, we feel the aftershocks but we are ok. Ive been giving support to a good friend of mine since the quake, her husband is in USAR so she didnt see him until last night when he called in to our place and had dinner.  An amazing man, 28hrs he had been going for hes seen horrific scenes, gone places and done such heroic things.

    Unfortunately we are still required to work as the gym has been open but i pulled out yesterday, i was supposed to do 2 classes, but cancelled one and got someone else to teach, my job is to support my friends and family and help where needed, i just cant imagine trying to motivate people in that way at this moment.

    Thankyou so much Donald for the use of your home, we have had so many people contact us with support its being amazing, im sure you understand when i say we want to try and keep things normal as possible, hopefully the schools will reopen monday, and in the meantime i can give someone my shoulder.

    Yesterday i was feeling so helpless, we have our house, our lives, we are unhurt, and yet i find myself thinking sadness and a little selfpity.

    I want to go and help dig houses anything, but i am aware i have two children which i cannot take in with me, they need their home, their comforts at the moment so again today i will bake bake and bake which is one way i can help.

    I just want this to stop.....

  • kiwi,

    i simply cannot relate to what you folks are going through, i think only fellow cantabs or folks that have gone through this before in Chile or san fransicos etc will be able to relate.

    It's going to be hard times for you folks, i especially feel for the little ones, i also appreciate the need to keep things normal.

    write down my numbers, the 2nd one is home if you ever need it, the offer stands. REALLY!!!! ok.

    no offence taken if not needed just rememebr it's there.

    hope you guys dont have any more activity, enough is enough.

    let us know if there is anything we can do.


    don & jen

  • Many prayers sent your way Kiwi!

    Your BFL Friend,


  • I am sorry for those affected, but I am grateful that you and your family and okay.  I've been reading the news about it and I can feel your stress through your words.  I'm assuming the baking is to give to those who need it.  That's a great plan.  It gives your hands.....and heart.....something to do.

    Take care!

  • Hi Kiwi,

    i have been meaning to touch base with you for ages, then i get sidetracked and forget.

    How have you been?

    thankfully schools back and working for you so kids getting some kind of routine going again i hope.

    Let me know whats up.

    Your big event is soon isn't it? like last week or this week i think, sheez time flies and i've lost track.

    Anyway, let me know whats up.



  • Hi Kiwi,

    was wondering if you still getting alerts off this post, i wanted to see how you were doing after all the recent earthquake activity.

    hope you guys are ok.

    cheers donald

  • Hi Guys,  to be honest with you all, its been am emotional rollercoster!!!  Ive gained a couple of kgs, but trying to move forward and not be hard on myself.  I got onto a great start a week before the last quake and then BOOM another one hit and before i knew it i was comfort eating.

    We haven't been hit like the others we are in Rangiora, we do feel everything over a 4.  Talking to a few people from closer or either work  in there some of them are "used" to the small ones and others (like my husband) are on edge.  So we are very lucky but im still waiting for the next one to hit!! I sometimes feel guilty about feeling very emotional and "sad' as we are nothing like people on the eastern side of the city.

    My house has got a lot more damage to it than the first one. i would say the inside/outside and our garage will need full makeovers.  

    We have two properties in the city, one im not sure on how much damage yet, tennants are still living there, the guys is a civil engineer so hes told us the house is structually ok.

    I don't want to wait until its all over to get my head around it as it could be a long time coming.......

    I still do all my classes (10 this week!!) so still addicted to exercise but my issue was always food food food...

    I started back to weight training today after having about 3 months off, it felt really good, but im sure i will be sore tomorrow!!

    So i have some goals i still want to make, my first i would like to loose .800 grams a week for the next 5 weeks for my birthday. I weigh in on Tuesdays, first time weighing in for about 18months but im sticking to once a week and feeling ok about it.  

    Because i do alot of exercise i have taken some advice from a Nutritionist and changing my eating habits, like i said was going fantastic until BOOM!! the earth moved!! back on track tomorrow..

    Thankyou for thinking of us down here, how are you all going now??? what are your current weights?? We had a biggest loser competition down here at our gym the winner was a women loosing 34kg in 16 weeks!!!

  • hey Kiwi,

    Bonnie's away this weekend so she wont reply just yet.

    1st, good to hear you guys are ok, well as ok as the situation allows i suppose.

    my journey has been pretty cool since we last spoke.

    as you know i finished the challenge we all started together, then had a week off and started the coffee crew challenge.

    i did ok, but hit a few plateau's and stagnated, was pushing my *** off, and lost some inches but only lost about 8kg.

    had 2 weeks AR

    then started CrossFit

    absolutely loving it.

    get my *** kicked 3 times a week, started eating Paleo feeling fantastic.

    so i have started a new challenge, 12 weeks but doing CF not BFL. so far about 5 kg down in just under 4 weeks.

    almost at 30kg down since 15th November nothing like your biggest loser but been steady and i am still working my *** off and enjoying working out. and believe me THAT is a big change from the 150kg dude who started, so i am really happy.

    Doing this new challenge with Bonnie again, she has been fantastic.

    i still post everyday on the Coffee Crew, they have helped me big time, great people, makes the journey fun.

    so that in a nut shell is where i am at.

    i just wanted you to know every time there is "activity" down there i think of you, wondering if you ok.

    so dont be a stranger!!!

    chat soon.