2011 Challenge entry ?

  • I am getting pumped about beginning the Challenge but noticed that the download package and all related material reference the 2010 BFL Challenge and dates which have already passed. I'm fairly certain that I can begin my program now for 2011 but was hoping someone would comfirm this for me and advise me of any entry criteria concerning entry or participation in the 2011 Challenge that I should be aware of.

  • I would call EAS.  I believe you can start now for a 2011 challenge.  I would take before pictures.  I don't think they will be downloading the actual 2011 packets until later in Dec, or early Jan.  You can call them; they are super friendly and helpful.  Best wishes.

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  • I was confused about this too as I started about a week after the last 2010 challenge round start date.  I think (hope) that means I can enter in 2011. Please post what you find.

  • Here are the 2010 Challenge Dates:

    Round                     Start no later than                               Finish no later than

    1                               February 11, 2010                              May 6, 2010

    2                               April 7, 2010                                        June 30, 2010

    3                              June 30, 2010                                      September 22, 2010

    4                              September 3, 2010                             November 26, 2010

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  • Would love to know the answer to the original post.. we can begin now, correct?

  • I would like to know if you can use a digital camera? Also can we start now for 2011?

  •  My understanding, and I called before, is that the Body-for-Life challenge runs year round and you can start any day!!! Those who started after the September 3, 2010 date will be included in the 2011 challenge! So...start right now!!!

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  • Me too. Here it is almost Feb 2011 and all the information on this site is OLD. Is EAS/Abbott still doing BFL? I have left emails and phone messages, but I've not gotten a response. Can anyone help???

  • There is never a time when BFL is not in a challenge.  If you started Monday then you are simply in round 1.  I started the Monday after Thanksgiving and my entry will count for round 1.  If you start the day after round 1 is to be started by, then you are in round 2.  The dates are only for EAS to be able to organize entries.  Think of it like rolling admission for college. 

    So...start today.  You are in round 1.

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