BFL Warriors


    I know how busy the next few days are going to be, so I wanted to just drop in and wish you all a very Merry Christmas with your friends & families.

    For those of you not on MFP, I did finish the Gethin program this weekend, and updated the pics on my profile.  I am leaning toward the Jim Stoppani program, starting on Jan. 7th.  I have to finish watching some of the video and look more closely at the workouts, but think I may do that next.


    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • MERRY CHRISTMAS LOVED ONES!!! Wow, it seems like I haven't been on here in aaaages. I hate having to catch up on soo much and feel behind, yet sometimes it is not convenient to come on here daily. That's why I love MFP so much, it is so easy to get on 10x a day even. But I think of you all and know everyone is kicking rear!!

    Workouts are doing good, especially feeling good now that I doubled up on my cardios even on lifting days. I feel I am having good results. Yes, loving workouts with husband, but he doesn't do Insanity with me on alternate days. I do them while he's at work. We will be spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at my in-laws for our traditional PJ party/sleepover. We look forward all year.

    I plan on taking 24th, 25th and 31st off besides 2 more Sunday and keep all other days going strong to finish on the 12th of January when everyone else out there is considering a new years resolution. But you warriors are on the ball and ahead of the GAME!! I respect you!! Nice pix Dude and BDMom!!! awesome!!

    Greetings to Runner, Parson, Claude, WPBill and Frick and all I may have forgotten... May Jesus be YOUR reason for this season. Hugs and much love. See you on MFP and those who aren't on it, GET ON! haha. Pix soon come.


  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All the Warriors past and present!!!   May your New Year be a healthy, prosperous and successful one in 2013!!!  Yea, Yea the Mayans were wrong so far!!!

  • Hello Warriors!!

    I hope you all had a wonderful time with your families the past few days.  I have totally enjoyed this time off, and have eaten so much the past week that I should be embarrassed to admit it.  The festivities aren't letting up anytime soon.  I am going out to dinner with friends tomorrow night, and then Britt and I are going out shopping and to lunch on Friday.  We are going out of town for the weekend, and then Lane and I have a day out next week, including lunch and then my hubby and I are having a date night next Friday night.  I will be ready to start my new routine on January 7th.  This week, I am not lifting weights at all, but am getting cardio in where I can.  Next week, I'll incorporate some weights back in but nothing too structured.  On Jan. 7th, I'll start the Stoppani program, which is a 12-week program.  I won't follow the diet part since I feel I have that part down pretty well.

    Enjoy the rest of the week!!  Hope you are all doing well.

    God Bless!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hi Warriors!!!!

    I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!!!

    I, like BDMom and Soraya, induldged WAAAAY more than I should have over the past week or so. I am starting my sugar detox right now!!!! Oh well, it's the holidays, so I guess it's to be expected! We are Warriors, so we know what to do to get right back on track!!!

    BDMom: Your pictures look awesome!  I definitely see more lean muscle in all areas! Way to go!!! Sounds like you have another busy week ahead. My in-laws are coming in today, so it will be busy here. Mike and I are taking advantage of free babysitting, and have planned an overnight stay in a nice hotel in downtown Charlotte tomorrow night. We plan to have a nice dinner and go see Les Miserables tomorrow night. We are long overdue for some couple time! We are celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary in January, so this is kind of an early anniversary gift to ourselves :)

    Soraya: You are so right....when all the others are starting their New Year's resolutions next week, we will be so ahead of the game!!! Hope you had a fun sleepover!

    WP: Hope you had a nice Christmas in FL!

    Island: How was the parade? Your pictures always continue to amaze me and you know you are such an inspiration to me and many others. I am sad b/c I can't do as much with my KBs. My rotator cuff has gotten worse. I can barely lift my arm forward and definitely not overhead. I fear that I might have to get medical intervention.....ugghh! I hate to even think about surgery! I know that is it torn, but just don't want to face what the doctor might have to say.

    Claude: Hope all your shopping went well, and that everyone in your house is feeling better. What are your plans for the new year?

