BFL Warriors

  • Can I join in? I am just starting today and need some support if possible. I know this is going to be hard for me to do, but am determined that I am going to do it!


  • Good morning everyone,

    KRIS- Welcome to the group. There are many supportive and educated people on here that help keep me in line, they will gladly push you to your goals too.

    BD-CONGRATS on you 5k time. That is AWESOME.

    2C- You know I will be yelling for one more rep. Glad to see you are still hard at it. My meals havent been planned too good in the last challenge, not bad, but planning was the issue. This time around I will have no excuse to blame it on but myself. That wont happen.

    Staats- It is go time brother. Glad to hear the workout went great. I actually ran to my gym too this morning, it was only about 50 feet away though LOL. Nice job running to and from the gym. That should burn off the calories big time.

    So, all of my meals are cooked, i woke up this morning and cooked 1 cup of egg whites with a little grilled chicken and some bell peppers, then had a cup of oats with some apples cut up and thrown in, and a cup of coffee with a scoop of chocolate protein powder in it. I brought 3 meals in to eat during my workday and will workout when I get home. It is only day one, but I am excited to start with a whole new perspective. I will weigh as a motivator, but I have no goal or idea what my weight will end up, and frankly I don't care. I am going to get fit and healthy. I need to concentrate on bodyfat losses, as you can tell by my pics, so I will give it everything I have each and every workout, eat clean, and get rest. The results are out there, I just have to go get them.

    Sorry for the long post. Have a great day.

  • kris03, WELCOME!! We will love to have you be part of our group that has been together now starting challenge 3 in a row (or more for others). You can do this. I read your bio and yes you are busy but you also have a great step ahead to look forward to (your wedding!). Congratulations for starting and now focus on finishing as goal #1. We loose many people early on so if you hang tough, you will be glad you did.

    Staats, wow just reading your workout this morning made me tired. Great job man.

  • Happy Monday!

    Boy does it feel good to be lifting again. I was concerned that due to the week of AR, I would have to reduce weight levels, but started off right where I left off at the end of the last 12-week cycle.

    I cooked up 5 batches of protein pancakes yesterday PM. I will use them for meal # 4 this week.

    BDMom – I tested my wireless connection down in my workout room & I am getting an excellent signal. So, now I am trying to talk myself out of getting the iFit module!! An idea just came to me, when I reach my body fat goal for this 12-week cycle I will reward myself with the iFit module!!

    Brick – We are missing you!! Did you get the BodyBugg?

    Cuervo – I had a cup of your “protein coffee” this AM. It hit the spot!! I brought all of my protein pancakes in my fridge at work. I’m looking forward to nuking a batch this afternoon for meal # 4.

    Kris03 – Welcome to our band of “Warriors”!! You have made a decision that can affect the rest of your life!! One of the things that makes BFL so different from other fitness programs is the forum & the folks who post in it. If you work BFL, it will work!! You will find that all of the folks in our group are motivated & dedicated. They are also very willing to share their experiences & answer any question.

    Parson – Staats is right. Don’t fool around with your arm. I learned the hard way with my knee.

    Staats – What a workout!! BTW, it is awesome that you are setting such a good example for your family in both your physical life & spiritual life!!

    Tiny – Did you get your 1st workout today? Are you sore yet?

    2conquer – yes I am having a ball on the new treadmill. Right now I’m working on getting past the 20 hour break-in period so I can start using the 15% incline for hiking training. What kind of fish did you get?

    I hope all of you “Warriors” are off to a great start on this 12-week cycle.…. honk honk!!


     "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit."


  • Good afternoon all:

    I have to leave here in a little bit.  I have to take my daughter to a birthday party.  I got my protein pancakes made for the week, and still have to go make my turkey burgers.  I have been doing laundry all day, and feel like I am getting things done.  I am entering the final 1/3 of C2.

    I know you are all gonna rock this challenge 3 out of the park!!!

    I can't go back to the previous page to remember what I read, but thanks for the congrats on the 5K.  I am proud for beating my time.  As far as placing first in my age group, I found out there were only 15 in my age group, but I will still take it.

    2Conquer:  Let's touch base with what you are doing this time.  I will send you an email so we can compare notes; you always keep me motivated  and inspired.

    Staats:  How cute. Thank your boys and tell them that the prayers worked.  The rain held out and then it rained the rest of the weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.  Will do an 8K next.  I am not sure I will ever feel conditioned enough to do 1/2 marathon; you amaze me!

    Kris:  Welcome.  We look forward to getting to know you  The only pre-req for joining our group have to train like a warrior and fess up when you don't!!

