BFL Warriors

  • Happy Friday Warriors!

    WO's are done for the week.  I actually hit rep PR's on all compound lifts this week.  So all in all it has been a decent week.

    Soccer is in full swing.  2-3 games per week all this month!  Joanna and Jonah are both doing really well with it!

    Happy Thanksgiving Claude!  The vast majority of my project work is in Canada right customers are leaving us alone for a few days ;-)

    Have a great day/weekend gang!  Wendy and I have a date night tomorrow.  I have no idea where we are going yet...

  • Good Tuesday Morning Warriors,

    Thanks Parson for the well wishes. Yes Thanksgiving was great . Now back at it KB on sat. was brutal so no guilt eating thanksgiving dinner either I worked for it. Chris went to his English teachers for thanksgiving lunch didn't tell us and wanted to know what time we wanted him home. So we said 6 pm so we could eat. He came home and while we were eating told us he had turkey and all the trimmings for lunch. So needless to say her wasn't very hungry come 6 pm. He gave it his best short but couldn't finish all. He managed to fit in apple pie and icecream though. We asked who's turkey was better Mom's or the teachers he said mom's. Good boy smart too. He hangs with the teachers daughter. Hmm!  I was pleasantly stuffed. Now it's time to get back at it and work it off.

    Parson ,

    Glad the kids are having fun at soccer that's what its all about at thier age. Sounds like you will have your hands full with that schedule. Hope you and Wendy had a great date night always good to get away once in a while. Our kids can't wait for Linda and I to get out of the house. Congats on the PR's. Finally out of that rut to.

    Push Hard, Run Faster and have fun whatever you are doing Warriors


  • Good Morning!!  It sounds like everone is doing well!!!

    Colorado was wonderful.  When we got there, it was fall and we got to enjoy all the beautiful fall foliage. When we woke up the next morning, it was a winter wonderland.  We had enough snow to build a huge snowman.  We wanted to go horseback riding, but due to the weather, we weren't able to.  We did ride the narrow gauge railroad to a pumpkin patch and played there for awhile.  We stayed in a comfy little condo, so when we weren't out on the town or playing in the elements, we were unwinding in our condo in front of a fire.  I ate waaaaaaaaay too much of all the wrong foods, and am up 3.5#; now I have some work to do.  LOL!!  

    I added another class to my schedule and it is an accelerated class.  Will be completing 12 weeks worth of work in 6.  It is a medical terminology class and a bit overwhelming!! So needless to say, I won't be around too much.  I need to spend every spare minute studying.  Getting excited though.  After next semester, I will start my practicums/internships!

    So good to see you all checking in and killing those workouts!!  Proud of you all!!!  Anyone heard from Penny (Brickhouse)?  Been wondering how she is!!

    Make it a great day & week, my Warrior freinds.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hey gang. I am late checking in, but here (sorry claude). Been busy as always. My running has been really hard. I do good for one run, then can't do anything for a week due to knee and ankle issues. I can't afford to push it too much this early. As Claude said, I am a Clydesdale not a quarter horse. It has been really discouraging lately. I have come to the realization that I need to go very slow and likely need to lose about 25-30 pounds before I do too much running. My old joints are telling on me for the years of abuse. I am slowly losing weight and keeping things rolling. Could always tighten up a bit more. Getting old sucks!!! Twins 5th birthday party is this weekend. It will be busy.

    Glad you are all doing well.

    Have a great evening. I will check back soon.

  • Happy Humpday Warriors,

    Julie and I got our outdoor run/walk in last night. Did 3.20 miles, time was 52.16 pace 16.21, cals burned according to julies app was 336. I thought we were done then all of a sudden without warning she took off sprinting on me so I followed after I asked her what that was about and she said we just did 5k. I noticed her pace is picking up now so we are making progress.


    Thanks for checking in I was about to give you a buzz. We are all Clydesdales if we are overweight and out of shape especially running shape. You should try a run/walk program easier on those joints twice a week to start. We are not 20 anymore. Don't know about you but I am still 20 in my head and my body doesn't agree with my head and lets it know. lol

    One pound a week that's how it went on so the best way to get rid of it is the same. I you loose more bonus. Those kids of yours are getting stronger and faster so now would be a good time to buckle down. I had to do that when Chris was that age as he was way too fast to catch. It drove me crazy that I couldn't keep up to a 5 yr. old. Happy birthday to them from me. Gotta figure this thing out buddy and get back on track. Here's a thought bring some weights to work and just do basic stuff at lunch. Just something to get thetheart rate up or body weight exercises. Hope this helps you. get done what you can buddy. Also no need to apoligise on here. Catch a break soon I hope.


    With yoiur schedule I don't expect to see you here much. So get that homework done we will catch up later.

    Lets kill this week warriors.

  • Hi Warriors! So sorry I have been MIA.