    Parson: I hope you had a nice Christmas with your family. Any new exciting gifts?

    I plan to start my half-marathon training next week (my half is March 17) and combine it with the strength portions of P90x. I did that last year and it worked out well. I am considering terminating my gym contract in January since my contract is up then. It will save money, plus with my new gym equipment my hubby gave me for Christmas, I have everything I need here. We'll see.....I enjoy going to the gym, but it saves me about 30 minutes of travel time each morning by staying home to workout.

    I hope everyone else is well....Cuervo, Tazz, Frick, and anyone else I might have missed.....I hope you are doing well!!!

  • Ok, you guys have shamed me into sitting down for 5 minutes and chiming in while I drink my protein shake.  I hope everyone had a great (but clean) holiday.  My cardio today involved moving 1/2 ton of concrete 80 lbs at a time, setting fenceposts around the pool.

    My Christmas has been good, but I am dealing with the same demon that has derailed my diet all year.  After I got back from New Orleans, I made a pledge to myself to get a handle on my drinking.  I don't think that I'm an alcoholic, because they go to meetings (joke).  Seriously, 'tho, first step is admitting there's an issue.  I just want to prove to myself that I can get down to "social drinker" status - not binge drinker.  My doctor says drink all you want, you're in great shape, but that doesn't make sense to me for the long haul.

    Bottom line is that I want to be known as "Joe Six-Pack" because of my abs - not for the volume of beer I drink every night.  I know you all are supportive and not judgemental, and I thank you all for that.

    Island - your pix are great.  I remember your first few postings a couple of years back.  Holy Cow, you are rockin.

    Runner, BD, I am in awe of your consistent dedication

    I guess if I am counting (and I am) I finished my 12th BFL cycle.  Only thing to report is consistency.  A slight drop in BF% and increase in lean body mass.

    Here's to more of the same in 2013.  I like the thought that we are ahead of the posers that will try to get into a routine starting January 2nd.

    Go Warriors!


  • Hey Warriors!

    Glad to see you have all been soldiering on!  I have been doing OK, I have been exercising regularly but not doing as much weightlifting as I should, and my eating has fallen by the wayside this past month.  I have decided to go ahead and start another challenge TODAY!  If BFL has tought me anything, its that you can always get back on your horse and move forward!   I have missed you all and hope you all have a fantastic new year!

  • Morning, Warriors!

    I got up at dawn and tried out my new Kahuna Stick for my longboard.  It's basically a paddle for a skateboard where I use the same muscles as a standup paddleboard - 5 foot bamboo stick with a tee-handle and rubber ball on the other end.  I burned 359 cals in 30 minutes.  All upper body and core.  I am sure I'll feel it in my lats and tri's tomorrow.  I'll probably double up with some weights before the end of the day.  Getting a healthy jump start to the new year.

    This evening, I am playing host in the neighborhood for a wholesome casino night, so I will have to have a clear head to deal blackjack and poker to a bunch of heavy drinkers.  Should keep me on the straight-and-narrow.  If that fails, I can always hit them with my kahuna stick.

    Diet has been just ok...lots of cookies, candies, pies and something called an "ooey-gooey butter bar" that has kept my simplex carb count high.  In my book that counts as much as a beer towards my goals of lowering carbs.  I can't wait until we purge our household of these temptations.

    May everyone have a safe and happy new years eve and a rockin' 2013.



  • ...and little Miss Understood, good job on finishing one and jumping right back on that horse for C2. I wish you the best of determination to get another one under your belt (or a new shorter belt...)

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR WARRIORS......(a day early)!!!!

    My eating has been ugly the past few weeks.  I am getting back on track this week (sort of....).  Today, I will be eating some foods that are not great.  I am taking my youngest daughter out for the day on Thursday, and she gets to pick where we go to lunch.  My hubby and I have a date on Friday, so not sure where we will be eating.  However, the rest of this week will be clean.  I eased back into weights today after taking a week of from lifting.  It felt great!  I will start the Jim Stoppani "shortcut to size" 12-week program next Monday.  He actually incorporates abs into the workouts 3x per week, so maybe this will be the challenge that I see some ab definition!  Eating will be totally cleaned up by next week too!  I weighed today and am up 4#'s.

