BFL Warriors

  • Staats:  Hope you got the family on those probiotics, especially now that they are on antibiotics.  A great one for the family would be Culturelle.  You & your wife can take the capsules and you can break the capsules open and put in your sons' food/drink & they won't even taste it.  Putting them on them long term would be best for overall health, but especially when on antibiotics; it will keep the antibiotics from killing all the good bacteria with the bad.  Tell your wife not to feel bad; it is that time of year.  When kids are young, they are supposed to get sick; they are surrounded by illnesses and it is a great way to build up their immunity.  Adults that weren't very sick as kids, tend to be ill more as adults.  What will you do to prepare for your half marathon?  My sister wants me to do one with her in January, and I am not sure I enjoy running enough to commit to something like that.

    I heart you guys!!!  You rock!

    P.S.  I told my December 27th group that they are all welcome over here when our challenge is done.  I hope some of them come over; they are a great group of people too.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Oh, sister went to a new doctor today, and he "endorses" the BFL lifestyle and tells his patients that they should get the book and read it and follow it.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • BDMom - Thanks for your kind wishes!

    Jeni does have all of us on probiotics.  We made the 3 hour drive to a Whole Foods store in St Louis a month back after the stomache bug hit everyone but me & she stocked up on them.  Her best friend is in Louisville KY & they meet monthly so she will start shopping monthly at the store there & keep us loaded up.  I take those along with daily servings of Greek Yogurt & Cottage Cheese, so I am definitely good.  She mentioned the same concern with taking antibotics that you did below, so she will ensure her & the kids are good to go while on meds.

    As for the Half Marathon, I am going to run 4 days a week - Monday, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  The M, W, and Thur runs will start at ~ 3/d with Sat my long run - start at 6.  With each week I will ramp up the mileage with 13 -16 being my long runs on Saturdays.  I did this 2 years ago & after the first few weeks it became second nature & I learned to enjoy the time to myself (I used it as GOD time).  The program that I mentioned can be found on the web specifically if you search out Half or Full Marathon Training for beginners.  I found several but like the ones that start out low, ramp up, and then taylor off a week before race day.  They are anywhere from 12  - 16 weeks.  Additionally, look for the ones that will not let you run more than 2 consectutive days.  Once you get over 30 your body needs that rest time.  The best is that the BFL meal plans keep nutrients in your body & you won't require any extra carbs as long as your are eating BFL style.  I had to load up at the end of the last training I did because I was losing to much weight too fast.

    I think that you could easily do it physical wise, but you may find it hard to juggle time wise.  Typically, the longest run you will do during the week is 8 miles, and it is only at the end for a week or 2.  You only have one long run per week & I always did mine on Saturday mornings before anyone was awake.  

    If you decide to try it let me know & I will do some research for you.  Again, you mainly have to decide if you - A - Like to run & B - Have the time.  The races themselves are really cool, specifically if you do the bigger ones.  They set up awesome shops & a ton of people show up to cheer you the whole way during the entire race.  They are really cool & addicting once you get into them.

    Enough chatting, sorry for the long reply - Thanks again for the kind wishes.

  • I do have the book. And I have read it in it's entirety. It just seems that I get better answers from people on here and can relate more to people doing it right now, versus referencing a book all the time. But that's just me and what works for me I guess. I have all my progress report sheets printed off and ready to go. Just need to go shopping this weekend and be ready to go by Monday.

  • TinyTimmay:

    Awesome, I am glad you read the book.  It can be insightful, but really is just the beginning.

    Your right, having people here who are doing it now adds to the books credibility & is motivating.  

    I in NO way meant to deter you from asking questions... we all ask & learn alot from one another.   Please feel free to ask & contribute as you see fit!  We are all here for you and one another!!

    Have fun shopping!

  • Happy Thursday!!

    I jumped on the elliptical again this AM for a leisurely 3 MPH walk for about 30 minutes.

    BDMom – That is great that someone in the medical field has recognized the benefits of BFL. Actually I’m picking up the TM at Sears. Fortunately I can drive around to my basement door & just use my hand truck to roll the TM inside.

    Staats –  I admire anyone who even considers running either a half or full marathon! My TM is scheduled to arrive Saturday. Yes I am excited!! My wife has already told me that she is going shopping so I can be alone with the TM!!  

    Parson – It is supposed to be 70 degrees here in southern Virginia this weekend!

    Cuervo – you are right about the planning. If we fail to plan, then we plan to fail!

