Hints & Tips

  • I think it's important to learn the difference between being hungry and wanting to eat.

    If you think you are hungry, drink a big tumbler of water. Often our brains interpret thirst as hunger. Also drink your two cups of water at the beginning of a meal, especially when you feel extra hungry, and before going to a party where you might be tempted to eat off-plan.

    If you still think you are hungry after 20 minutes, brush and floss your teeth. I hate to eat after I brush my teeth - it ruins that clean minty taste. Whenever I can, I brush immediately after eating to discourage overeating.

    If another 20 minutes passes and you still feel hungry, eat. You probably are really hungry. Just make sure it is BFL balanced, and write it down.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • A few of you mentioned a "fat day".  I hope your not referring to our free day.  It was pointed out on another thread that it is not a cheat day so I know it can't be a fat day either.  This is our free day no guilt enjoy it.


    If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always have

  • I've been keeping a small tin of tuna (eg: lemon pepper) and a fork in my car.  If I'm out longer than I anticipate, I can buy one of those ready-made plain salads without dressing for around $3 and there!  I have a BFL meal to go :-)

    LaurieLou, hubby and I refer to free day as "fat day" as a bit of a poke at ourselves, and not as a cheat day.  We've worked hard for the treats, so it's just a bit of fun.

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!

  • My mum gave me some Zumba, Cardio Kickboxing and Belly dancing DVDs for my birthday recently.  I've added these to my routine - I do them when I get home from work (half an hour) and it seems to pep me up for the afternoon instead of my normal afternoon drag.

    I've started going out to our gym in the shed in my pjs on weights day - saves washing another set of clothes and I have no excuse to lolly-gag around - I just have my 100ml apple juice, grab my training diary and a bottle of water and go.  Of course, this might look weird if you're going to a regular gym but if you have one in your house, no-one cares right?

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!

  • BCbill- What a fantastic and creative idea to carry a card with you which shows your before and motivational picture.  It's funny the things we do to keep on track. I bet it worked! I am going to pass this trick on to some of the ladies at the gym. Thank you!

  • Lori and BC - I am going to print off that before pic and carry it around with me I think.  I was too embarrassed to do this but I think I need to swallow my pride a bit.  I confess I haven't even looked at the pic since my hubby took it 38 days ago and then it was only on the camera screen!

    Which brings me to another point in hints etc.  Remember that you see yourself everyday.  Day by day the fat goes and the muscle comes.  It's other people you only see now and then who are really going to notice your hard work.

    Weigh and measure yourself only once per week first thing in the morning after toilet.  That way you get an accurate indication of where you are at.  I like to do this on free "fat" day so that I have a week to catch up after my treats.

    Remember that as you cut out salt and sugar, your taste buds will change.  I rarely crave chips and ice-cream now.  Infact, a week ago I didn't crave junk food at all - I had Vietnamese spring rolls for lunch with a little chocolate and a can of cola instead of pizza, a whole block of chocolate and a large bottle of fizzy drink.  Last night we had Chinese garlic duck with fried rice followed by an ice cream cone and a can of cola.

    I have now purchased packs of soft drinks in cans and I ration them out one or two per week per person in the house - putting the cans in the fridge the night before we are going to drink them.

    Look at the before and after shots on this site frequently - I've found a few ladies who have similar bodies to my starting point and I go back and read their stories.  If they can do it, so can I.

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!

  • I was just checking out the success stories again and I'd really like you all to check out Rena Reese's story.  She made a video of herself by taking a pic every day in the same pose and outfit so she could see the changes.  Wish I'd thought of that from the start....  

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!

  • Do some research when going out for lunch etc.  Call the beforehand and ask what size the meals are, what is available and if it's all bread and pasta, ask if they can do a salad meal.  At least you can go prepared if they don't with a protein bar and just have a side salad....

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!

  • I was wondering if you had a lot of experience with protien whey. I want to buy a GNC whey or something else instead of Myoplex. Nothing against Myoplex, but money is tight when your unemployed. My question is can one scoop be enough (20g), when I was taking Myoplex it had 42g of protein. Would it still be okay for a meal replacement with the other?