    Frick:  sounds like an Awesome gift, and what  great workout!!  I think we all have had too much sugar lately.  I am sure when I was sweating at the gym today, I smelled like a sugar cookie!  Sweating those pounds off feels good!  It just stinks because I know that what I gained in less than two weeks will take me well over a month to lose; getting old has its disadvantages!!  Enjoy your casino night tonight!!

    MU:  You have been missed.  Way to be accountable and jump right back on the wagon!!  It usually comes back around, and it's only a matter of time before we all get back on.  What are your goals this time around?  I know there are a few groups of people starting this week.  Good luck to you!!!  If you want extra support & accountability, you can join us on myfitnesspal; it seems most of us are there more than here.....

    runnermom:  I am sure you enjoyed your company, but are glad to see them go and able to settle back into a routine.  When do your kids go back to school?  Mine go back next Monday; that is why I am waiting to start my new workout; it will be easier then.  It sounds like you have a lot planned for the year.  I know you will accomplish anything you set out to do!!!  Glad you kept your membership; sometimes, there's nothing like the gym atmosphere to get you pumped up!!  Also, it's so is is just $9.95 per month!!

    Soraya, WPBill, Cuervo, Parson, Claude, Island, Buzz, Tazz & anyone I forgot....Happy New Year!!!  Please check in and let us know how you are doing!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Have a Healthy and Happy New Year in 2013  Fellow Warriors of BFL.    Hope Santa was good to all of ya but remember even he has to workout some times too!!! Watch out for too many goodies this season and of course if ya go to the local gym......all those New Years Resolutionists who are lost with regards to gym ettitique and technique( be kind to the newbees and returnees who may have been absent since early this past year). Keep Moving Forward in 2013!!!

  • Happy New YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAR my friends!!!!!

    It is exciting to have you all in my life. I feel so thankful for your support and friendship I have enjoyed the last 3 months (boy, it seems longer then that since I joined BFL). Although I shouldn't admit it, I have felt comforted in knowing others have splurged as much as me the past week and that we have added a few pounds. But it is not only a new day, it is a new YEAR! and we are waaaaaay ahead of the pack joining the gym this week for the fist time. Weighing myself tomorrow, I love my scale even though sometimes it is unkind to me.


    I want to take this time to bless your lives. I am inspired by your committment and also your honesty and humility to admit falls, but also the strenght to wipe off the knees or the pants and get going right away. I am committed to continueing the path and know we will all give it our best this year.

    I have decided to cut my 2nd Challenge short by 2 weeks because I did not like the feeling of ending a challenge with my numbers a bit up instead of seeing the reaching my ultimate goal. I had lost 4 lbs in 10 weeks and had only 2 more weeks to go, (indeed the closer you are to goal weitght, the harder it is to loose) but having put back on the same 3-4lbs instead of losing the rest of the 6 I wanted to if it weren't for the Holiday splurging. I tried really really hard with the workouts, doubled them towards the end even. I am glad I did, because imagine not having lost 4 lbs more in 10 weeks, I would have gained at least 4 on top of where I was at end of Challenge 1. So, to me that is still possitive. Having said that, I still want to never again end a challenge in January and have the Holidays interfere with my progress. We live and learn.

    On Monday 7th I start Challenge 3. I have enjoyed Insanity a lot and AbRipperX, I have increased my indurance and by last week I was able to do one hour non stop heavy duty Cardio!! Glad I heeded all the warnings from you all, I stretched really well and skipped the plyo parts and never got injured, and haven't had trouble with knees,  thank you Lord! But I want to move on to the next thing. I feel I have missed HIIT workouts, I honestly feel those are far more beneficial to me then an hour long workout. So I will do an 8 week HIIT Program after having looked into Jim Stoppani BD recommended. I want to finish reaching my goal of burning fat and reaching my goal weight and more inches off more then I want to bulk. Will be lifting in the afternoons with hubby at the gym 4x a week instead of 3. I plan to eat healthiER for the rest of the week and workout also before I officially start on Monday.

