BFL Warriors

  • Hey Guys!

    Been busy this week...actually you know what?  We all say that all the time.

    Runner - Funny story there about the possum!  The little town I grew up in has a possum for its official mascot.  Pogo the Possum.  Slimy little burgers they are...

    I'm grinding through this week.  WO this morning was a bit sleep deprived.  It wasn't the prettiest WO, but I got it done.

    BD - What is the actual degree you are going for?  I can't remember now.  Are you hoping to get a job in the nutrition field as a result?

    Have a great day Warriors!

  • Good afternoon Warriors!!!

    Workout in the books, food clean good today just a little high on sugar, but I met my dad today for frozen yogurt!  Will be done eating by 6:00 tonight so I can eat BF tomorrow at 10:00.  I am done with my weight workouts this week.  I think I'm going to take a 4 mile mountain hike tomorrow.  I am probably doing to regret it in this heat, but the humidity has lifted a little bit so the mornings aren't horrible.  I drop off kids at school by 7:45, so can be to the mountain by 8:00; it usually take a little over an hour; I hope the rattlesnakes aren't out on the trail.  Tomorrow is my active rest day, so that will be it...and then spinning on Saturday and Sunday off from any workouts.  I am in the middle of week three of Intermittent Fasting, and so far no complaints.  I really thought the fasted workouts would kill me but I've survived. Starting next week, I will only be doing two workouts early and the others later in the day, so will be able to eat before some of them.

    Praise God, I think my class dilemma is taken care of.  I talked to an online instructor who teaches the class at another campus and she has agreed to give me a letter grade as long as I remind her the first day of class.  So excited to get this class started!!!  

    Parson:  My degree is an associate of applied science in dietetic is a step below a four year nutritionist degree, so I will be able to do anything a nutritionist does, except the "medical" stuff, like run food drips/etc....which is fine with me since I am not good with the medical side of things...can't even look at blood without passing out.  I contemplated going for the Bach degree, but I am not for a few reasons. One, I've already done the school thing years back and now again for the past few years, and I'm kinda schooled out.  But, the main reason is that ASU is the only school with this program, and only 3-4% of their students are able to get internships. Without the internship experience you can't get your designation, and without the designation you can't work.  It's unbelievable the way the program is set up!!!!  Way to get that workout in even though your were tired!!  Hope things slow down for you soon!!!

    Amy: Love the possum story; that is so cute!  We don't have any of those around here. The girls enjoyed their first day of school, kinda.  Lane started middle school, so that is a big adjustment, and Britt is in all honors classes, so will be doing several hours of homework a night, which she isn't thrilled about!!  Glad you enjoyed your run with your friend. Do you know anyone doing the half marathon that you will be doing?  School will be back in session for your boys before you know it!!!

    CLJ: So happy to hear you are getting the entire family involved in the gym.  That is Awesome.  I hope Chris' didn't do anything serious, and can get back to it soon. Glad Julie is pushing your wife to go; that is great!!!  Yes, knock off that late night snacking!!!  That is what I like about this IF; at 6:00 p.m., the kitchen is closed and I don't go back to it until late morning.  I eat my last meal, which is usually a casein shake, then brush, floss and gargle and then I'm done!!!

    Hope everyone is having a great day!!!

    Tomorrow is Friday....yay!!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hey everyone!

    Quick post for me. Just got home. Workouts have been nonexistent for me since last Friday. Worked late every day.

    I will catch up tomorrow with everyone. Just wanted to say hi and I am still here.


  • Morning Warriors!

    Shoulder WO is done.  I think it was my best WO of the week.  Felt like I had more focus etc etc.  But I got to bed before 10pm for the first time in forever...

    Cuervo - you gotta get those workouts in my friend!  Or get something in.  I got to get you on the AM bandwagon somehow LOL!  I've got a meeting with "JCB" this morning and then multiple customer conference calls until the end of the day.  No way I could workout after that hahaha!  

    BD - I'm following you now!  I knew it was in nutrition, but the details had evaded me.  I have some testing I need to take for my engineering work and I can't find the motivation to get into study mode, so I understand being done with school!

    OK - I need a little help being held accountable here.  I am committing myself to at least 2 cardio sessions per week.  What it is, I don't care...eliptical, running, jump rope, etc.  I need to add a couple of sessions in just to rid myself of any laziness.  I want them to be at least 20 minute sessions.  Goal is to do them on Wednesday and Saturday.  First one tomorrow.  Why?  I don't want to lose weight, but if I do that is ok.  I just need to have it back in my regiment for overall health and fitness.

