Starting October 25 -- anyone want to join?

  • Kree-

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. I am sticking with it, but still just frustrated. The recipe for the pancakes are in the book as well, if you have it. If not:

    1 cup cottage cheese

    1 cup oats

    2/3 cup egg whites

    cinnamon (i like to add alot)

    1 pack of sugar substitute

    Makes 2 servings

    Just blend them all together, and cook like normal pancakes. They are fantastic They keep well too.. so i like to make alot of them and just heat them up in the morning. Add some blueberries, and some sugar free syrup, and it is my favorite breakfast!

    I found some bars that i really like, they are the zone bars cookie dough. They are low in carbs, high in protein, and low in fat. I have the oatmeal raisin right now, and i love them! I just added a serving of veggies to it as well, and it was a great meal.

    Keep up the great work! Thanks for the support!

  • Swagner2 - thanks - thought I had replied but obviously it didn't go through (darn internet).

    I bought some cottage cheese and I'm going to make up the pancakes and fridge them for something different (although I really like my cereal - just doesn't fill me up on work days).

    I know it's frustrating (I've plateaued again too) but that just means you need to do something different.  Change your fat (AKA free) day, change something in your diet, change something in your routine, fit in an extra cardio-based workout (like Zumba for example) or simply reduce all your calories a bit for a few days then beef them up for a few days (good food of course).  Just a few ideas.

    By mixing up your routine, your body can't guess what's coming next and so it starts up again.

    Hope this helps.  Also, I started a Hints and Tips thread in Getting Started - can I add your recipe to that please?  Or you are free to add it yourself :-)

    Cheers, K

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!

  • Swagner2........I use that same recipe for pancakes and I love them. Sometimes I'll mix in a handful of blueberries into the batter for some flavour. When I make a batch I'll cook up at least a dozen at a time and freeze them ziploc baggies.

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  • It has been a while since I posted, but I have been keeping up with everyone.  Last week can be described with blah!! So this week I changed a few things and took a new approach. I was having a hard time getting to the gym after work so I decided to bite the bullet and get up early and go (that is 4 AM for me).  I thought it would be worse than what it was.  It think I am going to continue down this path.  My students even say I have more energy.  I had a difficult time with the food this week.  I went out with friends on three different occasions.  I have to make better decisions when I do this!!!  I am looking forward to next week.  I have the week off from work and I have told all my relatives of my goals so they can support me.  

  • Hi everyone,

    I also started on 25 October, but have not been part of this forum previously.

    It's going well so far, will take another 4 week photo Sunday and post. Lost 4 kgs or about 9lbs upto now.

    I would just like to know from anyone where to get hold of EAS Products in South Africa. Apparently the importers over here don't bring them in anymore.

    Are there alot of issues if I simply buy them in the USA and have the mailed here to me in South Africa?


  • Hey gang. Hope all the Oct. 25 bfler's are doing well. Hard to believe it's already Nov. 22. Just came off my last midnight shift and don't have 100% energy but I had a good cardio session on the treadmill. Sometimes you just have to grind through even if it may not be your best. We are off to the Mayan Riviera in 3 weeks so I have lots of motivation to eat clean. Have a great day all.

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  • Been a difficult week - Christmas parties/outings are starting and being half way through, getting that itch to eat non-BFL food.  The weight finally shifted again this morning but with a girl's lunch today and NOTHING on the menu was BFL-suitable, I'm sure I'll be heavier tomorrow.  I ordered a pasta but didn't realise the serves were going to be huge - at least 3 BFL portions of spaghetti and very little vege.  Sigh.  Note to self - do some research when going out for lunch etc.  Call the night before and ask what size the meals are and what is available and if it's all bread and pasta, ask if they can do a salad meal.  Better put that one on my hints and tips thread...

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  • So, i have had a rough couple days as well... i did well on Friday, i ate well, went out with a friend and ordered 1 crabcake and some veggies, it was full after that!  the crabcake was a good portion size for me, so it will worked out. Saturday i made my free day because i was visiting friends because i was traveling for a conference, and i knew there was no way i would stay on track. So sunday i didn't get to the gym, so i tried to do a workout at home... ehh... i don't like working out at home, i tried to do some legs, and i did a workout video- "The Shred Workout by Jillian Michaels"  i must say that i had tried to do it before, but doing it now, i do feel that i am alot fitter when when i tried a couple months ago. Yesterday i had a great cardio workout, raised my speed another .5 every minute!

    Now i am home visiting my family, and i know it is going to be more difficult. I took my sisters pass to to the gym, so i am covered on that aspect. I brought some food with me, and some bars and shakes, but they can only go so far, and as much as i hate to say it, i don't get paid until friday and cant afford to go to the grocery store just yet. Soo... we will see what this week brings, i can only do much best, and stay away from temptations.  :)  Have a good day everyone, and keep doing your best.

