Starting 11/8

  • Wall sits are for your quads. you have your back to a wall, knees are 90 degrees, and you sit like you would in a chair, but there's no chair under you.  I actually do what I call "Ball Squats."  You do the same thing but put a stability ball between you and the wall.  Roll down into a squat, but make sure your knees don't go past 90 degrees.  The starting position you have to have your feet slightly in front of you so the ending position is correct.  I started out holding 0 weight, and would hold the 12th rep trying to hit a '10'.  Now I'm going to try holding a dumbell in each hand, hoping to get a '10' that way 'cuz I really hate just 'holding' the last rep 'cuz the rest weren't hard enough.  I forgot, do you go to a gym?  If so, a great quad exercise is Leg Extensions.

    moxie-  Congrats on the hubby!  Mine has made very subtle changes.  Like I'll see him reach for a soda, then he'll all of a sudden put it back and grab water instead. :)  For those butt raises on the ball, have you tried holding 1 leg in the air while working the other one?  It's the only way I know to make them harder.  

    If I didn't hit a '10'  when I was supposed to, yes, I will try to do extra reps or hold the position.  Like in calf raises, I just can't seem to make them harder (I can only hold so much weight in my hands) so I"ll just keep going like you did in little bursts.

    I make my old-fashioned oatmeal in a large kettle, enough to last me the week.  I store it in a big container in the fridge.  When ever I need a portion I just scoop it into a bowl and mike it.  I suppose I COULD get to work earlier and eat it before I punch in.  But sometimes I get interrupted 'cuz people think I"m already punched in and I get pulled away, making getting to work earlier not go in my favor.  And I already bring 3 other meals there, this would be #4...  But it is definitely something to consider.  

    I don't worry what other people think of me changing my speed every minute.  I figure if they ask what the heck I"m doing, that gives me an opportunity to explain the BFL intervals!!  But it never has.  I used to be SO self-conscious when I first joined when I was younger.  I remember feeling so dumb just getting on an elliptical.  I would try to watch people out of the corner of my eye to see if I was doing it right, but tried to make it look like I wasn't staring.  It took me months to get the courage to go to the weights area!

    I stretch for at least 10 minutes after every workout.  It doesn't say so in the book, which I thought was weird.  I read in the BFL for Women book, that you can substitute yoga for one of the days.  I was going to do that, but couldn't decide which to sub it for 'cuz I didn't want to miss out on anything else.

  • OK.  I threw caution to the wind today and went for a 10 on the treadmill!  I probably hit a 9.5 but I was going so fast that I didn't want to see how much further I could do it for the fear of falling.  I will up my speed next time.  I started to get shin splints again.  I stretched really good beforehand.  It was better this time.  But still, when I felt them on minute 18, I stopped stretched and then went for it.  It's almost better for me to run.  I got up to a 6.4.  I do try to see what other people are doing at the gym.  I haven't attempted the machines though.  I feel like it's easier to just use weights in my basement in the morning than drive to a gym.  I get out of work with an hour to spare before I have to get my daughter at school, so I have time to go then which is when I do my cardio.  Maybe someday, I'll get brave.  I'm trying to make it work in my schedule and I love being done with my workouts early.

    As far as the oatmeal goes, have you ever made homeade granola?  I use old fashioned rolled oats, a tiny bit of pure maple syrup and some cinammon, I also add almonds.  It's portable, it's delicious and it's oatmeal.  It's good on yogurt too!  Has anyone given up sugar entirely?  I have sugar in the raw in my coffee with half and half.  Last time I did BFL, I gave it up and used Splenda.  I just have lost my taste for substitutes.  I think I might order the cinn. roll EAS bars.  I like those and they're convenient.  I've never ordered from Abbott.  Are they easy to deal with?  I can't find that flavor anywhere in retail stores.  

    I've been doing pretty good today, eating and drinking.  How are you ladies doing?  I am feeling stronger and really feeling good about how I'm going to see these 12 weeks through.  I have adopted the "one day at a time" philosophy and so far so good.  I've decided to buy myself a little something everyweek.  Last week, I got a beautiful necklace for 3.99 at JCPenney.  I had a coupon for 10.00 so it was cheap.  It happened to be on day 7 so I thought, this is a nice little treat for me for making it through.  I'm gonna give myself something worth $5.00 that's just mine.  I have a coupon for another $10.00 at DSW shoes.  I can get a little accessory or something there...socks maybe?