    Grandpa:  I am so impressed with you assembling that beast yourself.  It is a big machine and heavy.  I think using the ifit as a reward is a fantastic idea.  I love that I can blast my ipod music right from the speakers on the TM..  When no-one is home, I really rock it.

    K....have so much to get done.

    Brick:  where are you????  Miss you.

    Let's all really hit it hard this week.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Wondering if I can join this group as well?  I am about done with this first challenge and would like to embark on another as soon as this ends.

    Thank you,


  • MY2Suns- Feel free to join in. All are welcome.

    Good morning gang,

    Dya 1 was a success, had a killer LBWO yesterday. Could barely walk afterwards. Food and water were 100% spot on. All meals for today are ready to go. I did cardio this morning as scheduled. I decided to oder a few supplements yesterday to try and get the best results I can. I will reevaluate in 4 weeks to see if I think I can tell a difference. I hope you all are doing well and kicking some BFL booty. Have a great day.

  • Morning Warriors...

    I can't retype all that I had...lost my post just a minute ago!!!

    Have a great day!  All is well in my world except for the fact that my better half is under the weather today!

  • Happy Tuesday!

    I did my 1st HIIT on my new treadmill this morning & it was great. I really benefited from the built in fan!! I have 16 hours left on the initial break-in period before I can use the incline feature. Food was right on target yesterday. I still need to increase my water intake.

    BDMom – I plugged a speaker cable from my wall-mounted TV into the speaker port on my TM & it sounds great!!

    My2Suns – Welcome to our band of “Warriors”!! We are looking forward to hearing about your progress, questions, comments, etc.

    Parson – Don’t you hate that when you lose a long post. A while back I started typing my posts in Word & then copy/paste into the forum. At least that way if (when) I lose a post all I have to do is paste it back  again. Sorry to hear that you wife is not feeling well.

    I hope all of you “Warriors” are having a great day.…. honk honk!!

    "Any act often repeated soon forms a habit; and habit allowed, steadily gains in strength. At first it may be but as the spider's web, easily broken through, but if not resisted it soon binds us with chains of steel."

    ~Tyron Edwards~

  • Good Morning Warriors!

    Wow.  What a difference a week off has made.  The LBWO this morning was a good one.  Took me a little longer on Leg Press & Lunges, but I rebounded on time on calf raises and crunches.  My Upper Body is nice and sore from yesterdays workout.

    I couldn't wake up this am, so I had 2 cups of coffee!  I am zooming now!

    GPHiker - Glad you are enjoying the treadmill.  Good job on your meals yesterday.  I nailed mine as well.

    BDMom - Its awesome you are in the home stretch on C-2.  Great work!  On the 8k, you will rock it.  Our body's are amazing once we condition them, I think that you will surprise yourself.  As you increase distance, its all about prep work & pace.  You will figure it out.

    Cuervo - Congrats on the workout!  What supplements are you going to try?  The only thing I am still taking is Creatine.  I took last week off & started it again yesterday.  I can't waste the 2 containers of EAS Creatine that I bought - though I did get a steal on them (8$ for 2 huge containers).

    Parson - I now always hit control c before I hit reply.  That way if I loose it, I simply hit control v & it pops back up!  I said a prayer for your "Better half"; I hope she feels better.

    My2Suns - Welcome!  Everyone is welcome here!

    Everyone else - Have a blessed day!

  • Staats- I ordered some Vitargo, glutamine and creatine. I will take these after my workout for the best absorption. The vitargo is supposed to be better than dextrose. I will mix these in my post workout shake. Your reply to bd about how amazing our bodies are once we condition them made me remember a saying i heard a while back. It was something like "The human body is the only machine that gets more efficient the harder you work it". That is true for sure.

    GP-Glad to hear the TM is working well. You will have the break in period gone by the weekend at this pace.

    BD- 8k is nothing for a well conditioned athelete like yourself. You will nail it. You are in the home stretch for your challenge, kick it up a notch and sprint to the end just like in your 5k.

    Brick- We miss having you here. Stop in and say hi and let us know how you are doing. We know you are rockin along.

    Everyone else, check in to let us know how you are doing and get your daily motivation.

    Have a great day.

  • Cuervo - your comment about checking in to get daily motivation remiinds me of a Ziz Ziglar quote:

    "Some say that motivation does not last, the same is true of baths. That is why we need some of both every day!!"