    Have a great day Warriors!  Wendy's birthday was last week and we are going tonight to her favorite seafood place so she can get fresh crab legs.

  • Hey Warriors,

    Happy Friday,

    Amy liked the possum story too funny about the deer they usually won't bother with you. We have them on the golf courses up here preety gentle. I'm a little dissapointed that you being from Louisianna you didn't cook it up and let the boys have a taste. Pretty sure Miss Kate would'v done something with it. Yeah sounds like your in the backwoods of Texas. Glad you let it go and the dogs didn't get it. All ended well win win for possum and you hopefully it won't make it's way back. Too cold up here for possum.


    Accountability is everything. Good thinking starting out with 20 min. sessions if you do BFL HIIT 20 mins is all you will need and probably stick with it longer and your progress will show every session or 2.Glad you wo today was better. With your schedule early am is the only way to fly. You will need to check in at least after cardio sessions and let us know how it went. If you can commit to it. Looking forward to your posts. Happy Birthday to Wendy Crab Legs are yummy but for me too much like work and you have to eat a ton to get filled up. I like my food that has the least amount of effort and maximum meat. Fish seems to not fill me up for some reason. Steak works better. lol.


    Glad it all worked out with the school thing, now don't forget to remind the teacher. Chris strained his deltoid a bit should be fine for Kettlebell tomorrow. Kristy gave him the ok for Sat. Yes Julie is good that way, Daddy's girl. I am going to try the teeth brushing thing and see if that works for my craving and maybe install a door with an autoumatic lock. Some how I don't think the rest of the gang will let me. Just gotta get serious about the snacking at night and just stop. Keep on me eventually I'll get it. Hope you don't run into any rattlesnakes today are you hiking alone. If so make sure someone knows your route just in case. Better safe than sorry. Do you use a staff for your hikes. Enjoy the great outdoors. Keep rocking those wo's acn't wait to see your next progress pic. The one in front of the mirror. hahahahaha!


    You really need to wakeup early and hit the gym. Maybe even drive over to Parson's House of Pain or something. Glad that you checked in anyhow. I would kick your butt but my leg is too short to reach. Now get your act together and do something anything Bro, just keep moving and not like at work. You need exercise bad. Are you following a routine or just winging it. Hope this helps you get back to the real action.

    My workout went well forgot my phone at home so had to borrow Julie's and listen to her music. Was a little off my pace but still had a good one. Apparently Julie wants to make me do thewo she did with her trainer today. Just because I laughed when she told me it was hard. I know Kristy's wo alot of core training and she doesn't let up on it. She is trying to strengthen Julie's lower back and core because that's what she needs. So we will see if  she brings me to the gym. Thinking Linda will be coming tonight if we go. Should be fun. Can't wait until tomorrow with Chris. He will be resting Sunday for sure.

    Have a fantabulous day Warriors.

  • Good morning!! I meant to check in yesterday and the day flew by. I got weights done on Wednesday evening at home (after the forgetting pants fiasco:) and had a nice and humid 5 mile run yesterday. Today is rest and get ready for 17 miles tomorrow.

    Cuervo, your schedule is very tough and I understand how hard it is to get the WO in. But, I know you are thinking and planning on ways to get those in. YOU CAN DO THIS!!

    BD, I know it was so funny about the pansy, LOL. So happy that the class issue has resolved, woohoo! Enjoy the hike. If you dont mind me asking, how long have you been doing IF? What made you decide? Do you feel better?

    Runnermom, thanks for the advice on food for long runs. I will try many things but absolutely NOT on day of the marathon. That would be disaster. I know what you man about the weather and getting those runs early. It can be brutal. Great job on getting 5 miles in that heat. I also enjoyed the possum story, LOL.

    Claude, Grat job and getting those WOs in!! Hope the WO this evening is a fun one.

    Parsons, Awesome on that shoulder WO! We will be asking about that cardio since you asked for accountability. It will definitely help with definition.

    WPBill, Hope the new gym is working out for you. I hate all the distractions too and prefer to do it at home.

    ANyone else, have a STRONG day and an even better weekend!

  • Hey gang,

    Thanks for the butt kicking. It will all workout. Gotta just do it. Have a great day.

  • Happy Friday, Warriors!!!!

    I got my workout in early this morning....just weights for me today. I did an UBWO with a little bit of everything....triceps, shoulders, biceps, and chest, plus kettlebells and abs. It was a good workout! Doing a long run with my running group tomorrow morning, probably 7-8 miles. We are starting early to beat the heat! The good thing about my running group is that they have people go out really early before the runs and put out water stops so there is always hydration on our running course!