    Update: After the women's half marathon (Sept 28), I had to go to sports medicine to check my leg. He though I had a stress fracture of my tibia and put me in a boot for a week and a half and no running. THE GOOD NEWS: after an MRI we ruled out stress fracture and it turns out to be shin splints. So, I am back to running and doing PT until the full marathon Nov 9. YES, I AM DOING IT! May be slower than I wanted but I am stubborn and a warrior and wont let all my training go to waste. I am so looking forward to it. The PT is really working on that calf to get it loose and its helping.

    For some reason I am not getting emails like I used to and I never got any of the last posts.

    Cuervo, yes slow down your pace. We have to take care of our "old" joints. You can do it if you slow down the pace. YOU WILL GET THERE. Dont ever ever give up!

    May not be able to catch up on the posts from the last weeks but I hope everyone is keeping their warriors on!!

    Good night!

  • Happy Thursday Warriors,

    Had an awsome double workout day yesterday. Did a KB routine at lunch then hit the recumbent bike after work. I think the kb helped my bike run. I felt stronger and was pushing alot harder to. I also did 52 Burpee pushups with a vertical jump in 7 min. not where I want to be  but halfway so not bad for missing last weeks. I didn't do any except on saturday kb class. I'm thinking or doing this challenge every day to see if it improves how many I can do. It's all about the breathing and trying to get through them faster. The goal is 100 or more in 7 min.


    I am so happy for you that it wasn't a fracture. I know you do the right thing and take care of that leg. Good luck with your full marathon to. Julie and I will be running outside tonight  weather permitting. We are up to 10 min run and 5 min walk. Should be able to cover more ground now. Always fun running with my girl. Yes my WARRIOR is on.


    There is this stuff called Instaflex it's for joint releif check it out may be worth getting.

    Have a great day warriors.


  • Good Morning Warriors!

    Accountability Time - Ran last Thursday in Ohio before heading home - good HIIT.  MIssed Friday's LBWO - overslept!  Saturdays HIIT went awesome, they continue to get better.  Monday I nailed a good UBWO during lunch.  Tuesday's HIIT was even better - I am getting in good cardio shape!  

    Tuesday afternoon I had to go to dentist & get a molar cut out - yeah, that was fun.  Needless to say I missed yesterday's LBWO & today's cardio.  If I feel better I will hit my UBWO tomorrow.  

    Oh well, no big deal though, I have been getting faster, stronger, and am starting to notice my body toning up again after hitting BFL for 5 weeks.  Food has been much better as well.  So I won't sweat not getting a few workouts in due to a pulled tooth.  I will definitely hit it hard as soon as I feel better.

    Claude - Way to keep pushing forward.  I love reading your post

    2C - Congrats on the good medical results.  Shin Splints hurt, but typically streching, the right shoes, and finding the right surface can fix that problem

    BDMom - As usual, you are Super Woman!

    PB - Glas to see you are still going strong.  I hope you enjoyed date night!

    Cuervo - My fellow Warrior, all we can do is keep going brother.  We do our best & let God take care of the rest!

    All - Keep rocking & have a blessed day!

  • Happy Friday Warriors,

    Julie and I had our first trail run we even took Mocha with us she love being outside and off leash. This trail run includes several different elevations / hills some steep some not so much, tree roots and this time of year fallen leaves and branches. Julie did great for her first run she will be feeling it She also told me she had a pain in her side from her workout the day before but she kept going. What a trooper. Chris has had a bug of sorts that has been going around so he is down for the count for now. I ran at lunch and did a light kb workout 100 swing with a 25# kb. will be changing it up at lunch with the kb's. This time running with Julie is turning into father/daughter time so we talk about whatever is on her mind enjoying this very much.


    Glad your workouts are getting better and you are in the drivers seat now. Glad you are winning on the food side of things that's the hard one for me. Don't sweat the small stuff and I see you don't that's great. Hope your feeling better now and back at it. Nothing worse than being out of the game when you don't want to be. Push Hard my friend you have this in the bag.

    Gotta get back to the grind now.

    Push Hard, Run Faster, Enjoy every moment have a great weekend Warriors.

  • Checking in...

    Twins birthday party was great. Glad to be back to normal today. Workout complete. BFL warrior challenge is underway. Hope you are all having a great weekend. Will shoot for 100% effort and dedication this week. Later gang.

  • Hey Warriors Happy Monday,

    KB Class was a slow grinder sometimes these are harder than the fast apce ones. Nice Rita is finding her groove now. She is the other KB instructor that just joined us as our class is getting large between 20 -25 people. My new friend Rebecca is hanging in there and can be considered a regular now. Rita said she felt sorry for us once she heard the routine. She really needs to toughen up. The kids and I are running our first 5K as planned rain or shine on Sat. It's called RUNNING SCARED, Hosted by Keller Williams for the Diabetes Foundation. Hopefully Linda will come out and take some pics for us. Warrior challenge is on this is going to take alot of focus and time thanks to Cuervo. Failure isn't an option.

    Turkey week killed my gains at least I think it did on the scale went up more than I thought 7.8 pounds. Time to get it on and drop that weight again and not derail myself like that. Linda is not baking for me anymore.