    Brick – have you started counting the days until your trip yet?

    Tiny – It sounds like you are doing an excellent job of getting prepared!

    I hope all of you “Warriors” are having a great week of AR …. honk honk!!

  • good morning everyone -  things are good in the CHOP house. Taking it easy for a few days was needed. I have spent extra time with the family, and done a few things I needed to around the house. I must say though, I am ready to get started again. Food has been about 90% for me with an occasional loose meal. I will do some cardio this afternoon just to get the blood flowing. It is supposed to be 71° here today so I think I will go to the track for some jogging. I am really preparing and planning for the next 12 weeks. I found that last time I was on idle a little when it came to my discipline. I worked out hard, ate good, but didn't hit all of my cardio, didn't drink enough water, and rarely got in all 6 meals. That was all due to not planning and thinking I knew how to do it. This time I will leave no room for slipping. It is all or nothing in my mind.

    I can't wait to continue on with you all. Have a great day.

  • Good morning, Warriors! Just checking in quickly before starting my day. I've been fighting a cold for a week. Zicam is helping, but if I forget to take it, I'm quickly reminded!

    I'm about to add a BodyBugg to my arsenal of gadgets so I can overanalyze myself some more! Ha ha! Seriously, I think crunching my numbers for a couple of weeks will help me make proper adjustments in my food plan so I can get my behind back in the gym. I know that I need to do it. I know that I love it once I'm there. I miss it terribly. But I'll have to make some slights adjustments if I want to get in there every day again. It's a little scary because i'm enjoying my big losses. If I add too much exercise without supplementing my diet, that will come to a screeching halt.

    No individual shoutouts, but I'm thinking of you all!

    PS - Gramp: 6 months, 3 weeks, and 4 days!

    There's a girl out there warming up with your max.

  • Morning Warriors!

    It is VERY FOGGY in south GA this AM!  I took my daughter to preschool this morning, and she said -

    "Daddy I can't see!"  I told her she would have to talk to the good Lord on that one, daddy can't fix it!  LOL!

    AR is still good this week!  I walked at lunch yesterday with my wife and eating was good.  I have to make myself wait til Monday.  I'm ready to go now!!!

    Brick - you can and will make those adjustments to get back in the gym.  You know how important it is to the overall equation!

    GP - enjoy that 70°F weather!

    TinyT - sorry I didn't welcome you on board earlier.  I don’t think it has been said yet, but you only have to use ONE EAS product to officially be in the challenge.  I say that because there are tons of options out there for meal replacement shakes and protein powders.  I personally can’t handle the taste of EAS products…they just don’t taste good at all to me.  I didn’t see it anywhere else in your postst…are you going to be working out at a gym or at home?  This group has a mix of both.

    Staats – I pray your family is better today!

    BDMom – I read your suggestion to GP about NOT assembling the Dreadmill on your own….I kind of laughed at that, and thought to myself – now where is the fun in that.  All of those parts are not needed….they are spares – LOL!

    Everyone – have a great day

  • Good Morning Warriors,

    It is a beautiful day here in Souther Illinios.

    The family is getting better.  First time in a week the boys all slept through the night!  Jeni was up most of the night and was up at 5 AM when I crawled out of bed.  However, she said she was up blowing the junk out of here body & felt a ton better.  She stayed up & had breakfast with me.  The boys woke up early & all came down & had a family prayer & breakfast together.  What a great way to start my day!

    I have enjoyed the break all week & have stuck to the meal plans.  I feel great, I can't wait for next week!  I even went & got an AM running partner who is going to run a half with me April 30th.

    Brick - You are a true warrior & can do it.  I know you can!

    Parson - Thank you for your prayers!  I agree, putting together the Elliptical was a blast.  It was heavy to move, I just took it piece by piece to the basement & then put it together.  It was crazy because I had 3 of Daddy's helpers trying to put it together with me.

    Cuervo - We will battle together brother.  I AM GOING TO STICK to the meals plans.  I think that if we both truly give it all we got on exercise & meals, we will both be very happy with our results in 12 weeks!  Let's go, we can be accountability partners!

    GPHIker - Saturday will be here before you know it!  I am really happy for you.

    Tiny - Monday will be here before you know it.  Ensure to check in with us daily - we will all do this together.  The first 6 weeks are the toughest, we usually lose 90% of those who start with us, but we are here for you & will encourage & support you the whole way.  Trust me, if you stick to it, you will be very happy you did come the end of 12 weeks.  And you will find this lifestyle to be for Life, not just 12 weeks!

