Starting 11/8

  • Wonder if I'm the only one starting the 12 weeks tomorrow... Obviously I'm not doing the official challenge this time around.  I'm starting tomorrow because I have exactly 12 weeks until my marathon training starts for the marathon I'm running May 21, 2011.  And the whole reason I'm running the marathon is to honor my husband who died of cancer on June 18, 2010, the day before his 36th birthday.

    So ya, there's a lot going on around here, a lot of "baggage" you could say, but I'm getting myself back one day at a time.  I know BFL works.   In 2002 I entered the challenge at 137# and 27% body fat, and ended at 125# and 14% body fat.  Between now and then we added child #3 and child #4, and battled the cancer beast for 2-1/2 years.  I'm back to 140# and 29% body fat...  It's time to take care of business!

  • I start tomorrow!!!!!  Just planned out my meals for the week and my workout schedule.   I hoping no one invites me out to lunch this week at work.  Sounds like you've been throughh a lot.  Good Luck.  I'll look for updates from ya.

  • I just started on the 7th.  Wow, your story is so inspiring!  I beleive you can be back to your 125 lb. just in time for marathon training!

  • Hello everyone! I also started today. I forgot to bring my egg whites to work, so I had deli ham on an english muffin for breakfast! Not typical, but it was actually really delicious.

    Very excited to work with you all on this journey! bp8runner, you are very inspiring and I look forward to your progress.

  • I started today too!  I'm looking forward to being part of such a supportive group!  I did BFL in 2003 and had lots of success!  Since then, I've started a few times with little success!  This is my time though!  I'm sticking to it!  It's a tough time to start but we can do it!


  • I started today as well.  I've wanted to do this for along time and today is it!  Did well on my eating so far today.  I just have to keep myself prepared.  I think that will be the key.  I allready exercise quite a bit since I teach an aerobics class 4 - 5 nights a week but would like to add heavier weight lifting into the mix.  Even though I work out that much I'm still overweight.  It's true that diet makes a huge difference.  Time to put down the bag of chips and fast food!  I'm really excited to being part of this group!

    bprunner thanks for getting it started.  I'm so sorry for the loss of your husband.  What a great way to honor his memory.  He will be looking down upon you during your journey and be so proud.  

    Lets keep up the momentum gals!


    Dance like no one is watching you!


  • Well, made it through day 1.   Great cardio in the rain/snow (I have to tweak this to develop a base for my marathon training, so I ran 5 miles today).  As far as eating, it went great!  But I seriously almost caved.  I never thought I was a gal who used food for comfort, but I've realized over the last couple of years that I am.  The most difficult time of the day for me is between 4 p.m. and when the kids go to bed.   I feel so out of control and i'm always looking for something to make me feel better... The biggest challenge is preparing meals for the kids yet staying focused and disciplined enough to stick to what I had planned for myself.  A friend brought over pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate tonight.  Wow, that was tough!  :)

    I'm telling myself that THIS is a priority, at the very top of my list.  To get in shape, to feel good, to be READY for the marathon and know I did everything I could.  I can get fat on May 22nd if that's what I want (but if I do this right, I won't want to).  

    Sleep tight, good luck on day 2!  I'll be checking in!

  • I didn't have this website when I did this 7 years ago.  I think I found my new facebook...hahaha  I really like the idea of checking in with people.  It will hold us all a little more accountable.  bp8runner, I just want to say, that with all that you've been through, I am so proud to be doing this with you.  I can honestly say, I've added you to my reasons for sticking to this. A piece of me is doing this for your marathon too.  I support you!  Good luck on day 2!