  • Dear Jo Jo - welcome to hints and tips,

    There is no shame in buying a cheaper brand as long as it has the nutrients you want in the correct ratio.  I suggest you look at buying in bulk - we've been getting 3kg for Au$130 (75 full serves).  The stuff we buy is high protein, low carbs.  Often we see something cheaper online and everything in Australia is more expensive than America (I didn't check to see where you are - please forgive me).  Infact, we are now getting our protein bars over the net as they work out 3/4 of the price even when delivery is factored in (BSC brand bars which are used at the Institute of sport I believe).

    Because I am a smallish girl, I've only been using 30g instead of the recommended 40g.  I don't know if I'd go to only 20g though because I know I'd feel hungry before my next meal.

    One thing I do is to weigh each portion of protein powder.  My husband jokes that it's only protein and not some illicit drug, but money is tight in our house too and I want to make sure that I'm not overstepping my mark.  I bought several small plastic containers with seals and I make up my week's worth of protein powders on Sunday night in case I'm running late one morning and forget to do it - I keep them in a bag in my car.

    I hope this helps you :-)  Kree

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!

  • I've been buying Designer Whey (it's always on sale when I happen to go).  For a quick meal I mix it with either 1 or 2 cups skim milk.  Here are the numbers for 2 cups skim milk and 1 scoop of that powder:

    calories - 280

    protein - 36

    carbs - 29

    I too am trying to save money by not buying the Myoplex powder, although I do get the RTD's or AdvantEdge RTD's for emergencies and keep some in the fridge at home and work.

    I really want to see all the nutrition facts compared side by side of Myoplex shake w/water vs. my "protein milk" concoction.

  • Hello Kree-ations,

    Now, I dont feel so bad with the prices I've been seening lately compared to what you're paying. Sorry. On a positive note on my shopping I've been averaging ten to fifthteen dollars per pound. Depending on brand and quantity sizes. Like you said buy in bulk. Buying two pounders container is a joke. One other thing. You mentioned that you leave some prepared protein in the car. I would be careful witht the heat. I've read on the manufacture label to store in a cool, dry, dark place. Sun light might zap it. I've also read in somebody else's thread about putting it in hot cholocate for a receipe. Someone also mentioned that was bad because of the heat factor zapping the nutrients out. Thanks for the thoughtful feed back.

  • Hello OptiGirl,

    I've been having my eye on Designer Whey since I saw it in "Eating for life" cook book. However, I didn't know the nutrition values. So that is great what you gave me. I was confused at first, but I did the math. 18grams approx. on Designer Whey + 9grams per 8oz(2 cups)=36g . I never thought of factoring milk to supply the other half to give you an overall count. Which means I dont have to buy the whey with 42g. Which of course cost more. I'm I right? What do you pay on average per size? Thanks for the detailed feedback.

  • I didn't realize Designer Whey was shown in EAting for Life.  I haven't looked through that book in a while!  Yes, you did the math right, that's how I got those numbers.  I have more time on Saturday, I want to compare all the rest of the nutrients of my "protein milk" to Myoplex powder shake.  Then I will post my findings.

    I used to make Myoplex powder with 1/2 milk, 1/2 water.  Just using water was too icky, and just milk was too thick and more dense in cal, prot, and carb.  Guess I'm like Goldilocks and needed something inbetween that "was JUUUUST right."  And if I'm not drinking milk,  I feel like I'm cheating my body out of something.

    I DO buy the 2 lb. containers, wait, why is it a joke?  They were on sale recently at my Vitamin Shoppe for I think $26?  I saw them in one more size bigger, but I wanted to buy a couple different flavors so got 2-2lber's.  hmm,  I like doing experiments.  Now this has got me wanting to figure out how much each glass of "protein milk" costs me...

  • Hi Jo Jo - yes, everything in Oz seems to be frightfully expensive and the ones that aren't are all sugar and barely any protein jump way up in price.  Why call it protein powder if it's only 5g protein and 38g carb with 26 of that sugar?  How is that healthy?????

    Yes, I keep the little boxes of powder protected from sunlight and they are used within a week so I'm not worried about the heat so much.  What I don't use during the week is used on the weekend (I clean out my car Friday afternoon).

    I've been making "hot chocolate" with the choc protein powder but I make it up with a little cold water first (otherwise it goes lumpy) and then add warm milk.  I can't remember where I saw it but if you only use warm fluids, the powder shouldn't be destroyed.

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!