    BD: Yes, almost all runners here train for the Houston marathon or half-marathon b/c it is THE race to do here!!! All of the runners in my group are training for Houston, which is in January. We are all divided into pace groups, so we leave at different times but always end at the same time and place, and usually there's a seminar after the Saturday runs, sometimes with prizes and other goodies! I love my running group! So glad you got your course figured out, and you are getting into a career that is a passion for you. Yes, I go back to work next Wed and I'm really excited! It is a new job, but I already know some of the people I will be working with, so looking forward to seeing new and old faces and getting back into a routine!

    2C: November is just right around the corner! What a great month to run a marathon! I have run a couple of November marathons and the weather is just perfect then!!

    Claude: Hope you have fun working out with Julie tonight!!! Are you doing a KB class tomorrow?

    Cuervo: So glad you are checking in and we all know you will JUST DO IT!!! Have a great weekend!

    Parson: Happy Birthday to Wendy! Enjoy those crab legs!!! I think it's funny when people say they have to "make" themselves do cardio! I guess I've been running so long it's hard to think about NOT doing cardio!!!

    Alrighty, gotta go get my protein brownies out of the oven! BD, I'll let you know how they turn out....thanks for the recipe!!

    Have an AWESOME weekend! Taking the boys to see "Planes" this weekend....woo hoo!

  • Hey warriors!!

    Got my bell session in yesterday 25 mins 5 min calestenics and 20 mins nonstop circuit with my trusty 16k worked it from top to bottom and managed to soak the shirt in the process.. Something about kb workouts I notice how sweat literally pours outta my head lol.. Weights today! Kind of bummed that my gym opens at 5am. Some things have changed here at work which requires me to be here no later than 530 Tuesday thru Friday so workouts will now occupy the lunch break just like the old days lol...

    Parson- good job on killing those delts!!

    Claude - have fun at KB and maybe more water can help as well? You can kick this habit!

    Cuervo - get ER done brother!! We all don't have time but we make time man you got this!

    Amy - no possums here in Hawaii I guess the closest thing we got here would be the mongoose lol very cool story though!!

    Bd - glad the school situation is working out and happy IF has been treating you well!

    2c - I can totally relate about forgetting essential workout gear haha I forgot my shirt once and was damn close to working out in my delivery uninform once but I hose not after some thought lol. Man that's some serious running!

    Bill - keep killin it my friend!!

    TAZZ! - I'm thinking about you buddy and praying!!

    FRICK - the jackhammer workout far outweighs the kb routine man lol that's real work!

    Anyone i may have missed Have a happy aloha Friday!!! 🌴🌴🌴


    Been a busy crazy day here, but gettin things done!!  I took a 4 mile hike this morning and it was still waaaaayyy tooo hot!! Gonna hold off on that for awhile!  I will be spinning tomorrow morning and then taking Sunday off from execise.  Then I start week four of Gethin routine next week!!

    Dude:  sorry you are going to have to use your lunchbreaks for your workouts!  You have been killin those workouts though so keep it up!!  Are you still training others??

    runnermom:  Your running group sounds Awesome.  What a way to stay motivated and have fun!!  Who will be watching the boys when you start work before they go back to school?

    Cuervo:  You got this.  We've got your back.  Find a way to find some time for YOU!!

    2C: Good luck with that long run tomorrow!!  I have been doing IF for three weeks now.  It actually goes against all I've ever done, known or learned about nutrition.  But, after reading about it and understanding the mechanics behind it; it really does make sense. Our bodies were not designed to be breaking down food all day long; our organs are overworked!!  I really have enjoyed it more than I thought I would.  I usually have my last meal between 6-7 p.m. and then eat BF around 10-11 a.m.  I am eating around 1,600 calories, which is a bit more than what I was eating before, but I am just fitting it into that 8 hour window.  I know some people eat 3 big meals and they are done. I think Dude does that, but I eat my 1,600 cals all throughout that window.  I can't eat a ton at one time!!!  I have committed to doing it for 12 weeks.  I like to try new things and see how my body responds to it.  I am looking to drop a bit of body fat and build a bit more muscle tone....we will see.

    Claude:  I did hike alone, but it is a well travelled path, and everyone knew where I was.  No rattlesnakes; I think it was even too hot for them to be out.  Glad Chris is expected to recover soon and be back at it.  I have walking poles, but don't use them that often.  Keep that nighttime snacking at a minimum and keep killing those workouts.  Sounds like a fun family affair!!

    Parson:  Hope you and Wendy have a great birthday dinner tonight!!  Then be sure to check in and let us know what you didi for cardio tomorrow.  I think twice a week is totally do-able and we will hold you to it!!!!

