Starting 11/1- Anyone else??

  • I'm getting so antsy.  I start on the 7th.  I beleive I'm prepared.  I've poured through these forums.  Did research and supplement shopping.  checked my fridge, freezer, cupboards.  Have enough raw chicken, cooked chicken, ham, turkey, fish.  Rice, potatoes, fruit.  Veggies canned, raw, and frozen.  Progress reports all printed.  Recipes on standby.  My picture will be taken this weekend, the camera battery is charging.  Upcoming workouts are planned out and written down.

    I feel like I don't know what to do next!  I suppose I could go to the gym for moderate exercise while finishing my "Champions" last chapter.  But then part of me is thinking  I should relax and have burger and fries while I still can!  which deep down I know won't satisfy anything!

    Oh, I have to take my measurements yet!!  At least that will keep me occupied for a bit.

  • Just relax :) you don't have to get everything perfect. I changed my workout plans during the first week a lot. Most important is that you start and don't stop!

    Good luck with your first day!

  • I was getting headaches too! They are gone now in think. I thought i was getting sick! Any idea what causes the headaches? My thought was all the protein I'm suddenly consuming but i really have no idea..haha


    Hey Team 11/01!

    Just finished my upper body workout and I am on my 5th day.

    I can see I lost a little in my face and my clothes fit just  a little looser.

    No one but me is noticing but I can tell.

    Just 20 minutes of Cardio tomorrow and Sunday is my free day and one week down! 11 to go for the challenge but the plan is for a lifetime.

    Best wishes,


    P.S. I took a little time to really explore the website and there is some amazing information on the BFL site.




  • MK...I wish I could SEE some results, but I know I FEEL them! This may sound crazy but I feel as though a weight has been lifted off me. My sugar is stable, my moods are wonderful, I have more energy, and I'm proud of myself. Its been a long time since I have been able to say all of the above. I hope this feeling of euphoria doesn't leave!

    bhanson...My guess on the headaches for me was a.) caffiene withdrawal( I stopped drinking coffee during the week) and B.) my body adjusting to healthy food in healthy portions!

    good luck everyone..

  • Ok guys, so i guess im ahead of most of you being in South Korea.  Just did my last cardio workout for the week.  REALLY wasnt in the mood for it but went to the gym and did it and now feel really proud.

    This week has been one of small victories for me.  Im extremely self concious about looking like a fool in front of people...  So when i feel like im doing that i get freaked out and start shaking etc.  That happened to me on Wednesday when i was doing a lower body workout with my PT.  We were doing squats and me being the only foreigner in a Korean gym and 6"3 and overweight and and and and people were looking...  And these two korean ladies had a fit of giggles.  I got shook up really bad and wanted to quit.  Im glad the PT was there.  He just kept pushing me and i closed my eyes and i did it.  I just carried on.  

    Ive tried the bodyforlife program before and when i felt like that i just left the gym.  The fact that i pushed through makes me proud.  Even if i did have to pay someone to help me do it.  LOL

    Same thing happened this morning in the gym with the cardio.  There were people there and i didnt like the way i looked in the mirror and wanted to quit but this time the PT wasnt there...  So i pushed through by myself.  Hows  that?  :-)

    Im a little worried about today though:  being foreign in South Korea means you're lonely a lot of the time.  My social life involves drinking with friends in the English part of town...  I cant do that now cos i worked reallly hard this week and not wasting everything on one night of drinking.  Whats the point of making all that effort just to screw it up in one night?  So now the question arrises.  What the heck do i do with myself?  Do i sit here in my teeny tiny apartment all weekend?  Do i go to a movie and not eat popcorn or drink soda?  Sneak in a protein shake to the movie?  LOL!

    Winter is starting here soon.  Today is a miserable day but what a great way to feel!  No cheating today and ill have completed 1 week of bodyforlife to the book.  Great feeling!

  • Today(Sat) was the first time I was able to do the cardio first thing when I got up....Wow! What a difference. Much harder for me to do than when I first get home from work in the afternoon! I got through it though. As of today I have lost three pounds (I know, I shouldn't be a slave to the scale!). I plan on following advice and going easy tomorrow - already planning my meals in my head, LOL.

    Develope- I know how you feel about usually spending Sat. sitting in a pub drinking w/ friends. Living in a small town there isn't a whole heck of alot to do. Social time usually is a drinking event and I am going to have to watch that myself. I feel horrible you are feeling miserable today - Just know your doing great! Don't give up!!!

  • Develope-

    We're all proud of you! That's a huge accomplishment. To succeed through a week in a foreign country, and with minimal support. I'm impressed. Keep pushing on..... I feel ridiculous in the Gym, because I keep ending up there when, what I'll lovingly call the "meat heads" are there, and they are yelling, grunting and slamming weights all around.  It makes me miss the quiet of a yoga class or  treadmill. I just keep toting my orange binder around making notes on my workout, looking like some kind of gym spy :)  I had to rearrange my days and wasted my free day this week on a mini halloween candy binge(so not worth it)

    I do like how my skin gets really pink when I'm lifting, and how I can get up easier in the morning and am having more energy in the late afternoon. I'm excited to see more changes as they come. It's the little things that are giving me the motivation now.

