What is the right book to buy?

  • to start the program?

  • You can start the program using the information available here at this website. It seems to be the consensus here that the original Body for Life book is the best reference text. I bought mine used from amazon.com for $4 including shipping and handling. You can also check to see whether your local library has it.

    Best wishes.

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  • I am a big believer in following the book. In my opinion everyone should have a copy. It is an invaluable guide for this amazing journey. Attempting the 12 week challenge without having read it is like heading out to sea without food, life jackets or any knowledge of how to sail. The original BFL book is the best in my opinion but the champions book is really good as well. I haven't read the BFL for women but I haven't heard many positive things about it. Saralynn is right there is a lot of good info on this site and it is a good place to start but still get and read the book. It will change your life!!

  • Thanks to both of you. I ordered the book and will have to wait for it to start. For some reason when I go to the website I cannot click on things like recipes. They are currently looking into the issue that I am having.

    Have a great day!! Hey - how long have you both been doing the program?

  • JCgonnadoit,

    I am glad to hear you have ordered the book. If you stringently follow the program by the book you will see amazing results.

    I just finished my second 12 week challenge and continue to eat and work out the BFL way. It has become a lifestyle for me. There are pics on my profile if you are interested. I am a firm beleiver in BFL. It works and transforms lives inside and out. It had changed my life and I know it will change yours.

    Which book did you order?

  • Hi Orrin,

    That is great to hear about your success!!! I bought the original book and cannot wait for it to get here.

  • Unfortunately, I started the program using BFL for Women. I was about a week into the program when I called EAS to ask about some discrepancies between the BFLW program and the website's BFL program. (I didn't have the original BFL book yet) The folks at EAS told me in no uncertain terms that they do not recommend BFLW and that BFL is for both men and women. I went to my local library, checked out Bill Phillips BFL book and have been much happier. I eventually went on Amazon.com and ordered a used copy for myself and one for my BFF and one for a coworker. I'm glad you've ordered the original. It will serve you well! Stay dedicated my friend!


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