    I hope you all have a great weekend, just a bunch of busy stuff planned for us!!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hello BFL Warriors! I am fairly new to this program, and blew my first challenge. I am starting again on Monday and would love to join in on your support system here if you wouldn't mind. I am ready more then ever to make this happen for me and my family.

    A little about myself. I am a 35 yr old married mother of two very active boys. I began my affair with junk food 12 years ago during a hard time in my life.  

    I learned about BFL from a book I checked ot from the library and started my first challenge. When life got stressful, I bailed. What I miss the most after quitting was the amazing amout of energy I had. I want that again. I will have that again. I want to feel sexy and confident again, and I want to be the best wife and momma that I can.

    I am an emotional eater and tend to eat my feelings and hide the evidence. The full story of how I got this way is sad, but the reasons for my landing here are amazing and they come in the form of an ever supportive and loving husband, two young  boys who love me no matter what, and a woman who wants to show on the outside everything she is on the inside.


    Somewhere he is out there training while I am not, and when we meet, he will win.” - Tim Tebow

  • Mom2Boyz,Welcome to the BFL Warriors!!  We are a small but tight knit clan. We are also very eclectic ... all ages, backgrounds, workout styles, etc. However we are bound together with the common goal of being as healthy as we can be.  Most of us also hang out over at It is a great free tool to log & track exercises, food, & share comments.

  • Thank you for the welcome Grandpa_Hiker! I use the MyFitnessPal app. My user name is lisbethedwards. I would love to have some friends there for support and to offer my support to!

    Somewhere he is out there training while I am not, and when we meet, he will win.” - Tim Tebow

  • Mom2Boyz, I just sent you a MFP friend request.

  • Good Monday Morning Warriors,

    Welcome to our new Warrior Mom2Boyz WHOOOHooo! You are in the right place at the right time. You will be held accontable here as we all are. This is where you need to come when thimgs are great and not so great. Enjoy the journey many peaks and valleys along the way after all this is for life. You can do this we all have your back.


    Glad it was too hot for the rattlesnakes, but I'm sure you would have prefered it cooler. Glad you are traveling a well traveled trail too especialy alone. When in your life is it not crazy busy.LOL,  GO KILL that Gethin wo today. Chis's injury is very minor should be good today.


    Julie and Chris crapped out on me back to back. But on Sunday they both wanted to go to the gym so we did. Julie showed me some of her workout. Basically Planks straight up , with exercise ball, one where you kneel like you are praying and roll the ball with your arms which pulling in your core. It was fun having both kids with me. I need to do more planks my show off son won the plank off. he did about a 2 min. plank I stopped first which I think gave Julie an out knowing she lasted longer than daddy.


    Glad you got that wo in. I too have been guilty of forgetting parts of my wo clothes too. I now load an extra set in my gym bag to ensure that doesn't happen again. I forgot my shirt and went to the front desk and asked the girl to give me the cheapest wo shirt they had she asked my size then took off and came back with a T shirt with the clup motto on it and it was free. You are really rockin it keep up the good work.

    Island Dude,

    I know what you mean about the club opening so late in the morning. My club went from 24hrs. to monday opening at 5 am and closing at midnight. The rest of the week they open at 4 am during the week. 8 to 8 pm sunday.

    Might be a good change  for ya who knows. do you at least have a chance to eat while you work. That's  what I do when I workout at lunch. You will find a way around this you are very creative when it comes to your workouts.


    Did you get yourself sorted out yet WE NEED YOU BACK MAN.


    How was your dinner out always good when someone else cooks. How's the  boy doing today.  Wed, is cardio let it rip buddy you mught even liking it. lol.


    How's the new training gym now that you have had time to settle in. My cousin is doing her first Ironman Half marathon  in Florida sometime in April. I will be cherring her on from home. knock out those wo. Hope all is well at your end.

    Grandpa Hilker,

    How the heck are you doing. Thanks for welcoming our new warrior. are you still those wo's  hitting it hard .


    Workouts are what they are still no set plan coming soon I hope. The kids crapped out on me back to back. But they wanted to go to the gym sunday which was suppose to be my rest day. Went to the gym with them if they want to go I am there so we had a fun time working out together.

    I am currently in the DOG HOUSE as yesterday was our anniversary totaly forgot about it. So now I have to figure this out quick. Why is it always the man that has to come up with something on this day and not the woman. Who made that rule a woman I am guessing. So stay tuned  I will be getting out of this one by tonight somehow. Will be hitting the gym tonight cardio and maybe some body weight exercises. Still sore from kettle bell class gotta keep going.

    Have a great day all.