Starting 11/1- Anyone else??

  • I started today as well :) LET'S DO THIS THING!!!!

  • Hi Everyone!

    I am so happy there is a forum like this! This is my first time going on the journey and today is my first day. I really, really want to stick with it... I bought my book yesterday and took my pics lastnight... YIKES!

    I have a 30 min cardio class tonight to get me started. Has anyone purchased any products yet? Really curious as to whether it is necessary.

  • double YIKES when I saw my pics yesterday, LOL..If those don't keep me on the straight and Narrow path, nothing will! I had the intention of getting up today and doing my upper body exercises but, I'm so darned tired all the time! The energy everyone reports feeling after a few weeks on the program is one of the biggest draws for me. Hopefully it will kick in and I'll be able to do my exercising in the early am. On another note: I can't seem to figure out how to start a new post? I feel stupid, LOL but I have a few questions.

    Lorra - being a newbie to the BFL way of living- I bought  chocolate chocolate chip bars and the RTD shakes, also in Chocolate. I haven't had the drink yet but the bars are very good and was perfect for my first meal as I've never been one to eat much in the am. I will let you know on the shakes, LOL

  • Well in the book he says that it is not needed, though useful. I can understand why.. preparing 6 meals a day.. even if you cook for 2 meals at once its still much work. And with one portion of proteins every meal, its not even that much cheaper than the shakes.

  • Hi everyone, I have started today as well!  I am only a little  worried about loosing momentum or becoming discouraged, but I hope that this forum will help, it's great that there is a tool like this out here.  I was a bit over whelmed at first about eating 6 times a day, but the protein shakes are really good and take no time (the ready to drink ones cost the most, use the powder).  There is a protein powder out there called "Your Whey" I discovered at my local vitamin store, it offers you the whey protein with NO flavor so it is great for cooking with.  I have been prepping for two weeks physically and mentally for this, getting used to the diet and the routine so I am not in pain when I started today!    

    I wish all of you the best of luck and remember the best prize at the end of this is a better stronger you, lets just keep focused and we can all do this!!!

  • I am in!!! I 'm super motivated! Go all of us!!!

  • Hi Becca,

    I started today.  Just got done working out.  A dear friend gave me good advice b/c I felt intimidated also. He said..just get thru today, don't worry about tomorrow, don't think about the end, just stay in the now.  It's helping me, hope it helps you!


  • Im starting today also I have done this before and it does work you just have to keep focused and go forward even with setbacks

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  • Tina,

    Walking is not enough for cardio.  It's a good thing to do in general, but nothing like HIIT (high intensity interval training) cardio.  Do you have the original BFL book?  You can get one used that's really cheap.  It explains the exercise and eating. 

    It doesn't matter what proteins and carbs you have when, so long as they are authorized portions and kinds. 

    Do NOT double up your lifting.  You need to exercise intensely 6 days per week.  That's what your body needs and will then give you rest between body parts before the next. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • I am going to go on ebay and find the original book, Is it considered doubling up if you do weight training on all body parts one day, next day do cardio, then do all body parts the next day?

  • Yes, that would be doubling up.  The program has you doing UBWO 1.5 times per week and LBWO 1.5 times per week.  If done right, you will only have enough energy to do the workout assigned for that day. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Hi Becca,

    I started today too and empathize with your apprehension... I got up to go to the YMCA when it opened at 5:30am and was sleepy the entire time! I also left my journal in the car cuz I was embarrassed to be carting the journal around the gym writing in it.... and you know what? Turns out lots of people were in there looking at their notebooks or pieces of paper trying to follow their plans! hahaha! It's funny how we feel that our insecurities are only unique to ourselves... I know I will be rocking my journal tomorrow!

    For every excuse you come up with, think of two more reasons NOT to quit, refer to your 12 week goals and reasons, and take a look at a "before" pic... And remember, Michelangelo carved his David by removing the granite to reveal what was already there... The same with you! the body and life you desire is already there, we just need to get used to chipping away the extra parts :)

    Good Luck to us all!!


  • Hey All,

    My husband and I started today too! I'm really excited about it. I'm 22 and after I got married I've had a lot harder time losing weight and staying in shape. Hoping this new lifestyle will help me with that!  I think  its great they have forums like these, I'm hoping it'll help me stay motivated for the next 12 weeks! :)  I love to hear what helps others motivated through out their days/ weeks so please share!!  

    Here we go!


  • Hope everyone had a great first day!  I can really feel it in my shoulders. Thanks to all for all the good information and support! I'm so impressed with everyone who is already progressing with the program and almost done... YOU ROCK. Hopefully , the rest of us will catch up and be there in 83 days :)

    - Michael- the your journal remark cracked me up, because I felt silly tonight carting around my bright orange binder and thought I should have looked for a "less obvious color". :)

    Here's to the rest of the week! We can all do this!