Starting 11/8

  • Optigirl, I too, have the Champions book.  My Bill Phillips book's binding all came undone.  I like it okay.  I checked out Transformations and the website, but since I know this program pretty well and had success, I decided to stick to it.  This is day 2 for me.  My upper body is pretty sore.  I did the treadmill today and didn't quite shin splints.  I'm thinking of doing the elliptical for cardio but I'm not sure how to make it a 6,7,8, etc.  For the treadmill, I up the speed.  But the elliptical is better for my shins!  I've been going to the gym on and off for almost a year now and going for 20 minutes doesn't seem like much but I'm gonna stick to it and let myself be okay with it (although I did an extra 10 min. today trying to figure out speeds, etc.  My husband is away right now and although he knows BFL has been on my plate, he doesn't know I officially started.  He's the cook in my family and overweight too.  I convinced him once to do this with me and this time, I'm not so sure he'll jump on board.  With the holidays and comfort food, he will be my biggest obstacle.  Or managing my portions will be.  But he'll se how happy I am when I like my body better soon enough and then hopefully, join us!

    I took my before pictures last night.  I don't even know who that woman is.  I've got 30lbs of fat to lost to bring me to 130 lbs.  I'm 5'4" with 3 kids and 2 part time jobs.  It's a big goal but anything is better than where I am right now.  I am planning my days off on Saturday because that is truly my day off from work!   One of my preschoolers asked me if I was pregnant last year and it has stuck with me.  So as insulting as it was (oh, the honesty of 4 year olds), it still hurts and I hope to use that pain when I don't want to wake up early and exercise!  

    I'm struggling with eating so often (both yesterday and today)  I will get there..puts a new spin to midnight snacking!  


  • For elliptical 6,7, 8, I look at the Level or Speed display.  Much like  a treadmill.  After the first 2 easy minutes, I up it a little, make a mental note of that number (or write it down quickly), then for a 7 I up it a little more, remember that number, etc.  OR if it has a ramp you could increase the ramp height too for the intervals.  

    I think the treadmill is best for discipline 'cuz when you change the speed, you HAVE to go that speed or you fall off.  Whereas an elliptical or bike or anything else, you need to discipline yourself to keep those speeds up during the intervals.  It's too easy to slow down.  Sorry for the shin splints!  I personally like the treadmill the best, but I get knee problems.  I will switch it up and do elliptical or bike, and they just kill me!

  • W1D2:  Honeymoon's over!  (that was a short honeymoon).  Today was HARD.  Battled lots of discouragement, frustration, emotional and mental fatigue...but I made it through day 2.  Like you gals, I also started BFL so many times I can't even count.  It became a joke between my husband and I.   Only I found it more frustrating than funny that I kept coming back to it for some dang reason, but couldn't quite finish strong like I did in 2002.  Since then I've made it 1 week into the program at most a few times.  It has to be different this time.

    I hate to complain about my AWESOME friends and neighbors, my kids and I are truly, truly blessed and taken are of.  But last night it was cookies and hot chocolate, tonight homemade chicken soup, muffins, and a CHOCOLATE PIE from Marie Callendars!  FOR CRYING OUT LOUD PEOPLE!!!  If I lost a pound for everything I've been refraining from, I'd have reached my goal by now!  :)  On the flip side, I'm realizing just how many calories I consume on a regular basis when I do partake of everything that comes my way.  Scary.

    Yay for us for fighting through!  Knowing I'm going to report in at night is helping me stay on track!

  • I had a "smart ones" for dinner tonight.  It was gross.  I bought them on sale and now I'm suffering for wasting my money.  I prefer fresh food so much.  I only have one left.  I did pretty good with my workout this am.  Legs are difficult because my knees have been hurting me lately and it's hard to hit 10s.  Lunges kill me so that is good.  I have some program questions for you all.

    1) When doing weights, do you ever work say Quads and Calvess together and then count a minute of rest?  I did that this morning because I needed to save time.  I did dead lifts, then calf raises, then waited a minute.  I don't like straying from the program and I've heard from other experts that this is okay to do.  When I got to the high point, I did 15lbs. with dead lifts then lunges, waited two minutes, then did calf raises, and one legged calf raises and then waited two minutes.  

    2) How do you feel about peanut butter?  And how can I work it into this diet?

    3) Is anyone using the journal?  I am and find although tedious, I like to plan.

    4)  I have to take measurements.  Does anyone know how to get body fat percentage without one of those handy tools?

    To Optigirl, thanks for the advice on the elliptical.  I'll give it a try.  

