Starting 11/1- Anyone else??

  • food for today:

    woke up early, went for LBWO with -4 degrees out.  then milke with protein powder.

    steel cut oat blueberry tortilla wrap thing from health food store, 1 oz. organic cheese

    advantedge shake

    Healthy Choice frozen meal of chicken sesame something (only ate 1/2 the rice, too many carbs in these meals), carrots

    chicken taco salad with greek yogurt in place of sour cream, few slices avocado

    hot tea

    warm milk with protein powder

    It's pretty cold here, need warm drinks!

    12 cups water!!!

  • one more week!  We have 2 breakfast invitations this week... had another party we were invited to, but doubt we will go, just too many things this week.  which is fine with me, less temptation!  saw a TRIPLE feature at the movies yesterday, was free day.  Today back on Week 12!  Feeling a little unmotivated though.  Our football team is in the playoffs today (against Jules and Goombs' state's team, but don't know if they're fans) but I have to work.  It is going to be SO dead at work, so I hope to look through some cookbooks and make more meal plans for the week.

    My husband and I were looking at me in the mirror, thinking that in a week is picture time.  My right side of my body is definitely flabbier than the left!  That includes the right butt cheek, more cellulite, back, chest... even the angle where my ribs curve into the hip...  That is weird.  I was looking at closely, and the left hip is definitely smoother and flatter curve than the right hip.  I know my left side has always been stronger.  I wonder if I should start doing more LBWO with single legs, rather than both legs together.  Well I can't do that with deadlifts though.  But maybe with Legg Press, and Leg Curls?  Leg Extensions and calf raises I already do singles.  I'm also left-handed and my dominant eye is my left.  I guess I am a leftie all around!

  • Opti girl and Dev - this is what helped me end C5. You are SO close to making personal history.

    OWN IT.


    Look how many dropped 2 are WINNERS here.

  • Hi opti

    I know what you mean about feeling tired.  LOL!  It hit me the last 2 weeks.  Its a tough time to go through and i think i could have done them better.  BUT its final week, we made it through the ups and downs.  We did Thanksgiving, Christmas and all the parties in between.  We made it this far and im proud.  Last week.  Give it all this week and then its picture time.  As for the left side body thing i have that too!  LOL!  I just figure its all going to balance out cycle two.  Bodyforlife remember?  


    And legs, thanks for the movitation!  This song always make me feel like a fighter!

  • Hey opti!  

    where are you girl?  hows it going?  

  • I'm so glad I'm not the only lopsided one!  My eating has not been perfect the last few days, is why I haven't posted it.  I've been having just one meal/day that is nasty.  but yesterday we went out for breakfast with my father-in-law and even though I didn't order the most nutritious thing on the menu, I stopped partway while I was eating, drank a lot of water, waited a few minutes, then realized I was full!  And didn't need to finish it.  I was so proud of myself.  I was one to NEVER leave food on my plate.  And the day before, our team won the playoffs and is going to the Superbowl so there was celebration eating there...  And tomorrow is breakfast out again at a coffee shop.  I plan to have my filling oatmeal and protein b4 we go, and maybe just order a coffee or tea at the shop.

    I almost went downhill skiing yesterday but chickened out.  I haven't downhilled in over 10 years.  But this Friday I have the chance again to go, and I think I will trade my UBWO to go skiing instead.  I'm still trying to talk myself into going, and think it would be a great fear blaster/reward for the end of 12 weeks.

    Feb. 7th is a great day to start my new challenge 'cuz the Superbowl is on the 6th and will be my last Free Day b4 starting up again.  Also that week I have teaching re-certification class starting, and I have to make a big decision regarding if I should sign up, or put it off longer.  It's an 8-week class and I'm afraid it might totally eat into this next challenge.  


  • I hope yesterday went better!  I had great workout today.  Been dying to take pictures.  Im still far away from getting abs but i think it may be possible in in the next 12 week challenge.  Im also starting Feb 7.  Lets do it together!!! A week off and then the next one.  I have 9 weeks till my 30th birthday.  I want abs!  LOL!

    Dont go quiet again ok?  :-(  I missed you.  You the only one still here!

  • yeh, i'm wondering how Loubear is doing.

    I've been feeling sick in my upper stomach the last few weeks on and off.  I've looked thru what I've ben eating when it hits, and it happens after my regular breakfast of oatmeal, ground flax seed, tomato juice and eggs.  I'm afraid to eat breakfast now.  i will try staying away from flax seed for awhile and see how that goes.  

    as a result, I'm not that hungry.  Today I only had 3 meals, and still not hungry.  At least the "hungry all the time" is gone for me too!  Today:

    oatmeal, flax, jam, egg whites, tomato juice

    spinach salad with feta, olives, pear, oil and vinegar; chicken and little sweet potato

    cardio on the bike

    then supper of chicken, risotto, veggies

    10 cups water

    I don't remember the last time I only ate 3x in a day

  • hey opti!

    Good to hear from you.  You should eat more even if you are not hungry.  Dont deviate too much from the plan.  This week im cutting down on my night meal.  just having protein shake when i get home from work...

