Starting 11/1- Anyone else??

  • Team November 1st.

    I started on November 1st myself. After looking through some of the success stories one champion said that participating in a forum was a key to her success. I am giving it a try to participate in a forum. This is the first time for me doing something like this joining a support group on line.

    I completed my first day yesterday I did a great upper body workout. Today is Cardio tomorrow lower.

    My biggets challenge is at night. After dinner or my sixth meal I have a bad habit of eating again at 8 or 9 pm. some popcorn or other salty snack sometimes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I had the discipline to just have a cup of green tea and that is an old trick I used before that worked for me last night.

    I am going to post every morning for 12 weeks


    Source Energy

  • Day two underway, great cardio this morning, just has protein shake and about to an egg white omelet.  On my way to a better me!!!!  

  • Hi everyone!  This is my 3rd day and it's going pretty good.  I like a glass of wine at night so that's my downfall, so far so good!  I have done this once before, in 2001.  I weighed AT LEAST 15 pounds less, was 10 years younger (I'm 49) and had someone doing it with me.  I only did 8 weeks, I'm half embarrassed to say, and I didn't see much difference, BUT EVERYONE ELSE DID!   I was moving to Hawaii at the time and I remember walking in for a job interview at a spa and was totally ignored because they thought I was the athlete who had an appt. for a massage a few minutes later.  Now I look back at pictures of me during that time and I looked pretty damn good!  Please, please, PLEASE, let's all be gentle with ourselves and be sure to get your body fat checked, because I think if we're burning fat and gaining muscle, maybe the scales won't reflect that.  That was my problem, I didn't have a body fat check and was just getting discouraged by what the scale said.  I'm on my way to the gym and will work my legs until they shake!  We can do this, you guys!

  • Day 2 for me... YEAH!  Yesterday wasn't too bad, had my 30min cardio class and that was an eye opener of how long it's been since I've actually pushed myself! It felt AWEFUL during those 30mins, but I felt GREAT when it was all done, knowing that I pushed myself.

    MKsourceEnergy - This too is my first time joining an online support group. I like this, it's a change for me and am hoping this will give me enuogh motivation to stick with my new routine.

    pammy1212 - You are right about that body fat check. I am going to find out where I can get that done... I think that will keep me motivated if I don't see it on the scale.

    Okay everyone! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  • Hope everyone's day is going well- I'm heading out to do the cardio.

    *Pammy- I know what you mean about the wine.

    I'm starting a FaceBook group to help supplement this forum. It may be easier to post and respond, in addition to having all the resources on the forum.

    search BodyForLife-11/10.  

    You're all amazing! Another day on a great journey.

  • Hi loubear!  Looks like everyone is on board to get you going, so I'll just chime in to help with the new post question.  When you first enter one of the forums, in the top right, you should see a New Post button.  That'll let you start your own discussion topic.

    Let us know if you still need help and good luck!

    Chris from the BFL Team

  • Does anyone know if the YMCA will do a body fat check for you if you are a member?  Thinking that might be a "personal trainer" thing for an additional charge, but it would probably be worth it.

    Source Energy... can you restructure your meal times so your 6th meal IS around 8 or 9pm?  That seems to be the way my timing is working out and instead of a "snack" I am just having my 6th meal.  (I too struggle with the evening munchies!)  :-)

  • I know 24 hour fitness in the Portland area does body fat checks for free, I think most of them do.  They might even do it 24 hour even if you're not a member, you definately shouldn't have to buy a training session tho.

  • I would really love to have my body fat checked but I live in such a small town that we don't even have a real gym! We had a curves(which did NOTHING for me) and we can pay to use the small gym in the local Best Western but thats it. The closest gym is 20 min from me and she won't do the BF without buying a gym membership and even then its this weird infrared thing, not calipers.

    Day 2 has gone great for me so far..Just finished the cardio and it killed me,LOL! Love it! My only complaint is I have had a slight headache since last night. Guessing its my body adjusting to no caffiene, no junk and no alcohol. I love this forum!

  • What!  No coffee!  Maybe you buy something at Walgreens or Walmart?  I've heard they aren't that expensive, but I've never checked it out myself.

  • What about your Dr.'s office? Maybe they could check it without an official "appointment" ?

  • The best way to have your body fat tested is a bod pod test.  Some gyms have them.  Google it and find one in your area.  It costs between 50-100, but a really accurate measure. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • They have the bod pod at NIFS centers. One time free to members per year or $40 ... non-members would have to call for pricing.

    Question - I want to try working out in the mornings, say betweeen 6-7am. Can anyone give me some tips on what I can have before and after my workout? I was thinking that I would have 2 hard boiled eggs after my workout, but I know I'll get tired of that. What can I have before I get started and what other options after I am done? I am prefer warm meals in the morning especially now that it is getting cold outside.

    Thanks guys!!!!!

  • You could try cooking two servings the day before and keep the second one in the fridge for the morning. Then you just need to throw it into the microwave.

    Actually I am doing this with every meal.. I use to cook 4-6 servings at once for me and my girlfriend.. thats a freaky huge amount of meat in the pan ;).

    Maybe also trysome of those EAS Protein Bars. I haven't tried them yet, but I wanna get some for the mornings (It's hard to find them in Germany)

    PS: As far as I know its not good to eat before your workout. Rather jump right to your workout on empty stomach after getting up.


    By the way! Does the Eating4Life system feel a bit strange for you too? I believe its a great system, the change just feels strange - I never ate so much meat. I got home from supermarket with 2kg of turkey meat, people must have thought I am a weirdo ;)

  • Hey Team 11/01!

    It is encouraging to be part of a forum.

    I recieve the replies as eMails  througout the day on my phone and and it is great it keeps me motivated.

    OK today is day 3 and I can feel changes happening already.

    I appreciate the info on the body fat discussion. I personally will rely on my belt notches to determine my body fat. I have a notch on my belt from my first BFL 2 years ago that I want to get to get back to again.

    As far as the night eating challenge. I appreciate the response that suggested I arrange my meals for a sixth meal at night. As a result  I  read the chapter on eating for life again and sure enough there was Bill suggesting a sixth meal in the evening. Great idea!

    As far as a breakfast before a morning strength workout a usual fist of protein and fist of carb is the ticket. A Shake and some fruit, or even a protein bar. I think the BFL program only wants us to fast before a cardio workout not a strength workout.

    Tonight is a lower body workout night for me, this forum is very motivating for me.

    Go 11/01"s