    Thanks for checking in bud. Glad the party went great always fun watching the kids have fun. Never gets old. Keep checking in for accountability.

    Have a Grrrreeeaaatttttt! DAY.

  • Good Evening Warriors!

    Been having issues with this site often!!  I am actually taking a break from studying to check in.  I just wanted to let you know that I probably won't be around much.  This site aggravates the heck out of me, and I really don't have enough time to check in like I should be.  I am on MFP daily and will continue to post there since I can anytime from anywhere.  I am so busy with school right now and don't have a lot of spare time as it is.  I hope you all stay consistent over there; it's so much easier.  If you guys keep this thread going....I will check in every once in awhile, but just can't as often as I'd like!!

    Hope your week is off to a great start!!


    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Good Morning Warriors,

    Went and registered for our 5k yesterday. Now to get a costume for it not sure what. Tweeaked my back yesterday so kb wasn't great but did what I could will be resting the rest of the week. Went to the gym last night could only do 16 pushups and did my 20 min. interval on the recumbent bike. So not bad spent some time in the suana too. I will be inspecting ballistic panels today each box weighs 35 # and I need to do a full squat to pick them up off the skid. So will most likely end up doing about 20 - 30 squats or more we will see how it feels. For Sat it could snow so go figure our first 5k and it might snow.  Still lokking forward towards it sore back or not I will be running. I have also started magnesium therapy. I have been reading up on how most people in north america are deficient in mg. so Linda's chiro told her to get some magnesium oil and mix it 50 50 with water and spay it on her arms and belly. Apparently it gets absorbed faster than orally. so I was rooting through the cupboard and found this magnesium gel. I started using it undiluted out of the bottle there is so much this stuff is responsible for in our body you should google it. The reason I started this was apparently it is used by some top atheletes as a muscle recovery tool and if your body is under any kind of stress it helps the muscles to relax hence epson salt bath. I apply once in the morning to my arms and belly for good luck lol. and once before bed to my soles of my feet for fast absorbtion. I know i don't eat enough dark green leafy veggies so I know I am low in this. Also when you apply this and after absorbtion if you have a residue on your skin this means your levels are good and can back off a bit. Also supposed to help with migraines another reason for me to try it and because of my celiac disease and sleep better to which I haven't been doing in yrs.. nothing ventured nothing gained.This could take months to see a change hopefully not but no real way to determine how deficient you are. Stay tuned as soon as I see a difference I'll let you know.


    I know how busy you are and don't expect you on here much hopefully the rest will make their way back. Will catch you on MFP anyways. Studying is important to you right now so hit the books.

    Tazz,  haven't heard from you in a while how are things going thinking of you friend.

    Lets make this week count warriors go gett'em.

  • Good Morning Warriors,  Sorry I haven't been on the site this week, I have been spending some time on MFP as well. But find that the site is sometimes down for maintenance at the wrong times for me (when doing food diary for example) and various rants on the site have even discouraged prior members from participating in encouragment and updates (some have even deactivated their accounts as of last week). SO I am weighing my options for continuing on that site in the future (see how it all goes there).   I am still not as of yet back on just free weights and will do so as soon as I see how my newest adjusted work schedule will work  on Sat and Sunday (my Monday and Tuesday)  with time at the gym being the prime factor for a full weight workout (finding weights and equipment included in the factor on those days as well).  I am delighted to see that folks haven't abandoned this thread and the Warriors have kept it going.  Claude: Hope you find a great costume for Halloween (how about Mr Incredible??) great work on your workouts by the way. I have heard and read that bananas have lost of mangnesioum in them so that is another reason they are in my morning lineup.  BDMOM: I understand it is tough to keep going on two sites, another one of my problems right now as well (on line time is limited for me, home PC not up to par often).  Hope you and the family have a fantastic Halloween, and get some healthy treats as well as the baddies.   Tazz we all pray your are doing well in your battle and wish ya the best.  Curevo and ParsonBrown thanks for checking in and updating us on your progress as well.  But where is Island Dude, and some of the others, keep in touch folks when ya can.   Best wishes to everyone for a healthful Halloween and successful workout week !!!

  • Good morning Warriors,

    I am still on the mend. I may have a rolled disc or something to that nature. I will be doing my 5k regardless it will be cold as summer is over now. It's going down tonight to -2C . The weather for saturday looks like rain that could change to snow. Not kidding here this is my reality. Go figure first 5k with the worst weather possible. Whoohoo! Theres a run on Jan. 1 so if the kids feel up to it who knows. That will be in the snow. other than that nothing new. I did roughly 200 squats yesterday as part of my job so they were not done all at once. Don't think I could do that many at a time even body weight.


    Hope it all workout for you with your schedule. I know you will find a way to get your workouts in. Stay positive and everything has a way of working out. Glad you are eating clean usually the tough part of any program. The what rants are you talking about?

    Have a great day warriors.