    I have a super busy week and Thanksgiving to plan at my house so I'm already looking forward to the glass of wine this coming Sat.  ...maybe 2!  Have a great night ladies!  

    And Optigirl, I'm gonna try the wall sits.  How do you actually count them?  Is it the seconds you hold the position (and if so, how long do you hold them?)  Is it going down, hold a sec., and come up?  Thanks!


  • If you're doing the wall sits with the stability ball against the wall, then count them just like squats when you go up and down each time, slow and controlled.  If I'm just holding the position, I count the seconds on a clock that's on the wall nearby.  I do those for my high point 'cuz I have knee problems and can't do squats for the entire 12, 10, 8, 6, 12 exercise.  How long do I hold them?  As long as I can!  Since I'm doing them for high point, my muscles are already tired and they start to burn so quick.  

    I have made homemade granola recipe I found in the magazine "Clean EAting".  I love that magazine, the eating plan is much like BFL, eating frequent meals, but with one major difference: it promotes eating real food, not manmade in laboratories, like our Myoplex or protein powders or artificial sweeteners.  I'd love to eat that way, but then don't know where I'd get the extra protein that I need from.  I really depend on my protein powder!  I notice sucralose is used in many of our supplements.  I'd rather have sugar in the raw, so I just make a compromise, and have my supplements the way the labs are making them, but in the food that I make myself, to not use splenda.  A tsp. of sugar really doesn't have all that many calories or carbs.  I always put no more than 1 tsp. of brown sugar or real maple syrup or honey in my oatmeal.  Ooh, I should try agave also.  

    I like the idea of buying yourself something that doesn't cost much!  A lot of my money has gone to stocking up on supplements,  I don't have much left for me!  In the past I used to reward myself with food... can't do that anymore.

    First day back to work and I managed to get all my  meals in.  But the one b4 my regular lunch break took me 2 hours to eat it 'cuz I had to work while I snacked.  But I suppose that's still good, it's continual grazing and putting nutrients in my body slowly.  My boss usually gets carried away and skips lunch 'cuz he just wants to get the work done faster.  but I didn't want to feel guilty taking time to quickly get out my snacks and try to eat while working, so I made it look like I was thinking of HIM when I layed out my food on the counter.  I told him he should eat something and shared my food with him.  My hidden agenda was I just wanted to make sure I got all my meals in!  But it worked!  I shared my healthy food with him and he liked it!  I had pea pods, grapes, and little cheese bites.

    This 'planning ahead of time' takes longer than I thought!  Getting everything into little containers, figuring out how to bring milk to work and be able to mix in protein powder without grossing everyone out.  Then packing the duffel bag to work out after, it never ends!  I can't wait until it feels like more habit and I can pack everything up without much thought.

    I did Tae Bo this morning 1/2 asleep.  Thought I would do awful, but woke up fully after 5 minutes of it, and didn't tire out like I always have in the past!  I got done with the tape and was kinda disappointed like I was waiting for more.  I'm gonna have to try a more advanced tape next time.  I want my cardios to burn away that fat.

  • I've read on other posts that doing more cardio after the high intensity will really help.  I'm gonna try that next week.  I'm going to do yoga the next two cardios because of those shin splints.  I think I'll try high intens. on the treadmill and then do more on the elliptical.  

    Sharing food with your boss is a great way to talk it up and pay it forward!  Just make sure you're getting all your nutrients!  I love the new 100 cal. chees bites!  Easy to take with you and perfectly portioned.  No guilt cheese for me.

    I'm not doing any supplements and fear that this may slow my progress.  Truthfully, it's very confusing to me and I'm not a fan of taking pills.  I have a few (full) bottles of multi vitamins that I feel bad about not taking.  I stared at them yesterday at the pharmacy.  So unsure.  I want to take the least amount of pills possible but also, I'm not a fan of "artificial flavors."  Even the cinn. roll bars taste a bit funny to me.  I will get used to them.  I don't have the BFL book, only the Champs one and I could use any and all advice on this.  I'm looking to lose weight and gain muscle.  But also as I am a 36 year old woman, my Dr. has advised me calcium and vit. D ( I think?)  This getting older business is really interfering with my young at heart business.

    Had a great upper body workout today.  I have had back issues in the past, so I'm trying to be careful with it.  But I feel the muscle soreness in the "right" places.  ("Goodbye back fat!")  At least I hope it's right!  I need a mirror down cellar to check my form.  