    Is anyone finishing their lifting too quickly?  I'm not doing the whole minute between the early sets, but need it later on. It's just hard to occupy a machine for 5 minutes at some of the times I'm going.

  • bhammercurlz- (hehe)- I too feel funny in the gym when I go near the free weight area 'cuz that's where all those meat heads are.  I have some exercises in free weights, and most on machines.  However, I DO like it when they grunt loudly 'cuz when I'm trying to hit a '10', I would like to grunt too, but feel silly being a grunty woman.  When I'm around those guys sometimes I too let out a constricted grunt.  Otherwise, I feel like I'm not hitting a '10'...  But mostly I try to keep quiet and then just bare my teeth and swear under my breath :)

    I don't finish my lifting too quick, on the contrary I think I break too long.

  • Hi guys

    Today is my free day and wondering what you did for it?  Im stuck at home cos the weather is miserable and climbing the walls from boredom.  Usually i would go to the local bakery here in Korea and stuff my face until i feel like i will puke.  

    I did make a trip to the bakery today for my free day.  I got a garlic baggett and had that with chicken for my second meal.  Breakfast was a protein shake...  Then for my third meal i had chicken and rice with meals 4 and 5 being protein shakes tonight...  I woke up really early this morning which annoyed me cos its my free day and im supposed to be resting.  Had this feeling that i was supposed to go do exercise.  Is that normal?  Would it have been bad if i did go do another 20mins cardio this morning?  Anything to relieve this feeling of being trapped...

    Spoke to my friends today...  They all went out drinking last night and have horror hangovers and horror stories about last night.  Do i feel good that im not in the same boat as them?  Yes and no...  Yes cos i didnt cancel a whole weeks exercise and diet by drinking empty calories.  No because im climbing the walls.  I was kinda hoping the forum would be more active over the weekend but guess you all busy having normal lives...

    Tomorrow up at 8am to have my 2 bananas before lower body weight training at 10.  I really hope you all had a good weekend and feel up to the challenge this week.  Dont give up...  PLEASE dont give up on me!  I really need to know you guys are there with me going through the same issues and problems.  Feel good knowing im not the only one carrying around a folder in gym.  Mine is blue...  AND i get stared at by old Korean women while looking like a prize pig...  All pink and shiny!  :-)

    Look forward to having my mailbox fill up with your status reports again...  Ive missed it this weekend.  Thanks Loubear for being there!  Hope your free day went well...

  • O yea, i forgot to ask...  Everyone is talking about feeling more energy and more awake...  Am i the only one going through a being incredibly tired phase?  Its fine after ive worked out but come 7pm im yawning and ready for bed...  Keep in mind that i work till 9pm teaching in a hagwon (after school english school) this is not really a good thing.  LOL!

  • Hi Opti!

    I'm in S Korea also and will be begining my program tomorrow. I will take a photo wed...eeeek. YOu have a great grocery stockade! I can get several of the items on the grocery list at the 2 chow halls on post. LOL...I had chicken fingers and potato wedges today! Keep me posted on how your doing!

    Korea (Jen)


    Hey team11/01!

    • Week 2 is when we realize how important planning is.
    • This week I am taking Saturday as a free day.

    Best wishes,



  • Day 1!  I took my Betagen for the first time, anxious how it would taste.  Not bad, it's only 1/2 cup, so I downed the whole thing.  But then saw the bottom that was still clumpy.  That visual freaks me out, so I added a tad more water, stirred it around and finished it with my eyes closed.  In a few hours I'll be doing my upper workout.

    Also it's the start of a 10-day vacation for me from work.  Today I am driving to see relatives a couple hours away.  I know my mom has baked cookies and lasagna for the occasion.  I plan on arriving full.  I also don't want to make her feel bad by objecting to everything.  I also know she will have some sort of salad or veggie.  I plan to fill the plate with mostly veg, and have a small square of lasagna.  If she makes bread, I'll have to decline that.  I will definitely have to use the water trick to help me through this!  (Drink a glass b4 meal, during, and again a 3rd after.)

    My husband took my 'b4' photos yesterday.  Yuck!  They look worse than I thought I looked in a mirror.  I also had him take one with my camera phone so I have a portable handy tool.  

  • MK

    I did the same Saturday! wine, frosting etc! I am having a dinner today and cheated yesterday! Ugh! Oh well. I feel like its not worth another day with all the progress this week. I did lose a pound! woohoo! OK maybe 1 glass of wine will not hurt! Go team!