  • Kree-

    Going out to eat can be difficult, it is all about making wise decisions. I went out with a friend on my free day and ordered an appitizer (tomato and mozzarella!, yum), and a meal and all i could do when i got my meal was take a bite and then as for a box to take it home. I just didn't want to push myself, because i was already feeling full. This goes for the same during the week, portion something out that is your portion size, and then ask for a box... you don't have to eat the whole serving that they give you. :)  

    This is going to be a difficult time of year, but i try to think through what am i willing to let myself splurge on. There are some parties that you go to where splurging is just not going to be worth it. Save it for something that you REALLY want, don't just eat something because it is there!  You can stay strong through this!!  We can all overcome the holidays together!!  It just takes a little encouragement. Everyone other there will say " Eat this.. eat this, try this..  everyone on here will say.. "you don't need to.. stay strong... remember your goals"  :) Don't deprive yourself of going out and having a good time, just don't let everyday turn into a free day, it becomes harder to get back on track that way.  :)

  • swagner2 - being a little cafe I thought they'd have salads, but it was all pasta and sandwiches.  I didn't even have a protein bar with me (waiting pay day too).  So I sucked it up and bought the pasta - ate all the vege (what little was there) and left a lot of the spaghetti.  Just that they had dressed it in olive oil.  No point taking home a doggy bag of oiled spag so I didn't ask!  Well, breakfast was virtually fat-free, morning tea was a protein shake so I just made sure that the other meals were low or no fat and carbs to compensate.  You would think they'd have low-fat and low-carb options with all the health stuff going on.  If I'd had a bar with me I would have just ordered a low-fat latte to go with my bar.  When I think back on it, it probably wasn't as bad as I originally thought.

    I often have vivid dreams of winning huge on the lotto and opening up a gym with a BFL cafe (open to the public, discounts for gym members).  4 serving sizes to satisfy various sized people, all healthy, low carb, high protein etc etc.  Plus all-organic, pesticide-free, local produce as much as possible.  What a lovely dream......  sigh.

    Well, this week we are having free (fat) day on Thursday.  Bub's kindy Christmas party and we're now having it on Fridays instead of Saturdays so it's not a huge deal.  Plus I work out every day anyway (it's too hard to get to sleep if I don't and then the next day is a drag).

    It's amazing how exercise has made such a huge difference in my life.  I actually like working out at home.  I don't have to worry about opening hours, staff trying to con me into buying more stuff or upping my membership or even machines being used when I want to use them.  I have more time too because I don't have to go anywhere (incl time to park the car).  I can listen to whatever music I like AND I do my weights training in my pjs!  I have no excuses.  If I want to do another session, I just head out to the shed.

    So anyway BFL'ers, have a great week.  Enjoy the amazing transformations that will happen to you!

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!

  • Yeh.....the holiday season can be a real challenge. My very first challenge  back in 2003 went right through the Christmas season and it wasn't too bad. Even with the crazy schedules of the Christmas season I have found that you are still basically on a normal schedule most of the time. None of us have parties every night of the week. So what has worked for me is to eat clean whenever you are at home or work doing your normal days routine (which will still be most of the time). Then.....on the occasions that you are at a company party or family gathering just enjoy the festive atmosphere while you are there and don't sweat about it (you'll be doing aot of sweating in the I think the key is to once you get back home get right back on track with healthy food choices. I think we'll all be fine if we can not let these gatherings turn into 2/3/4 days of eating garbage.

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  • Newphie - my mum gave me a Zumba workout DVD and I've found that it kind of goes in intervals...  the one I have is 24mins which has 4 mini-dances and a 5-second break between each.  Each dance starts low-intensity and works up as the routine expands.  It's not strictly BFL, but it follows the principle (build up, go back down and build up again) and I work up a good sweat doing it.  I then do the cool-down to stretch my muscles (I keep forgetting to stretch after a cardio on the cross trainer).  Don't worry about getting it right - I'm totally un-co when it comes to any sort of aerobics and most of the time I'm completely lost but it's all about getting your heart rate up which it does.

    Swagner2 - there is another protein pancake recipe in the recipes on this site using yogurt.  I'm going to try that one too (I'm lactose intolerant so using the yoghurt might be kinder on my tummy).  I just can't do the sugar substitute so I'm topping with some fruit and a few nuts.

    Fit4life - it does all come back to balance.  Like with my little panic attack with the cafe lunch that didn't go the way I planned, sometimes you can balance a bad meal.

    My daughter's kindy Christmas party was last night so I made that my fat day.  I may as well as not as I ended up talking to all my friends and by the time I thought to go find the nibbles table, it was all gone.  Like wise with the dessert.  I'd made a gingerbread house (I wanted to bring something really special) and every step toward the dessert table, someone would grab me to ask how I made it so by the time I got to the table, there wasn't much left and the little piece of cake I got my daughter intervened and ate more than half of.  I left hungry....  Got some Maccas on the way home but it wasn't what I had been looking forward to so I didn't enjoy it.

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  • Just a quick one - has anyone used the blog section on their profile?  I'm trying to blog on there but it doesn't seem to work and I've checked a few other profiles and no one seems to have started a blog on here.

    Cheers, K

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  • Hey gang. Hope everyone is doing well. I know for all you Americans this is a challenging weekend but do your best. If you are celebrating with family and friends enjoy yourself but once you get back home jump right back on the program. Only 2 more weeks till I leave for the Mayan Riviera.....can't wait.

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  • Kree: Have never used the blog either.

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