when to workout

  • I am beginning my first challange tomorrow.  My problem is I work nights 7p- 7a  five to six days a week.  When is the best time to workout, after I get home in the morning and before I go to bed or first thing when I wake up before work.  Also what supplements do you suggest for to lose weight and gain muscle.

  • I also work thirds. I'll say this. It's probably better to do it in your equivalent of morning. Right after you get up drink some water and work out. I feel best when this is the schedule, because it's a great way to start the "morning."

    If you're actually like me however, and the kids are at home, the husband is at school after being at work all day, and this is the time you have for family... do it in the morning when you get home, but wait an hour after your last meal before heading to the gym.

    I'm not into suppliments yet, so I really can't help there. :( Sorry!


  • thanks alot.  That is my exact problem if I go to the gym before work I never see the kids.

  • jgallorn...I do my workouts in the morning, but I don't work the third shift...but yes, make sure you workout on an empty stomach.

    Supplements-male/female??  I am using Betagen and CLA, Betagen helps with muscle recovery and the CLA helps with building lean muscle/burning ab fat...I also drink the Myoplex Lite shakes...

    Best wishes to you on your challenge! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • jgallorn,

     If i was on that schedule i would try to work out right after work @ 7:30am. As another user suggested ensure you take your a meal between the hours of 6-6:30 if you plan to work out @ 7:30am. Also i am a male and i used cla and betagen the entire time. I started to workout with my wife on the 9wk and she was amazed how define my muscles were. So am going to say the supplements worked. If you can afford it try to add Myoplex lite twice a day into your eating. Checkout http://www.allstarhealth.com/ and http://www.vitaglo.com/ for good prices on supplements

    click on my username and you can see what i ate during the challenge and the weight i lost. I started out as 5'8" 225.6 and finished 195.8 for a loss of 29.8, 5.8 # shy of my goal. I am on day 85 or day 1 of Challenge 2

  • jgallorn ~

    Your workout schedule is what works for you. You want a time that is consistent. If you would lose time with your family by working out before work, that could possibly become an emotional interference. What works best for your schedule? What has the least interference on LIFE? What time is consistently more available? Then STICK TO IT.

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)