Starting Monday, November 1st, 2010

  • Hey guys

    Thought I'd make use of this community as when i tried to do the BodyForLife challenge before i gave up after 6 weeks.  Im a 29 year old guy living in South Korea teaching ESL.  Found a personal trainer who can speak English and attempting to do this again by paying a LOT of money to hopefully get abs before i turn 30 in April.

    Hold thumbs that all will go well with my first training session tomorrow.  I think the biggest challenge is learning to eat right...  And that the trainer cant help with...  Guess Ill be typing on here if i have cravings!  haha

  • develope -

    We are here for you.  Do NOT give up.  BFL works.

    For a man, abs typically don't show until he's about 8% body fat so remember that abs are made in the kitchen.  

    Come here for support, questions or anything.  

    Do you have the groceries you need for next week?  

    Let us know if you need anything at all.

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • hey jessica!

    thanks for the encouragement.  Day 1 of training over and sticking to the diet...  So far so good although already getting a little stiff.  LOL!  Today we spent a lot of the first training getting the form right and figuring out which weights to start on etc.  A bit of an exploration day...  Also did some biometric training for cardio on top of weights and felt like i would puke!  LOL!

    A bit worried about time though.  Dont know if its possible to fit the whole exercise into 46 minutes?  seems like about 30 mins of the workout is spent resting between sets.  do i understand this wrong?  The PT is also concerned about that and seems to think its impossible.  He's got the book in Korean but he doesnt seem to have faith in the system.  Ive seen what its done for others though and i really believe in this system.  Guess he has to do what i say since im paying him right?  LOL.

    I have my shopping for the week done...  Today was a little tough eating the right times though.  Ill have 5 meals done for the day (2 of which were protein shakes) by 11pm tonight...  chicken salad, no carbs.  dont even know if thats ok but figure since its so late i have to cut it out...

    Tomorrow morning its cardio on my own without PT.  Have to do it but get really anxious in the gym so already pumping myself up to do this.  I hate cardio.  Think its very boring and feel very self concious!

  • Hey,

    I want to start to today too! Great to find other BFL challengers starting today as well. I am hoping to stick with this, the eating, workout and all... Glad there is a community to help me to stay on track. I have a half hour cardio workout later today and that should "hopefully" get me in the zone.

    I am still not clear how this works, I purchased my book yesterday and am starting today... I really need the support and the weight off!

    Has anyone purchased any products yet?

  • Develope - It certainly is possible to do the workouts as they are written, in 46 minutes, but it takes getting used to.  Most aren't able at first.

    Why is your PT bought in?  What does he think you should be doing differently?

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • im also starting out again i took the challenge back in 99 and i did really good but like everything else in life you have to keep up with it or you will lose it.but here i am back on the saddle im in my second week i had my daugther take some pics earlier today.there not the best but is ok at least i can see where i need to work on

  • Hey Lorra

    Congrats on making the decision to change.  Glad there is another person who started same day as me.  You have to stay in touch now ok?  Dont quit on me...  I went for my cardio this morning.  Was more difficult than I expected...  And i hate running on the treadmill.  Was really difficult doing the 20 mins.  Not only cos it was hard but because i was bored senseless.  

    What do you do while doing cardio to make it more fun?

  • Hey Jess

    Glad to hear from you again...

    Right now he thinks its impossible to do the workout in the time allocated.  I think thats his main concern.  He usually trains guys who want to bodybuild.  So he believes in doing an area or two intensely and focussing on all the muscles in that area.  Something like 3 areas of the shoulder that should be trained for optimum results etc.

    his homework yesterday was reading the book!  lets hope he did it by the time i see him tomorrrow for lower body.  

    Did my cardio this morning.  I really dont like it.  Also realised how much my fitness went down as my high point happened a whole lot earlier than it should have.  Felt like i was going to puke (again)!  Realised that i have to start from scratch and cant just pick up where i left off the first time i did Body4life and quit.  haha.

    Today im stiff.  Even hurts a little just typing.   Guess it will get better.  

    I just had my early morning meal and had tuna, pototo, lettuce, cucumber and onion.  It seemed like a lot of food because of the salad.  Is there such a thing as too much salad?  And what would the serving size be of that?  Figuring out a fistful of lettuce, cucumber and onion is a little difficult.  Should i make more of an effort to do that?

    Thanks for being there for me for 2 days running already.  :-)  Another 82 to go please :-)

    How is your challenge going?  Have you done many?

  • Hey Tony!

