BFL Warriors

  • Good Morning Warriors!

    Over a week no post - my bad!

    Seth's team did awesome at Cal Ripken 11U; they won state; went 3 - 0 at regionals, got a #1 seed, and then lost in quarterfinals!  I was vvery proud of the boys.  They had an awesome experience & competed well for a little team from Southern Illinois.

    I returned to work last week, but am now in OHIO doing a temporary assignment.  I was able to run on Wed, Thurs, and Fri, but no weights at the hotel I am at.  I did get signed up for the company gym, so I will officially start day #1 today.  For some reason I have struggled this month on getting into a routine & sticking with it.  

    Either way, I need to go.  Day 1 is here & the plan is to hit UBWO this afternoon & HIIT tomorrow morning.  WIll check back in then.  

    No time for personal replies but one - Mom2boyz - Go get em; you will have a support group right here!

  • Hi Warriors!

    Quick post for me a busy day ahead! I got an easy run in this morning, and I enjoyed every minute of it! I want to do weights, but will have to see if I can fit them in a little later.

    Welcome, Mom2boyz!!! Glad you have joined us! I sent you a friend request on MFP too :-)

    Glad to see this thread active again! All of you Warriors are my heroes!

    Let's STAY STRONG this week!!!!

  • Thank you CStaats and runnermom!! I appreciate the support.

    CStaats: Even though workouts haven't been going as planned you have been making due with what you have, and that is what counts. Not making an excuse and doing nothing. That is where I fall short. If it doesn't fall into place I just shrug and say oh well, maybe tomorrow. I say you did good!

    Have a great week everyone!!

    Somewhere he is out there training while I am not, and when we meet, he will win.” - Tim Tebow

  • Hello my Warrior Family!!

    Quick check-in today.  Already did my treadmill HIIT and will be heading to the gym soon!!  Today is shoulders/tris.  Still have to wait about 30 minutes for BF but have plenty to do to keep me busy!!!

    FIRST AND FOREMOST:  CLAUDE, HOW COULD YOU???  You deserve to be in the doghouse.  I'm totally kidding.  My hubby forgot my birthday once, but remembered by the time he got home....LOL.  I think we are all so busy that even the important stuff slips sometimes.  Make sure to make it up big today!! I'm glad you let the kids drag you out for you workout yesterday since you let them keep you from getting one the day before.  Get that plan laid out and execute it!!!

    Staats (aka Houdini):  Get back here and stay would ya??  LOL!!!  Congrats to Seth and the rest of the team.  That is a season to be proud of!!!!  Yay for signing up at the gym and having a plan of action.  Go get it and let us know how you are doing, so we don't have to sent out the search teams!!

    runnermom (aka Superwoman):  Great job keeping it all together.  Best of luck on Wed at your new job.  Try to enjoy a little quiet time today and tomorrow with the boys at camp.

    Mom2Boyz:  So glad you are here and on MFP.  Both are great ways to stay accountable.  I am really trying to get back here more, but find I am on MFP more since I have the phone app and it's so easy to access.  But, I'm trying.  Best of luck to you with your challenge.  As you know, many of us are not following the BFL principles anymore, but we all remember them well, and are here to answer any questions you have and to offer support/motivation and an occasional kick in the ass!!!!!

    Have an amazing week, everyone!!!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hi everyone!

    Welcome to Mom2Boyz! You will love this group as it is a great source of inspiration and support but they will not hesitate to also keep you accountable. So, post you plans and someone will make sure to ask about them! We all struggle at times with the accountability part.

    Ok, I survived the 17 miles on Saturday but I am not going to lie: IT WAS TOUGH!! It was very humid and that got to me in the last 4 miles. But I did it and I am very proud of it. My plans for the week are: 1) Weights on Monday and Wednesday, 2) Runs on Tuesday (4 miles), Thursday (4 miles) and Saturday (~10 miles) and 3) Rest Sunday. Food is all planned since I made a large dish yesterday (Chicken and brown rice) for the whole week. Yes, I am one of those that can eat same things all week long :)

    Claude: You better plan something special if you want out of the Doghouse!!! Awesome that you got to WO with the family!

    BDMom, very interesting on the IF. I look forward to hear your experience. I had read about it and made sense to me too.

    Staats, Congrats to your son and the team. that is a huge accomplishment. Get back to the gym ASAP!!

    Cuervo!! Hope the day gives you some extra time to WO today. Make it happen for yourself.

    Everyone else, have a wonderful day that reflects that Warrior in you!

  • Howdy Warriors!

    Sorry I've been a little slack on here the past few days.  It has been a little crazy for us.  Most of you saw that Jonah broke his wrist.  He fell doing what boy's do best...climbing around.  Fortunately the break was not bad, but the doctor still put him in a cast.  He was doing flips this evening...we may just be getting started.

    WO was done this morning.  Brace yourself Cuervo...I bombed on my squat on my last set.  I was going for a new PR of 415.  I went down nice and smoothe, but got stuck just out of the hole.  I dumped it on the safteties.  