    Everyone - have a "Blessed" day.

  • Staats- I will take you up on it brother. Monday it begins. We will break through the barriers. We have been doing this long enough to know where we fall short and should be able to identify the pitfalls that will come up. I will take all measurements on Sunday and be ready to see some significant changes in 12 weeks. I am ready for battle. Like I said earlier, I just have to tap into the little bit extra I have somewhere deep inside that will take me to the next level. I know it is there, I just have to find it.

  • Good Morning Warriors! Its a glorious day today here for the weather: almost 70 degrees and sunny!!! YEAH! It was so amazing coming out of the barn after cardio and just smell the spring wind. Ahhhh.... I have been spot on with food and exercise. Its great to be back the BFL exercise routine!

    Staats, glad your wife is feeling better and I hope that everyone recovers very soon! Good luck with that marathon training. I will be cheering but certainly not joining you on that. I am definitely NOT a runner.

    Cuervo, sounds like you have a great plan to fix those little things that make a difference. Enjoy the well deserved rest! Dont push it too early like I did.

    BDMom, have fun on the 5K. I sure hope it doesnt rain for you. I bet you will improve your time. Hope your buddies from the other group join in!

    GP,  funny your wife will leave you to enjoy the treadmill :) That is support!

    Brick, Feel better! BodyBogg, have to see what that is. I am sure you cant wait to get back to the gym! You rock at the gym so you got to find that place on nutrition when you are ready to tackle it and still see the weight loss.

    PB, so cut of your little one and the fog :) Enjoy your AR day.

    TinyT, Its great that you are so ready to roll!!! Great preparation already. I dont mix anything with my shakes. I like them the way they are but I use the whey protein powder (milk chocolate my favorite). I am not sure if you mentioned what your goals are. It is very important that you make them specific before you start so you can see what you achieved in 12 weeks. I write mine down in paper. Makes me accountable! Cant wait to see all that you will accomplish!

    Have a wonderful day. I may go out for lunch for a walk just to enjoy the weather!

  • Wow, so active here this morning; I love it!!

    Wish I had time for individual replies, but I don't.  Had to take the kids to school this morning, then came home to do HIIT, eat BF, get dinner in slow cooker and then heading out in a few minutes to get teeth cleaned, run a few errands and pick up kids from school.  Eating and exercise have been good (except for the few chocolates I have eaten from V-day).  

    They are calling for a 70% chance of rain now on Saturday.  Praying it holds out til the afternoon,but not looking very likely.  Don't think I'll beat my time if I am running in a downpour.....they already moved the location of the run; it was supposed to be 20 minutes from my house, and now it is over an hour away.  Wondering if I should still attempt it.....

    Well, I hope you are all doing well, and gettin fired up for a great weekend ahead!


    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Someone was wondering about where I'll be working out at. I work at a VA hospital and we have an amazing facility on the grounds that is open almost 24-7. It's free to use by employees so it'll be perfect. I only live about 3 minutes away from it so I'll be going there in the mornings before I work. Also, as far as my goals, I wrote down a few. I'm not totally sure about how specific to be because I'm not real sure about what to expect. Does that make sense? I haven't been measured or tested yet for my body fat % so I don't even know where I'm starting from, so making a goal of where I want to end up is difficult. My main goal, first and foremost is finishing the challenge. I also noticed someone say they couldn't stand the way any EAS products tasted, and I've never tried any either, so I'll have to take my chances and buy some anyway, and choke them down if I don't like it. I'll be honest, everything I've eaten in the last week or so, has made me think, " Ha, I wont be eating this again for awhile " I know, I know, there are free days, but the way I normally eat, even my free day won't cover all the unauthorized foods I normally eat.

  • OK GANG - Monday is not too far away, lets plan things out and get ready. I actually have a day off Sunday, so I am going to go shopping and stock up on all of my foods and essentials for this round. I am going to go ahead and buy about 10 tupperware dishes to be used only for my meals. I can cook 2-3 days worth of meals and just pack them into these containers to be available anytime. One issue I identified from my past challenge was going slightly outside of the bounds because I didn't have anything readily available. Not this time. I have spent most of this week planning the workouts so I should have a good grasp on that too. Now just bringing it all together will be the fun part. I am ready....I know you all are too.

    Have a great day.