  • Dropped flax seed AND tomato juice (just in case) today and felt good all day... until lunch my stomach started hurting but not as bad, could barely finish my meal.  I'm not sure what predicament I'd rather have: being hungry all the time, or stomach pains and can't eat.Now instead of afraid to eat breakfast, I'm afraid to eat -period.

    What I ate today:

    WW toast, jam, egg whites

    2nd breakfast meeting with people, wasn't going to eat, but realized I would miss a meal if I didn't: ham, egg, cheese on 1 piece of whole grain bread, coffee with a tad of skim milk

    later, cardio, then Advantedge shake

    chicken taco spinach salad with toppings like avocado, greek yogurt, little cheese and tomato; then felt sick, could hardly finish my rice I made with it

    few hours later felt better, hubby wanted restaurant food again, but I turned it down (yay!) and had cottage cheese and yogurt instead.

    only ate 5 meals, but just  can't eat when stomach hurts, afraid it won't stay down

    My last day is Saturday already!!  (I started on a Sunday)

    Did you think you would finish or get this far?

  • i also finish on saturday.  cant wait.  gonna try to eat healthy while doing my week off.  doing my in body scan tomorrow.  i hope it goes well.  with the personal trainer i knew i would finish the 12 weeks.  i didnt think that i would stick to the diet as well as i did.  feels normal now.  but need to make some changes for my diet in the next 12 weeks.  and ill be completing my next 12 weeks without a trainer.  scared about that but learned so much from him and feel confident in a whole range of exercises.  i think ill post my pictures on here saturday...  hold thumbs!!!

  • just a quick check-in:  Did my last LBWO for this Challenge.  I had been struggling with my high point for quads last few times, trying to get all 12 reps done.  Today I was at my 8th rep, and the song playing over the loud speaker started singing, "I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now!"  I almost started laughing/crying like, "yes!!  I want it all and I need to finish all $%&#@ 12 reps!!"  and I did!!!!!!  Great barrier to blast through the final workout!!!

    3rd time doing deadlifts so far.  Back is feeling less strain, I'm able to keep it straighter and good form--but still only feel a nice stretch in the hams, no 'working out' kind of feeling.  Still practicing though!!  I may even continue to practice during AR week.

  • I made it all day without 1  stomach pain!!  It's making noises though, but no pain!  I only ate 5 meals today 'cuz I decided to sleep in to get much needed rest.:

    protein powder in almond milk-post workout

    turkey slices, 1/2 portion risotto, small all natural-made cranberry apple muffin thing made by a coworker

    banana, Greek spinach salad with very little feta, 2 olives, 1/2 of a chicken breast

    celery with only 1/2 spoon of natural peanut butter, 1 piece jerky

    edamame, cod, little bit of potato casserole I mainly made for hubby

    My portions were small today, but was testing out the stomach and didn't want to overdo anything.  So far so good!

    12 cups water

    oh my gosh and I was looking in the mirror today, thinking I don't have SIGNIFICANT change like people do in the book, then felt dumpy.  then tried on a pair of pants that were so tight a year ago.  They fit comfortably today, it was a great feeling!  I am still wearing all my same jeans I did12 weeks ago, but none are tight.  I think I lost maybe 1/2 a size, not as much as I had hoped to shrink.

    So I haven't changed my physique that much, but definitely a smaller version of myself.

  • Hi guys!  How are you?  I can't believe it's over tomorrow!  I haven't done my measurements but I did get on the scale.  I lost a total of 8 lbs.  Which is not even close to how good I did last time.  Although I did take almost a month off.  But I still am glad.  My clothes feel the same way as yours Opti.  Still wear them.  I did go down two buckle holes in my pants and my husband always compliments me.  Still, it's not as good as I was hoping.  I am 7 years older than last time and I wasn't as committed because of that time off in Dec. without exercise.  I wish you all the best and I look forward to checking in with you for round 2!  Take Care and Thank you for making this easier for me and supporting me!!! FIGHTING!  


  • I just went downhill skiing for the first time in over 10 years!!  I was so scared, thought about turning around and doing what  I usually did b4 this challenge--hit the drive thru, eat 'til I was satisfied and watch TV.  

    Then I went down the bunny hill once.  Thought, "That wasn't that bad."  then a few more times.  I had DOMS from yesterday's workout, but didn't even notice it in the nice brisk air and concentrating on not falling.  I am so glad I went!!!!  It was like riding a bike, it felt natural in no time.

    I skipped my UBWO to do this, but think I might actually be able to make it up tomorrow, Day 84!!!!

    I did have to eat at their lodge 'cuz I got so hungry from the workout.  The food was not entirely authorized, but I ordered a sub, which seemed the best on the menu.  Then a good old hot chocolate.  Today:

    oatmeal with 1/2 scoop protein powder, 1 boiled egg

    cottage cheese and yogurt

    tofu and spaghetti, spinach

    Advantedge shake

    1/2 sub and hot choc. at ski lodge

    leftover 1/2 sub, carrots, hot tea

    12 cups water