    I got on the scale today with only a 1 lb. weightloss.  Boo.  Not liking those results.   Trying to ignore it.  Must.Try.Harder.  Hope you're all having a great day 10!  Only 74 more to go!


  • Where is everyone lately? :(  

    moxie - congrats on the 1 lb lost!  Nothing to sneeze at!  My goal is to lose 12 lbs at the end thinking 1/week is good.  However I'm not going to jump on the scale all the time.  Are you adding protein powder to anything, like smoothies?  Just hoping you're getting enough protein at each meal.  If you aren't buying the Myoplex or RTD's, I suggest getting protein powder at the very least.  I add a scoop to a small glass of milk, or make a smoothie with yogurt, fruit, flax seed.  Some put it in their oatmeal, I haven't tried that yet.  And there's this popular recipe for protein pancakes everyone raves about, have yet to try that too.  Since I'm drinking more water than milk these days, I take a calcium supplement.

    Did my UBWO today, feeling frustrated 'cuz I've been thinking about how those '10's work.  Orrin just posted a great thread about hitting your 10's, go read it!  the exercises today either felt too easy, or too hard b4 I even got to the high point exercise.  I suppose it's only the 2nd week, still a lot of tweaking to do and figuring things out.

    I was doing hammer curls with the smaller dumbells: 8, 10, 12, 15.  But now I need to increase from 15, and the next increment is a whopping 20 lb!  I could only do 4 reps.  I even tried taking a 3-second break, and still couldn't get another rep without breaking form.  So I wrote it down and hoping next time to get 5 reps in.  I've read how important it is to get a good protein/carb meal in within 30 minutes of lifting weights, but then made a stop at the grocery store for spinach and stuff, stayed there too long, and didn't have my post-workout meal 'til way later... :(  But so glad in my willpower not to buy bad stuff while being hungry!  The old me would have left with 3 extra bad snacks and ate them all the way home in the car.

    Tomorrow is free day again for me.  I can't beleive it's almost 2 weeks done already.  I'm looking forward to the mental break of not having to pack 12 containers for lunch and squeezing in exercise!  

  • Week 2 Day 4:  I'm still here and going strong!  Just haven't posted for a couple of days.  It's kind of a pain getting to this thread, dontcha think?  

    So I took my free day Monday and didn't eat horribly, I did have a big mug of hot chocolate when I went to lunch with friends, and then I took the kids out for pizza as a good grade celebration.  About an hour after pizza my stomach started going on strike, it had had enough.  So I was done eating for the day by 6 p.m. and had no desire to eat cake or ice cream at my niece's b-day party that night.  

    Well, ladies, this is the furthest I've made it since I completed BFL back in 2002... I'm still extremely motivated and it sounds like those of us who are posting are doing AWESOME!  I hope to hear from the others soon!

  • Hi bp, glad you're still with us!  :)  I think this thread is really difficult to get to.  I wish there were an easier way.  

    Optigirl, thanks for the advice on nutritional supplementing.  I do feel like it's a missing piece.  Way back when, I used to make a shake every morning after my workout.  I'd gag it down, but I did get used to it.  I bought an already made myoplex banana cream and I had about two sips.  That vitamin flavor is just awful.  But I wear high heels that hurt sometimes to look good and I have been gagging down cottage cheese so I guess, I can manage!  Hahah...  

    For arms, I start with 3 lbs, 5lbs., 8lbs., 10 lbs and then 15lbs.  My triceps are so weak and I don't want to injure my back.   I do need to go to the point of exhaustion though.  I'm gonna really push it next time.  

    I don't get it.  One day people at this site are saying stick exactly to the plan and then the next, they're saying they eat clean even on days off, or exercise if they do eat something bad on their day off.  I'm getting mixed messages.  I just want success!  It's a bit confusing.

    Have a great night ladies!  Keep up the GREAT work!!!

    ps.  if you go to your profile and hit options, you can change your time zone!  :)


  • had my free day.  Treated myself throughout the day, but didn't binge.  Full right now, done eating for the night.  

    I think protein powder has kinda a 'malt' taste to it, but I like malts!  My favorite shake recipe in the Eating for life cookbook has ice cubes, a spoon of pudding mix, malt, milk, and protein powder.  Blend it up and it tastes just like an ice cream malt!  When I make shakes in the blender, I think they taste pretty good.  But if I'm just mixing protein powder in milk in a glass, it does get a little clumpy and I do have to force it down quickly.

    oh my, I have these RTD's I bought at a supplement warehouse at a discount, that expired a couple years ago.  even though I shake them up really good, they're still SO clumpy, but I just can't throw away money.  So I will finish them painstakingly.