    Hugs, Hugs, Hugs, I hope you all can feel the hug. I may have forgotten some names, but be blessed the same and have a great 2013.


  • SoRo:  *(new nickname)* - I am doing the Jim Stoppani 12-week shortcut to size program, but I did notice he had a great HIIT workout on there as well.  It does look like a good program, and I think you would definately burn off those last few pounds of fat by doing those Hiits.  It isn't spelled out very clearly, but it is only recommended 3x per week; you don't want to do Hiit more than that.  I am nervous, but planning to add a few days Hiit into my new routine; just praying it doesn't make my heel hurt too bad.  It has never really gotten better.  I will try it, and if it gets too bad, I'll go back to stairclimber and uphill on treadmill........

    Let's rock it this year, Warriors!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Morning Warriors!  Happy New Year!

    It's over for me....the holiday/vacation/last piece of apple pie that is!  I'm glad to be back in a routine.  I finished my workout this morning and finally feel like I'm getting back in the groove.  I didn't miss a workout over the holiday's, but they were not all pretty.

    I think we have all said this before, but I'm in one of those ruts (if you would) where I have to realize this is as much a mental thing as it is physical.

    I started off the new year on a good note...I bled during my workouts LOL!  I got new long socks for deadlifting and looked down after my 3rd set and my shins had bled through the socks!  I'm looking forward to more blood and sweat this year!  Plenty of sweat today was in the mid 60's this morning.  Friday morning it is supposed to be near 30.  I think the weather yo-yo's more than our scale over the holiday LOL!

    Have a great day gang!  2013 is here...I agree with BDMOM - "Let's rock it this year!"

  • Happy New Year, Warriors!!!!

    I am back at work today already...can you believe it? In a way it's a good thing b/c I do so much better when on a schedule. But it wasn't easy when my alarm went off at 4 AM this morning!

    One of my New Year's resolutions is to add spinning back into my workout schedule. So, I got up this morning and made it to the 5:30 AM spin class at Gold's. It was awesome and I sweat a ton!!!! I was a little  worried b/c I haven't done spinning in 6 months, but I got right on that bike and pedaled my little heart out! I am planning to use the Wed. morning class each week as my cardio, and run 3 days per week, and strength train 4 days per week.

    BD: My kids started back school today. It seems like we had a short break...only a week and a half. I told them this morning to look on the bright side....we only have to go to school 3 days this week, then it will be the weekend! Wow....your Gold's membership is very inexpensive! Mine is $40 per month (It was $70, but Mike dropped his membership last week since he is going to start swimming with his Master's group again), but I am like you...I love the gym atmosphere and it really gets me pumped each morning. I hope you have a fun lunch with Delaney and a great date night with your hubby. I will be anxious to hear about the Stoppani program once you get started!

    Soraya: Thank you for all the kind words. You have been such an inspiration to me! I'm glad you liked Insanity....I plan on using it for some of my cardio this time around too (well, when I can fit it in!).  Sounds like you have all your goals planned out...great job!

    Parson: Wow....bleeding during workouts...that's a new one to me! Yes, this is definitely a mental game for me too. Always a work in progress...Hope all is well with your family.

    WP: Hope your fellow gym members have a New Year's resolution to have some gym etiquette!!! Happy New Year to you!

    Miss: Welcome back!!!! What are your plans for this challenge? Are you doing a traditional BFL challenge, or changing it up? I know you will do great! What is your official start/end date?

    Frick: I rid my house of temptations yesterday. I cleaned out my pantry and threw out 2 full trash bags full of junk! It felt great! Sounds like you got an awesome Christmas gift that will keep you in good shape as well!

    Island: Where are you?? Hope all is well!

    Cuervo, Tazz and all you other Warriors....thinking about you and wishing you the best in 2013!

    Well, I need to get started here at work.  Nutrition is packed and clean....I have been clean for the past 2 days (went a little crazy over Christmas!) and it feels great. Vegan and loving it :)  Have a great day everyone!