    Cardio was done on Saturday, so that is a plus.  I'm just a little tired today.

    Welcome to  Mom2Boyz!  Best crew on BFL without a doubt!

    Have a great evening Warriors!

  • Hey gang. Long weekend. Had a cookout on Saturday for some friends from Jan's work.  Sunday I had to work, then when I got home people were here until this morning. I am trying to make y'all happy and start some morning workouts. I will give it a shot. I figure then I can always work in 20 minutes of cardio in the evenings.

    I can't see the previous page, but I gather that Claude forgot his wife's birthday???  I feel sorry for you. Haha. To tell you how smart ol Cuervo is, I married a beautiful girl who has the same birthday as me!!! I will never get into trouble for forgetting.

    Have a great evening everyone. I WILL workout tomorrow. See y'all in the gym.

  • cuervo --- Got to like those built-in automatic reminders!! My wife's birthday is on/around Mothers Day & our wedding anniversary is on Valentines Day.

  • Hey Warriors,

    First off it was our wedding aniversary and I just totally forgot about it. I went to my moms in the morning then groceries and then went to the gym with the kids. Linda didn't even write it on the calendar so the kids couldn't remind me. So I failed the Test. To make matters worse I told her I was sorry and ask her if she knew why didn't she say something and I got the tipical female response. I know when it is and you don't. Then she even tells me she remebers the freaking time. I was off by a half hour so Failed again got the church right. So any ways she is talking to me again so begging for mercy does work. I will take her out on the weekend for her favourite dinner at Red Lobster that should earn me brownnie points. haha!

    You guys suck Grandapa and Cuervo. In a good sort of way thanks for the jab just what I need lol. I will keep that in mind don't think this is enough for a divorce or it would of happened after our first anniversary becuase I missed that one too. After 23 yrs. yopu would think she would know I need reminders. My daughter fixed my phone so I won't miss her birthday and our anniversary next year. Good girl.


    How was your wo this am did it hap[pen buddy?


    Glad you joined the party what is your wo plan?


    I feel for you. You were so close tehre's always next work out when you are more rested. I did that with the squat machine at the gym and had to crawl out from underneath it. I wasn't using near the weight you were though. better luck next time. Sounds like Jonah is going to keep you hopping bouncing baby boy lol. The best is yet to come enjoy these moments and write down some of the more crazy ones wish I would've done that with Chris. You will need some of this stuff as a threat for him good leverage tool for when he is older. hehehe!


    WOW asome run not sure I could do that. Your plan sounds good looks like all the ducks are in a row. Keep up the great work.


    As mentioned above done. are you ready for school now. your wo's are great keep up the good work.


    Your like the energizer bunny you just keep going and going a great insperation to us slackers. Especially me. lol

    Have a great day warriors lets keep rolling.


  • Hi Warriors!

    Well, today is my last day of freedom! I start back to work tomorrow. I can't complain though....I love my job and I get off every summer plus all the school holidays! The kids decided to skip camp today to spend the last day home with mommy! I surprised them by taking them to Dunkin Donuts this morning (only coffee for me!) and the rest of the day will be spent running errands and then both boys have football practice this evening. The boys will be at camp the rest of the week, and then my MIL comes on Saturday and will spend all next week with them. They start school on Aug. 26tth, so they will have a fun-filled week with Grams doing different activities around Houston.

    My workout this morning was brutal! I did a hill workout including a 1 mile warm up, 3 miles of hill repeats, and then a 1 mile cool down. Then, came home and did a back and biceps workout with a little bit of lower body and core. Whew!

    Parson: I hope Jonah's arm is feeling better. My son was the same way when he broke his wrist....we had a hard time getting him to take it easy. Boys will be boys.....

    Claude: I guess you have taken enough beating on missing your anniversary!!!! Hope you have a nice dinner with Linda. Mike and I are already counting the days til his mom gets here so we can have a much needed date night!

    BD: Hope you are doing well! Sounds like IF is really working for you....that's great! I have been eating BF later than usual and I think it helps to keep my hunger at bay later in the day. I am hoping to keep this schedule once I go back to work, but I will miss cooking my egg white omelet! I will have to find something else to eat for BF since omelets don't really do well in a cooler!

    Cuervo: Sounds like a fun weekend!!! Are your twins starting kindergarten this year? I can't remember how old they are. That is so neat that you and Jan share the same birthday. Mike and I are both Aries, so it helps that our birthdays are close together!

    CStaats: Sounds like your son had a great baseball season! My kids have been enjoying watching the little league world series. I love baseball....I hope my son decides he likes baseball better than football....less injuries in my opinion.

    2C: So what's next after 17 miles? I always trained up to 21-22 miles when I was training for marathons. The last 4-5 miles are all mental after that!!!! What are your intervals for Galloway training? I typically either did 5 and 1's or 8 and 1's.

    Grandpa: Glad to see you posting here and on MFP! You are doing great!

    Mom2boyz: How far along are you in your challenge? What cardio activities do you prefer?