    To BP8, "honeymoon's over"  hahaha  Good for you for resisting.  My dad brought me some homeade hamburg soup-it's a favorite of mine and I have yet to eat it.  I'm a strong believer in "everything in moderation" but it's day 3, not sure I should go there.  

    We're already on day 3!  I can't reach up (my chest still hurts) and I'm expecting it to hurt when squatting today.  Which, as a preschool teacher, I'm gonna be hurtin'!!!!

    Good luck today ladies!  Stay on track!  I look forward to hearing your progress!


  • Hello day 3!!!! Hope everyone is starting to feel the motivation like I am. I am doing my lower body today, and Im doing a free gym pass at a few places so I can do some free workouts and decide where I want to go. :) I think this week will be Ballys. My biceps are feeling a little more sore today, so I feel a little better about Monday's workout. I just dont think I can do this without a gym, though, it's too hard to increase weights. Plus, seeing other people working their butts off is good motivation!

    Yesterday went well. The meals went fine and I found that I got hungry if I went more than 3 hours without eating.


    1) not sure about this one. I dont know IF i could do them together as I still need the rest to help build my muscle. Not that strong yet :)

    2) I had peanut butter last night with an apple for my final meal. If you go to there is a meal plan to follow for four weeks, and peanut butter is in there. (I got this from a post by a champion)

    3) I made my own journal, and yes it is tedious, but also fun to see what you've accomplished.

    4) I bought a scale for $27 from target that measures body fat, hydration and weight. It's pretty nifty.

    Good luck today, everyone!!

  • Hi all!

    I did elliptical this morning.  To increase the intensity levels, I pressed the Level button to go from 4, to 6, to 8, then 10.  I kinda increased my speed along with each level, for instance, 4.0, to 4.5, to 5.0, then 5.5.  then for the High Point, I increased the level even more and went as fast as I could.  I almost died, but it was a great workout.  Did nice long leg stretches after.

    The hamberger soup SOUNDS healthy... Is it a brothy soup?  Plenty of lean protein, lots of veggies?  I eat soup still, but not the creamy ones.


    1)  Don't know.  Maybe good for variety, but I don't know if I would combine sections every time.  When I do calf raises, I do one leg at a time.  While I'm doing the left, the right is resting, and vice versa.  

    2)  I know there are some recipes in Eating for Life that use a spoon of peanut butter, like in your oatmeal or a shake.  But I don't like to rely on it as the only protein source though, there's not enough grams per serving.  Same thing with all nuts if I can help it.

    3)  I use a 3-ring binder that I started when I first did this years ago.  It has divider tabs for Upper, Lower, Cardio, Eating, and misc.  I like to file my progress reports in there, my goal sheet is right in front.  I especially like it for the weight workouts so I can compare what I was lifting weeks ago or to see if something is stagnant.  I fill those out after each muscle section.

    4)  $27 at Target????  I just bought the cheapest body fat scale at bed, Bath, and Beyond for $60...  But I had a coupon at least.  I should have shopped around.  i was just too anxious to buy one and wanted it right away.  I used to have one years ago, I think I threw it out 'cuz it wasn't giving me the numbers I wanted to see....  poor scale.

  • Wow....I didn't realize how much junk food is brought into my office until I started this plan.  It has been so tuff to resist all the BAD food that is brought in.  Zumba class tonight for an hour, that's a great cardio workout!  Last night was walking with spurts of running on the tredmil, I only lasted for 20 minutes but I hope to get stronger.  It is hard for me to get my exercise in when I am at work until 6:30.  Any suggestions?

  • W1D4:  I'm calling this day 4, because it's bugging me to have started on a Monday when in my mind my week goes Sun-Sat.  (I'm a little crazy that way).  So I figure Sunday was my free day, and I won't have another until sometime next week...

    Today was pretty smooth food-wise.  Wasn't tempted by anything, didn't feel sorry for myself for not being able to have something.  Haven't been hungry, I must be eating the right stuff at the right times.  That's encouraging.  Also, call me crazy (I am) but my clothes are ALREADY fitting better.  This is typical for me once I cut back on carbs and drink more water, I notice a difference pretty fast.  You?

    Lower body workout for me today.  I've had gym memberships in the past, but I also have several sets of dumbells ranging from 3# to 20#, an exercise ball, a medicine ball, bands, a pullup bar, etc. and I find I have everything I need for the strength training.

    Moxie- I have occasionally done exercises back to back as you mentioned if I'm in a real crunch.  Even better, I have done upper body and lower body in the same day and alternated an upper lift with a lower lift, which really gets your heart pumping!  I don't do this on a regular basis, just if I've missed a day for some reason...

