How realistic are the success stories?

  • Today was my first day w/ BFL! So far I reallly like it and I'm really excited to get going..but I'm afraid of expecting too much and ending up disappointed and losing realistic are the success stories and before and after photos on  Is that what I should be able to expect? Or are those people just a lucky few, or exagerated? Don't mean to sound like a downer or anything, just hoping to set some realistic goals! 

    Thanks :)


  • I had to laugh when I read your post becuase when I first saw the BFL book I thought there was no way a person could transform that much in only 12 weeks. Feel free to read my profile. To answer your question about will you get the same results as those in the all depends on how much bodyfat you are carrying. If a person is 40-50 pounds overweight then one 12 week challenge will not produce a muscular physique with a six pack. It may take 2 or 3 challenges to obtain that type of look. But regardless of how overweight and out of shape one might be....a 12 week BFL program will for sure produce fat loss and muscle gain. Be patient and committed and you will see great results. A realistic goal would be 20-25 pounds of fat loss (roughly 2 pounds per week). All the best.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Tips to starting Body-For-Life:

    1) Look at the transformation photo’s for motivation. But begin your challenge exactly where you are today. Take your before picture and examine all the changes you hope to accomplish within yourself.

    2) You will lose approximately 1-2 pounds a week (depending on start weight) and you will also build muscles along the way. Best of all, those changes will alter almost every aspect of your life. Your energy level, motivation, self image, optimism, career goals, relationships will all strengthen as a result of the new you.

    3) Don’t second guess yourself for a minute! Put your mind into the challenge, visualize your results and go for it! Hit the “10” mark with all you have.



  • BreeAnn,

    I was also skeptical of the b4 and after photos when I 1st read the book and like fit4life said in his post it depends how much BF you need to lose as to whether you can obtain those champion results in 1 12 week challenge. I just completed my 1st challenge and I am one that needed to lose 40-45 lbs before getting those results and in my 1st challenge I lost 29 lbs (take a look at my profile)  I will be starting my 2nd challenge after a weeks active rest and I am 100% confident that doing another  12 week challenge will get me to my ultimate goal.  This program works if you follow the book (no shortcuts) you will def see results.

    What I did was I found a pic in the book of someone with a similar body type as me an said if they can do it so can I, then concentrate on you.  Push yourself and you will get where you want to be.

    Good luck in your challenge, make it your own!

  • Every one of those success stories is a real person who had real dedication to self-improvement. My favorite success stories are the ones with a series of photos that shows the progress across multiple challenges. It shows real fortitude. I read here that only 5% of those who start a twelve-week challenge will finish it. That number astounds me.

    Also remember that it took longer than 12 weeks to fall into the shape we are now, so it may also take longer than 12 weeks to get to maintenance level. The important thing is that we are taking positive steps toward better health.

    I'm looking forward to reading your success story! (and of course, posting my own.)

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • BreeAnn

    My wife, who has always been in shape, was very skeptical that such results as seen in the book could be obtained in 12 weeks. Like Philly I was carrying 40-50lbs of fat so at the end of my first challenge I wasn't sporting the 6 pack. But I will say based on what I did accomplish in 12 weeks, my wife no longer questions the process.

    I recently bought the Body For Life Champions book and I was happy to see them feature some people that started off very heavy and show what they accomplished over 2-3 challenges.

    I have gotten some family and friends on to the BFL challenge since I started. Mostly it came from them seeing me have results. They too look at the pics in the books with dis-belief. What I tell them is listen, those 12 weeks are going to pass regardless if you do this challenge or not. Even if after 12 weeks you don't see rippling abs, I can guarantee if you follow the program and give it your all you WILL see and feel the improvements of eating right and exercising.

  • "You reap what you sow" =)

  • BreeAnn,

    I wouldn't say we are the lucky few.  I'd say we are the ones that followed through, especially when things became uncomfortable.  

    I'm no 12 week success story.  I'm a 10 year success story. But I've met plenty of them.  We are as real as you are.

    From my 1st challenge to the present, I'm still a work in progress focused on releasing myself from past behaviors that caused me to become over weight in the first place.  Put your worry in to motion, then it will do you some good.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Wow all of your posts really make lots of sense to me!  Today is my third day and I'm feeling great.  I'm so excited!!  Thank you all so much for replying!!

  • Wow before and after pictures do look great

    That is awesome, thank you for sharing!

    Good luck on your next challenge :D

  • Wow!  I just looked your profile. Your results are amazing!

  • Check out akmama profile; she made amazing strides in 12 weeks.  There are so many others that are such an inspiration on here:  Champster & all the others above, DebMo, aussiedebs, Legs, Orrin, Bryan....I am sure I am forgetting a ton of people.  It is do-able.  Don't focus on coming out of this looking like someone else.  Instead, concentrate on coming out of this looking like a brand new YOU!  In addition to how you will look, you need to also make it about how you will feel.  When you feed your body the right foods and work it hard, your energy will be much better, and your health will be better overall.  If you follow BFL, by the book, there will be some exciting changes in your future.  Good luck on your journey.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • You're completely right. That is what i have been doing. I do need to just focus on coming out of this a better me, not someone else! Thank you for the advise!

  • I totally believe BodyforLife is REAL weight loss program. It isn't always the easiest thing to stick with, but it is real. I am on my second BFL challenge (almost finished!) and I have lost 40-something pounds *last time I checked!) and I've gained so much strength. I am one of those that had a lot more than an extra 10 lbs to lose, but BFL has definitely helped me shed the bulk of excess weight I've been carrying around for far too long! I've got a while to go, but I know I'm doing it the right way and building a healthy body that will not gain every single pound back in a week or something.

    While I think it is important to set realistic goals, I wouldn't sell the program short! I really believe I will reach my ultimate goals with this program and I think everyone else can too. It isn't just about losing a certain # of lbs in a certain period of time, but actually transforming your body from the inside out!

    I'm sure you will do amazingly! You  are definitely capable of becoming a success story. Go for it!

  • are a winner!! Keep it up. You are a great inspiration.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"