    I'd rather drink a clumpy protein shake than wear high heels!

    Hmm, I don't have a problem finding this thread... it's usually on page one of the most recent threads.  I have bFL Forums on my favorites list.  so i click on that, then log in, then favorites again.  I check out lots of threads on here.  I post my statuses on another thread that just started a week b4 this one, 'cuz I got so interested in all thosepeople's challenges too, even though I'm a week behind in the challenge from them.  

    Orrin posted in another thread a great bridge to help when you have to jump from a 10 lb to 15, or 15 or to 20 dumbell.  Wrist weights!

  • Hi all!

    I can feel my new confidence in pushing myself at the gym, seeping through to my daily life.  I make eyeglasses for a living and yesterday had a challenge with a broken pair that I just couldn't seem to fix.  I thought back to my workout that morning and how I MADE myself do those sets that I didn't think I could do.  I felt empowered knowing I could push through them, so I applied that same feeling to the pair of glasses that were not doing what I wanted them to do.  I pushed through even though my hand was cramping, and I fixed it!!!  And even if that wouldn't have worked, at least I know I did everything I could.

  • I've been eating great these last 2 weeks.  I always had a problem with late night hunger for years.  Then when I started this challenge, the problem went away and I was amazed.... until tonight. :(  I ate all 6 meals today, (1 was small though and only had protein, I didn't plan well).  I had an excellent supper and filling.  then soon after I just felt hungry and couldn't shake it!  So I started eating this, and then that...  it led to a lot of everything, mostly carbs.  I'm so disappointed!  I've been trying to pinpoint what made this night unbearable and all the previous ones in the challenge easy.  Maybe that meal earlier where I didn't have carb?  I bought some oranges today and substituted one for a grain in another meal.  I don't seem to get as full from fruit as I do grains.  But the oranges taste so good and I know I can't have both.  Maybe I need to eat more during the day to not be so hungry later...  I also got my monthly visitor.  So that could be why too.  But I can't just use that as an excuse!  

    There is a great thread right now out there about cardio and how important it is to not overdo it, but make those 20 minutes count.  I did the stationary bike today and my high point I had the whole thing shaking and strived to keep up a certain speed.  My legs involuntarily slowed down and I had to dig down deep to speed them up.  Afterwards it felt so great!!!  And now after my eating slipup my jeans all of a sudden feel tight and I'm so tired.  I better learn from this and not forget it!! grr

  • Is this my 4th post in a row?

    Did Cardio again this morning.  I increased the level and speed a little from last time.  I was feeling guilty though, feeling like I should have been at church.  Like maybe I would be cursed with a bad workout for choosing gym over church.  Nevermind the fact I haven't been to church in a few years....  I beleive in my religion, I just really really dislike the whole 'must go to church' guilt that I grew up in.  I pushed through the workout nonetheless, and thanked God at the end and said 'sorry'.  Maybe I should listen to a little church radio later today.  Agh I hate guilt!!!

  • God, in my opinion, and this is all I'll say about it, is a kind and loving God who knows your heart and your love for him and your faith, regardless of where you live, what you look like, and where you pray.  :)  Let go of that guilt girl!

    I took my free day on Saturday and shall I say enjoyed it.  A doughnut and a cheeseburger in the same day.  I don't think I would have done that before BFL.  I gotta slow down!

    Sunday was hard to get back into it and I worked a long day and had a sore throat and headache so I skipped cardio.  Today was so hard getting out of bed, but I did it!  And I'm so glad!  I had a great UPWO and I feel so good and ready to go!  

    I think we're all gonna have slip ups but if we get up early the next day to work out or eat right the next day, we will overcome them!  Good luck this THIRD WEEK!!!!  Happy day 15!  Look out world!  I'm back on track!!!!  :)


  • I wish I could limit my free days to just a doughnut and cheesburger.  That sounds like 1/4 of what I eat on mine...

    as far as getting confused about people contradicting their advice on here.  I think the best thing is to stick as close to the book as possible.  And for new smoothie ideas isn't there a place on this website with recipes?  I printed some off in 2004 from here and tried one today.  It was some kind of mocha choc. protein shake with peanut butter and banana.  It tasted so much better than Myoplex powder.

  • Since this post seems to have died, I am just going to be posting my statuses on the 11/1 thread.  Just in case anyone comes back here and is wondering where I went.

    I hope the rest of you are still soldiering on!!!