    I use Adams natural peanut butter.  Regular peanut butter has so much sugar!  I like pb and apples, pb and celery, pb on whole wheat toast, I like PB!

    As far as keeping track of things, I have used a binder in the past, but I have the program so memorized that I just jot down 6 meal ideas for the day so I don't get hungry and stand there at the fridge wondering what to eat.  I also make a mental note of the times I should be eating.  This works for me because I work from home, it would be harder to do otherwise.  I also make notes during strength training to remind myself to start with a heavier weight next time, etc.

    Keep it up!  It IS going to be differerent this time.  I can FEEEEEL it!  :)

  • differerent isn't a word!  LOL!

  • I had a pretty good day 3.  I was done eating early so now I'm going to bed a bit hungry.  I hope I figure this part out soon.  Are you all exercising first thing in the morning?  I am doing weights early (at home) but cardio in the afternoons (at the gym.)  I feel like I fit better in my clothes already too!  I check the scale everyday.  How 'bout you?  Oh, I just keep staring at my before pictures.  It is such good motivation but I don't dare take them out of the house for fear I might lose them or someone might see them.  It's amazing how well one can hide her weight.  I give so much credit to the folks posting their before pictures.  Day 4 looks like a video tape day.  I have the kids home for Veteran's Day and I have the day off.  And my husband comes home tomorrow after being gone for a week!  Good night all!  Hope you're having a great night!


  • Hi all!

    Went out to eat with my family last night at Applebees.  But it was not my Free Day so I had to mentally steel myself.  As I expected I did get a little teasing and peer pressure to share the appetizer with them.  I tried to find the nicest words possible to explain why I didn't want to eat until my entree came.  I could tell that my healthy choices were making them insecure about their own.  I just tried to stay unbeat and change the subject.  Luckily the main entrees came shortly after their appetizer.  I got cajun grill ed shrimp with rice and broccoli.  At the end they were all miserable and bloated while I felt great and scooped my leftovers into a big togo box!

  • Happy Day 4 everyone! Yesterday went well for me-I am using my 7 day free pass at Bally. I like that gym, but they still charge for yoga and zumba-which are my two favorite classes! I don't think I'll be joining. I did lower body last night. Has anyone ever tried the "Butt Blaster" machine? OMG!!! I thought I was going to throw up toward the end! I bet I will feel it tomorrow....and man, those exercise balls kicked my butt...well, abs really. I can already feel it today.

    I got up this morning and hit the gym at 5am to get my cardio in since I have a dentist appointment tonight. Yay!!! Even though it is getting cold and snowy here in Denver, I am pulling the motivation from somewhere! I love that I can actually feel it in my body too, makes me feel like I've actually accomplished something and keeps me on track.

    The food is going well-no big slip ups. I bought these 100 calorie almond packs at the store. They are dark chocolate cocoa covered and DELISH! plus, only 100 cals so I figure they are OK? They help with the cocolate craving.

    I haven't checked the scale since Monday, and I only plan to do it weekly. But, i am feeling a slight difference in my clothes too. Even though my monthly "friend" is here, the exercising and water is cutting down the bloat. I only exercise in the morning if I have evening plans. If I have too much free time in the evening, I tend to want to fill it with eating-so i like to hit the gym then (after work). I heard it is better to workout in the morning, or at least on an empty stomach because then your body pulls at fat for energy. But think if you go about 2 hours after eating that's OK too.

    Have a great day everyone!

  • Not doing so good.  It's 12:00 noon and I just finished my first meal.  I'm going to go exercise now.  How will I catch up?


  • I just started BFL today so I am a few days behind everyone. I am giving up a pepsi addiction so today I have a slight headache and I feel a bit hungry but I know that will go away in a day or two.

    moxiekidsmom: I like to hit the scale every day too! I know we are not supposed to but I like to know how the foods from the previous day have effected me.

    Keep up the good work everyone!

    ~you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have~

  • W1D5:  Still on track.  I also like to weigh daily, but then record weight and measurements weekly.  I have already lost weight, but today's weight can't be very reliable since I had just finished my 4 mile run.  :)  I'll do my weekly weigh-ins on Sundays.    My run was good today, but I felt sluggish due to my SORE legs from yesterday's lifting... hurts so good.

    OptiGirl- Good job at Applebees!  That is SO HARD to do.  I hate drawing attention to myself like that, and I hate that it makes others feel uncomfortable, too-  That causes me to cave at times.  Way to stick to your guns!

    Moxie-  When I get behind on meals, I double up, ie. two servings of carbs and 2 servings of protein at one for me.

    Sounds like everyone is doing great! Keep it up!  And welcome MOM2LAP!