  • C1D2 is underway. Worked out pretty well that I had yesterday off from work. I was able to package up my chicken breasts and steaks for freezing, and also did some cooking. On the other hand, since I had the day off, I sort of got behind right away (time wise) since I still had some computer work to do. Came into work to download and print some of the exercise tutorials. So I started my UBWO around 8:45. Wanted to intially do it at around 7 but took the extra time to make sure what I wanted to do and do it right. Drank 2 12oz glasses of water right when I woke up. Incorporated water in and before all meals, and ended up drinking 124oz of water for the day. This is what my meals looked like. Open to suggestions on this.


    1EAS Whey Protein Shake (8oz)

    1/2 Cup Oats (w/ dash of honey)


    Small Handful of Almonds

    Chicken Breast

    1/2 Cup Brn Rice (w/ dash of Lite Soy Sauce)

    1 Serving Carrots


    1 EAS Whey Protein Shake (8oz)

    1 Serving Green Grapes

    1 Mozzarella Stick


    1 Mozzarella Stick

    1 Apple


    1 Steak (Lemon Pepper Seasoning)

    1 Bkd Potato (Salsa)

    1 Romaine-Spinach Salad (LT - FF Italian Dressing)


    1/2 Cup Cottage Cheese

    1 Slice Wheat Toast (LT - Natural PB)

    My eating times were a bit off schedule because of my day off from work and the fact I worked my second job at 5-9pm. My workout went well. Took about 52 minutes so I gotta speed it up a bit. But not bad since it was my first one and I'll learn as I go. The shoulder press was tough, may have to start even lighter than what I did. Feeling sore in my chest and arms today, which is encouraging. Did my Cardio this morning at 6:30 and since that was my first time, it could use some tweaking. Did it on the eliptical and could probably adjust the settings a little bit. I'll try and keep everyone updated as much as possible, but with no internet at home it's difficult. Oh, took my before pictures on Sunday night at my sisters and I'll tell you what, it's pretty humbling seeing them. Looking so forward to my seeing my after pictures next to them. Good day everyone!!!!!

  • Just a quick post for Tiny:

    TinyTimmay - EXCELLENT job with day 1 and day 2!  Keep up the good work & keep tweaking.  Everything you mentioned is what I went through.  

    We are here for your support - Great Work.

    Your meals look spot on - again keep doing what works for you with your work schedule.  The time on your workouts will improve once you get a methodology down.

  • Good day everyone!!

    2Suns:  Of course you are welcome here.  I don't want to lose track of you once we finish up our challenge in a few weeks.  These people are my second family and will soon become yours as well.  Let's get these final weeks!!

    Parson:  Sorry your wife is under the weather.  Hopefully you and the kiddos will stay well.

    Cuervo:  I guess you have had enough time off of supps to know if they are making a difference or not; let me know what you think once you re-evaluate!  I do intend to kick it up a notch as I wrap up the final weeks of challenge 2.

    Grandpa:  I am so happy you are loving the TM.  I love mine as well.  I love the built in fan feature.  I have a ceiling fan over my TM, but am too cold when I get on it in the mornings, but once I get going, I love to turn on that fan on the unit.  So I was able to get those 20 hours on the belt, there were times I'd just walk on there while reading a book/magazine or watching TV.

    Staats:  Goes to show you needed that time off; you are feeling those workouts now.  I am not even sure what time to expect for my 8K.  I don't know if I should set a goal time, or just see where I come out with it since it is the first one.  I am doing another 5K in April and then may do another 8K in May.

    TinyTim:  I would definately say you are starting your meals & ending them too late, but you know what works with your schedule.  A few suggestions:

    Meal 1:  Is there carbs already in your shake?

    Meal 2:  I would say ditch the almonds, and just eat the chicken, rice & carrots.  Make sure you are getting about 30 grams protein & 30 grams carbs per meal.

    Meal 3:  What is the carb/protein ratio in your shake?  You may not need the grapes and you definately don't need the cheese stick.

    Meal 4:  Not enough protein here.  Keep the apple and have with some cottage cheese or boiled eggs or some other protein source.

    Meal 5:  Perfect as long as you are getting 1/2 carbs & 1/2 protein portions

    Meal 6:  I would replace the bread with some fruit, maybe some blueberries or strawberries, etc....and keep the cottage cheese in there.  Most people find they do better if they keep the starchy carbs to earlier in the day.

    So glad you took pictures; they do tell the story.  Try to take progress photos along the way.  Did you do measurements & body fat as well?  We hope you check in whenever you can; it helps to be accountable.

    Great job on workouts so far!

    I did my HIIIT this morning, and then will go to gym this afternoon to do weights (to make up for missing yesterday).

    Have a great day, everyone!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"