Direction Determines Destination - November 15th Group

  • Welcome to the club lasttimeloser!  

    "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out."  Robert Collier

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  • you ran 6km and did a pump class- ON DAY 1!!! no fair, my goal is to be able to do that on day 84!!!.

    did day 2 cardio today, wobbled on treadmill for 20 min, built up a sweat so all good, also feeling the hurt in upperbody after yesterday, it's a good hurt.

    welcome to everyone that started yesterday, so glad there are lots of us.

    keep on posting people, its good to know there are others out there feeling the same as we are.

  • Had great day one and actually looking forward to my cardio  tomorrow! Really gave it my all after seeing this awesome ripped girl in the gym today. I hope she is there every day so I can envision myself like her ! It's so motivating. Lol hi to all have a great dat 2

    Cheers E

  • Hi everyone. My name is Donna and I started the challenge today, too.  I live in Colorado, and have been working with a trainer for the last year who is actually the one who introduced me to BFL. During the last year I've lost 55lbs, but not a lb for the last few months. Time to get back on track.  

    Hey Kiwigirl do you go to 24Hour Fitness? I love the BodyPump class, too. Looking forward to getting to know all of you over the next few months.  


  • Hi Donald yeah like im addicted to exercise, i teach les mills programs 5 times a week (bodypump x 2) and (rpm x 3), im going to add BFL weight training twice a week.  Im not going to do the cardio program thou with rpm and doing 3-4 runs a week i feel thats enough for me to cope with.  So ive got the fitness now i gotta get the bod to match!! My downfall has always been the eating side of things and having a nutritional program that gives me the energy i need to complete my day is a huge part, BFL certainly does that.  Well done on your cardio, especially this time of year it feels like a sauna down here got to 31 degrees today phew!!

    Hi Donna (oceanlover360) ha!! if we had one of those where i live it would be great!! na just a community based gym but we have a les mills franchise so we get the latest and greatest!!!  I teach bodypump, rpm and combat, i have the fitness now gonna go after the body!! Ive been up and down over the last few years with my body size so i want to get down and stay down!! BFL is the way to go, its a program for life!!

    Thought i would post my measurements and i will update them every 4 weeks.


    waist:  78cm

    hip bone: 94 cm

    Tummy: 91cm

    chest: 96cm

    Left thigh: 62cm

    Right thigh: 63cm

    As said earlier im not going to get on the scales so will go by photos and measurements, i have taken my photo and printed it out for my motivation, i will post them up at the 4 week stage.


  • Good morning everyone - I did my cardio this morning even though I started to feel like I was jinxed.

    I got up at 5:15 AM, went to put my HRM on, and found that the battery is dead.  Then I went to fill my water bottle and found that DD (5yo) had absconded with it, and I had to spend 10 minutes looking for the top to it.  I put on my mp3 player and started cardio, and my mp3 player just quit in 2nd minute.  So, I stopped and replaced battery and started again.  In minute 9 of my workout, my treadmill just reset itself to zero!  So, from that point on I had to keep track in my head.  I did my 20 minutes, then did an additional 10-13 - I have to do at least 30 minutes cardio, it just feels weird if I don't.

    To finish it all off, I weighed myself and found I am up 1lb and 1 bf% since yesterday.  Yeah!  Yes, I know that my weight and bf% can fluctuate, I'm used to it, but pretty ironic - I just hate to see the numbers go up.

    So, is this how this is going to work - we just stay on the same thread forever?  Or will there be a new post every day?


  • Good Morning Everyone!!!  Day 2 Cardio done..  Wow Lynne what a Morning..But you kept on thats a good thimg.  What supplements is everyone taking???   Have a great day everyone...


  • hello everyone,

    i am starting on november 15th as well. this is my second challenge (finished the first one a couple weeks ago but fell back into my old habits fast).  i am going to work on this one even harder.

    good luck guys and remember that this program really works (it did for me)

  • Good day all

    A cool 4c here but a beautiful fall day in eastern Canada. Hi to those downunder . My daughter and 2 friends went to Melbourne for 8 mos when they finished school in 2008. They had the experience of a lifetime and met the nicest people!

    Anyway did cardio today feels great but a little sore from ub yesterday.

    I don't take anything other than omega 3, metamucil tabs (5) day for increased fibre and vit D. Also protien powder and extend on cardio days which is amino acid for recovery. Like to know also what others are taking.

    Booked massage for thus afternoon hope the boss doesn't find out!........oh I am the boss lol

    Have a fabulous day


  • Good morning everyone!  It looks like we have Australians, English, Canadains and Americans.  And I think someone said South Africa.  Wow!

    Great cardio this morning on my elliptical.  Broke a sweat even though my workout room is in our sunroom and at tops it was 45 degrees with the portable heater!  My arms were hurtin' from yesterdays UBWO.  (-:  My biggest challenge is working out first thing in the morning, but for me, it's the key.  It sets the tone for my entire day and keeps me on track.  Plus I seem to loose more fat that way and that's always a good thing!

    Someone asked about supplements.  This time I am using (in addition to a general vitiamin and energy booster) L-carnitine, CLA and glutamine.  I am also using protein shakes for some meals.  I didn't do that on C1, but I'm not quite as organize this time, at least not yet.  And since I homeschool our two kids and help run two businesses, the shakes are helping to save time with at least two meals.

    For those celebrating Thanksgiving next week, what are your plans to keeping on track?  Obviously, Thanksgiving will be a free day for me.  The baking on the days before might be a challenge.  And what about all those leftovers?  Hmmm, I think I'll send them home with everyone else.  My husband won't be too happy about that! 

    Have a productive rest of the day.

    "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out" - Robert Collier

  • Busy morning already, but ate on plan, took my supplements and packed my snack and lunch. Almost always my workouts have to be in the afternoon, but I'll get them done no matter what.  Today is LBWO for me.  

    Welcome Max!  


  • hi there everyone, wednesday morning and lower body work out DONE.

    legs are a bit wobbly, tummy hurts, a litre of water finished already and only 7.20am. going to be a good day.

    in terms of those in here kiwigirl and me and my missue are in New Zealand, but im originally from South Africa.

    It's motivational to see how many people decided to take up the challenge the same day we did, and from so many different places. very cool.

    Suppliments, we taking creatine and a multi vitamin, having protein shakes twice a day as well.

  • Morning everyone, im doing my first upper body training this morning so im excited but i no its gunna hurt later!! The supplements i take are CLA ive found in the past its being great for fat loss, Magnesium which is great for cravings esp round that time of the month, omega 3 and mega complex B.  Im finding so far nights after dinner im hungry but haven't yet given in!! Its good to know of other people doing it fantastic support for all of us!! Have a amazing day!!!

  • hi kiwigirl - what is CLA and where can i get it?

    Also do you know where i can get EAS protein powder, been into 2 health stores here and they don't have.