  • First time I did this I was with my fiance and we were training for a marathon. It was amazing! I am petite naturally but very curvy. I was in the best shape of my life! This time around (2 yrs later) I have gained +20lbs and am sinlge and just moved into my new apt and in the midst of my new job. Time to get to business and get healthy for ME! Good luck to all of you! I'll need you when it's late at night and I'm craving that amazing glass of vino and ice cream. :)

  • Hello ladies!  Feel good about day one.  I had to eat my last meal at 9:30 pm and I was not hungry at all.  I am allways hungry so that was a biggie for me!  My exercise was 1 hour of Jazzercise which is approx 40 to 45 minutes cardio and 15 to 20 minutes strenght training.  I am an instructor so it will be easy for me to stick with that.  I usually instruct 4 to 5 days per week..  The hard part will be adding in the heavier strenght training.  Jazzercise has lighter resistance trianing but for this challenge I'm sure I will need more hardcore weight lifting.  I want to do that on Tue, Thurs, Sat.  That will be a bigger challenge for me.  I did my body fat testing this morning...(Yikes!)...and need to lose approx 30lbs of body fat.  I think anyway.  I gatta clarify my calculations...So excited to finally be on the right track.  This time I know I'm going to do it.  No matter what for 12 weeks we'll give it our all!  AGREED?!  

    Have a great day 2 everyone!  


    Dance like no one is watching you!


  • Hello! How was Day 1 for everyone? Mine went fine-did my upper body workout and used a resistance band. My arms aren't very sore today, so I'm wondering if I did it hard enough. I may have to break down and buy that gym membership again!

    Tonight is my bowling league, so I dont have time for a workout in the evening. So, I got up this morning at 5am, bundled up and went for a jog! It felt really great and now I won't be stressed to workout tonight. The eating is great-I REALLY love how often we get to eat and the variety is great! Had oatmeal with protien powder for breakfast and whew, is that filling!

    As far as the "free" day/meal goes, we can do that any day of the week, right? Doesnt' necessarily have to be on Sunday? I think mine will be on Saturdays, as those are the days I like to have a few glasses of wine :)

    I took my before pictures last night.....OH MY GOODNESS!! I am printing them out and carriying them with me so I have motivation to stick with it and not stray. If those dont work, nothing will!!!

    Good luck today everyone!

  • AGREED!  Thanks so much for all of the support.  Accountability is a big thing for me, too.  I will look forward to reading how things are going for you all.  This is going to be the thread that never ends...:)

    Off to do my lower body workout.  I hope the kids cleaned up downstairs (a.k.a. my workout area) last night like they were supposed to.... :)

  • Wow, good job!  I did before pictures, too.  Crazy how my mind never told me my butt was that big.  :)  But the picture is telling me for sure!   As far as the free day, I look at my calendar for the week, Sunday to Saturday, and if some kind of outing is planned or a holiday (Thanksgiving) or something that week, that will be the day I set aside for a Free day.  If nothing is planned, I try to wait until Friday  or Saturday to do my free day just in case something comes up, then I won't have already used it...


  • Just started BFL today.  Like you I am so excited to be on the right track.  I have about 30 lbs to loose to get to my goal weight, however I am more interested in just getting healthy and fit.  I do a Zumba class twice a week, walk twice a week but will need to add strength training to this.  I am 50 years old, had open heart surgery a year and a half ago to remove a rare tumor on my heart.  I am so ready to get back into the game! So happy to know I am not alone in this!!

  • moxiekidsmom-  I too did it in 2003 and had good results, didn't quite follow the book though so I didn't finish all my goals.  I've since started over many times, but always had excuses to quit.  I've read the original BFL book many times, but almost have it memorized, not really thinking about the words anymore.I recently saw the "Champions" book in a store and bought it just to have something newer and fresh to read.   THIS time I have a different mindset and will complete it!  I'm on Day 3 and should finish just after my birthday.  It will be a present to me from me.

    bp8runner-  I like how you have the marathon to convince people not to push bad food on you.  My first day on the challenge I told someone I was starting a 12-week challenge but they still continued to push.  Like to them the challenge is just some stupid thing to keep putting off, which I have too long.  

    I also love the idea of having the end of the week be Free Day, just in case something comes up earlier in the week that turns out to be Free Day instead.