    I also had pics taken yesterday.  I look disgusting.  The first time i tried to do the challenge and then gave up I looked a whole lot better than I do now.  Im too scared to even post them.  Maybe once Ive reached the 4 week milestone ill do that.

    Is it hard doing it again for you too?  Im thinking if you completed the first challenge its gotta be easier getting into the routine again?

  • Most veggies are "free".  Have as much salad as you would like, no sizing with your fist needed. 

    There is something called audiotimekeeper (  It's a CD that times our your BFL workouts.  I know you are overseas so see if Chris will send you one.  I use it and am therefore able to keep to the times.

    As for your trainer wanting more sections of each body part, you can mix up your exercises from time to time and that would do it. 

    Keep with it this time!

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Hi develope, I'm a 1 Nov starter as well - I'm doing BFL with my partner. We live in Auckland, NZ.

    I found the eating on days 1 and 2 quite hard and I was really hungry, I think this was down to poor planning and trying out some very new recipes (protein pancakes, cottage cheese with fruit) which I found pretty gross to be honest!

    I'm settling in to it now on day 3 though, and I'm feeling like I have more energy than I did a few days ago. For cardio, I set up our exercycle we have at home in front of the TV and went for it. I felt like the time went really quickly, but in the past I have done 5k treadmill runs just staring at a blank brick wall so I am kind of used to zoning out and just going with the flow when it comes to cardio.

    My weightlifting is going ok, I'm a bit over the time limit as well, but not as much as my partner - he went to over an hour for his first upper body workout! i was probably around 50 minutes. It's just about getting used to the exercises, I'm sure. Once I know what I'm doing next without having to check my plan to remind me, I'll be quicker. I also only have one set of dumbells that I have to keep changing the weights on - it's not ideal for the no-rest high point sets, if I'm doing a sizeably different exercise that I need a lower weight for.

    Todays eating plan, just in case you're interested:

    meal 1 - omelette with capsicum, onion and mushroom in a wholemeal pita

    meal 2 - meal replacement shake

    meal 3 - lean ham, prawn and salad sandwich on wholemeal bread

    meal 4 - a small can of tuna in springwater with a small potato and a teeny bit of relish

    meal 5 -  leftover beef casserole from last night (a BFL recipe I found at slightly modified to be less carby - I have heard Eating for Life recipes are more maintenance foods than program foods!)

    meal 6 - hoki fillets baked in spices and lemon juice with a small potato and some peas for meal 6.

    I also have a million cups of water a day (I can't even keep count, but I have it all the time - it's helping to quash those hunger pangs!)

    Do you want to tell me your eating plan?

  • Excellent! I don't feel so alone in wanting to get in better shape while I am here in S Korea! I begin my challenge tomorrow. I will have a challenge of eating enough...of the right things anyway. I will be training at night but also have required PT in the am before my work day starts! Is Bulgoki part of the BFL plan,,,LOL! Best to you, let us know of your progress :).

  • Hey Korea...  I just read your post on the the other community page...  this one has kinda died because i dont have time to post every day...  you are on base?  im a teacher in seoul...  are you on skype?  if you wanna get in touch that way and support each other like that let me know...  good luck.  tomorrow is the start of week 2 and feel good that i didnt cheat so bad on my free day!!!  yay!!

  • My wieghtlifting too took me an hour at first.  And being in a gym sometimes the machine/dumbell is already in use and I have to wait and move onto something else, which I know soaks up more minutes.  I also like to make notes after I'm done with each body part, otherwise I will forget when I'm all done.  That too, soaks up a few extra minutes inbetween sections.  Making the "2-minute rest period" more like 3 or 4.  then at the very end, I stretch for about 10 minutes.  it's not mentioned in the book, don't know why, I think it's very important, and feels WONDERFUL, like a treat for my hard work.  Mostly stretches I learned in high school gym class and some yoga stretches like Downward Dog and Cat Pose.

    As for salad, I use these 2 1/2 cup containers that lunchmeat here in America is popular to be sold in.  They are reusable but don't last forever.  I stuff it full of spinach everyday for lunch.  sometimes I'll throw other veggies on top.  then I have a tiny container of dressing that lasts me all week.  I don't need a fork for this salad.  I found so much simpler to grap a few spinach leaves, roll them up, dip the very edge into the dressing.  (this also controls the amount of dressing you use).

    I get bored during cardio too.  If I watch TV while doing it, then I miss my minute marks.  If I'm on a machine, I try to keep an eye on each minute on the timer.