    Another funny story about being back in Texas. Last night during my kids' football practice, an armadillo wandered onto the football field! It just took it's sweet time walking across the grass, picking and eating things! They aren't the smartest animals, and have poor eyesight, so it didn't even notice about a hundred boys practicing football around him!

    Have a great day, Warriors!!!! When working out, don't think "I have to do this" but instead "I GET to do this"!

  • Good Morning Warriors!!

    Did an incline treadmill walk this morning at home and will be hitting back/bis at the gym in about an hour or so!  Britt is at high school camp M-W this week, so it's been kinda quiet here with her gone. Plus our other carpool kids are gone too, so I'm having to take & pick up Lane from school (remember we have a 40 minute commute)....things s/b back to normal in a few more days.  Other than that, things are good here, nothing exciting to report!!

    Parson:  Did you get your cardio in today?????????????????????  Hope Jonah is out of that cast soon.  Don't know if I ever told you the story.  When Brittany was 3, she had the cushions from the couch on the floor and she was jumping back and forth on them...she fell and landed wrong on her elbow and fractured it.  She had to have a cast for 3 1/2 weeks.  She was a thumb sucker and sucked that thumb. I remember she was trying to suck her other thumb and said it didn't "fit."  Three weeks in a cast broke her of her thumb sucking habit; who'd of thought of that???? LOL.

    Runnermom:  Enjoy the rest of your day without the hustle/bustle of work/camp/school.  Let us know how the new job is; It sounds like a perfect fit for a mom with young kids!!!  Yeah, I hear you about the omelettes.  May be time to make some protein pancakes.  Cute story about the armadillo; they are the craziest looking animals.....  Love it...."I get to do this!!!"

    Claude:  OK, so I don't even remember the time of day we got married.  I know it was a Saturday....LOL.  Yes Red Lobster sounds delicious.  I am sure she'll be fine!  Just don't forget again.  Keep gettin those workouts in!!!!

    Cuervo:  What did your morning workout consist of?????  Inquiring minds want to know!!!

    2C:  That run sounds BRUTAL!  Well done.  It sounds like you definitely have it all laid out and are killing it!!!  So proud of you.  Glad to hear your food is clean and planned!!!

    K...gotta go eat and get out of here to pump some iron!!!!

    Make it a killer day everyone!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Happy Hump Day Warriors,

    Did a TRX  wo yesterday better than nothing, for those of you who don't know about TRX it's a suspension training system. You can check it out at went shopping so now we can eat that's why I missed my usual gym wo . my son started eat babaganouche not sure on the spelling. He ate a whole container in one sitting so I will be making some  for him much cheaper to make. buy up some egg plant and away you go real easy. Will hit the gym tonight.


    You should have taken your shot but thanks just the same. Today is work day for you right in the middle of the week. No more freedom for you. haha! Welcome to the work force.


    What a way to end the season many memories were made this season for the boys. Just keep plugging away we all hit a slump. You will know when it's time to buckle down and get busy with those workouts. Keep posting here that will help you alot it does for me.


    Really you don't remember the time shame on you. hahahaha! So I guess Linda is special. She didn't ask me the day surprise. it was a saturday too. She is over it now so short lived. Do they do this camp every year at the beginning of school what a great concept. The Public schools could learn from that model maybe. Team building plus most kids like camping. The 40 minute comute is a tough one. hopefully its just distance and not traffic. You are doing so great with those wo's. Keep up the good work.


    Did your friend Cuervo come and join you for a cardio session? let us know how your commitment to cardio is going.


    How are the wo's going? You must be doing something right. We need to hear from you.

    WPBill,Island_dude, and anyone else I have missed how's it going.

    Better get to work now catch you on the Flip side.

  • Good morning!!

    So far this week is going as planned! UBWO Monday and 4 miles yesterday. Below I am sharing a picture of the sunset during the run! (not sure how to rotate it)

    Claude, I feel for you! But you won't forget again with the calendar reminders. To be honest, I don't remember the time either, lol. I am sure she will enjoy the Red Lobster and will let you off the hook. 

    Cuervo, hope the am WO is working out! Of anyone I know, you can get it done!

    Runnermom, those hill WO's are tough!! We always run on big hills here since TN is just not flat at all :) Thanks for the suggestions for food. I will try various things and see what works for me. I realize that everyone is different on this. I am keeping my long runs for the next 2 weeks at 10 miles and then go to 20. This training will get me to 26 miles 3 weeks before the marathon. I know many programs stop at 20-22 but I want to have a little experience at 26 to deal with that mental fight! On my intervals, I am doing 1 mile, 1 min. A little different but what worked for me. But to be honest, I will walk a few seconds when I need to! I am not afraid to walk and my ego doesn't get in the way. I still feel like a runner!

    CSaats, how are the WOs going?

    Mom2boyz, how are you doing? Where are you on your challenge?

    ParsonB, Wow, 415 for squat! You will get there!! Hope Jonah is well.

    Have a wonderful day and make it a GREAT one!

  • Hmmm, the picture didnt make it in. Does anyone know how to do it?