Starting October 25 -- anyone want to join?

  • Ihhorton - a cup of black coffee or an espresso half an hour before a workout is great too.  Mind you, if you just have a small amount of milk in your coffee, it really doesn't kill you either.  But by far the most impressive thing I've done is to have 100ml (just over 3oz I think) of apple juice when I wake and then out to the shed to work out.  Apparantly there is something in apples that gets the motor going....  works for me anyhow.

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  • Hey gang...hope everyone is having a great day. Just got back from the gym and had a great workout. Five more weeks until we leave for the Mayan Riviera. Looking forward to laying on the beach and swimming and probably eating a little too much. But they do have a gym at the resort and both my wife and daughter are into working out so I'm sure we will hit the gym a few times. Hope you all have a great weekend.

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  • Hey gang.....hope everyone is having a great day so far. Just headed to the basement for my cardio session. Eat clean and stay focused.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Hey gang....not too many posts in the last few days! Where is everybody? Hope everyone is doing well. I've a good week so far. Workouts have been good and eating clean. Have a great Rememberence Day.

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  • Hi all!

    I started my first BFL challenge on the 25th as well.  I'm glad to see that I am starting with allot of other people.  I'm sad that they don't have an "official" BFL challenge going on right now that I could have entered.  I think it would have helped to motivate me even further.  I'm surprised they don't offer one over the Holiday season, it would help allot of people I think!  But I'm not willing to wait until next year to get started.  It's been 2 1/2 weeks and I'm down 5 pounds!  Woo hoo!  My goal for the 12 weeks is 20 pounds total in weight loss and a loss in body fat of 5-10%.  

    Q:  I do all my exercises at home with free weights (I have dumbells that go up to 60 pounds each).  I can't seem to wear out my quads.  For example in lunges and squats, my legs could take ALLOT more weight, but my hands and forearms can't possible hold another pound! (I can manage to hold a 40 pound dumbell in each hand).  Anyone have any ideas on how to truly reach the 10! for the quads without using the machines at the gym?


  • I agree with fit4life.... where is everyone??It is almost the end of week 3, and how is everyone doing?  I had an amazing leg workout today with a friend, i was not very motivated in the beginning, but she got me up and going, and i am definitely going to be sore tomorrow. My eating as been going ok. I am sticking to the plan, and make my meals ahead of time so they are all ready to go. There are time though when i feel that i am just so hungry, right after i have just eaten. I don't think i have lost any weight yet, which is a little depressing because i am working so hard, i know that i making some strength gains because i increased my weight this week with upper body, and i can see small changes especially in my upper body. It is just not going along as quickly as i had hoped. But i know i cant expect changes over night, i just have to be patient.

    As far as meals go, is it ok to eat the same thing everyday?  I like to have the same breakfast... protein pancakes (cottage cheese, egg whites and oats), and some berries for breakfast every morning. I usually make my pancakes on the weekend so i have them during the week to just heat up in the morning, it is fast and convenient. What are your thoughts?  Also, what are some thoughts on other energy bars out there, like cliff bars. Would you use them as a mid day snack?  Just a few questions 1 for some advice, and 2 to get some people back here.  :)

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  • Clarissa-

    One thing i suggest is that maybe finish all of your sets as you normally would, and then to fatigue your muscles go do wall sits. Challenge yourself to see how long you can go until you fatigue. Make sure your knees are at 90 degrees, and your back and head are flat against the wall. You could also put a ball between your knees and squeeze for an added challenge.

    I think they do not offer on over the holiday season, because most peole would be reluctant to enter!!  Thats taking away alot of yummy and high calorie food!

    Hope this helps  :)

  • Swagner2: Absolutely it  is OK to eat the same things everyday. Each of us have to find the right combination of food that we like and stick with those. For example most days I will eat protein pancakes.....cottage cheese with fruit and a protein shake. That only leaves me with 3 other meals that I have to think about. It makes it much easier to maintain your clean eating if you can simplify your meals. Other meal combinations that work good for me are turkey burgers on whole wheat bun.....or chicken *** and a yam or sometimes a yam wirth cottage cheese over top. The point's totally fine to eat the same thing over and over. The key is to find what you personally like.

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  • Swagner2 - I really don't see a problem eating the same thing each day though just make sure you're getting enough fruit and vege.  The pancakes sound good - can I have the recipe please?  For bars, I really like Horleys Carb-Less protein bars.  The double dutch choc fudge flavour has only 4.5g of carbs so I can have a piece of fruit with it for fibre and it fixes my chocolate craving.  I always keep one in my handbag so that I never get caught short.

    Also, it takes 20mins for your brain to register that you have eaten.  You have suddenly shocked your body recently with all this extra work and you're eating different food so it's understandable that your body wants more.  Try drinking a cup of water half an hour before your meal and when you've finished eating, go do something that occupies you (wash the dishes, do a crossword, call a family member or friend on the phone etc).  

    Don't worry about the weight so much.  I am currently on day 31 (I started a little earlier than most on this thread) and I've only just this week noticed a drop in my weight after a 3-week plateau (I lost a few kilos in the first week which was probably water retention from eating lots of salty food).  But remember that muscle weighs more than fat which is why the weight loss takes a little time.  I also invested in an Omron fat monitor which tells me how much fat I'm carrying and I'm seeing results on that more than anything else.

    Good things come to those who weight :-)  (mis-spelled pun intended)

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!

  • The challenge is going great! My clothes feel great and I have more energy. I am trying not to get discouraged by the scale because I expected better results. I hope it comes off later but I am sticking to it!!! Hope everyone is feeling stronger!!

  • Swagner2-

    Thanks for the tip about the wall sits.  I had never tried that before and boy did it work!  I did my lower body workout yesterday and I can still feel my quads today!  THANKS!

  • Hey everyone!  I had a question about the 20 minute cardio workouts.

    What is everyone doing for the intervals.  The only thing I have found that I can keep doing with a consistent interval pattern, like the book explains, is to run on a treadmill or use the bikes at the gym (I can't even do a bike outside because I don't think I get the interval pattern right).  I was hoping there were some other ideas for the intervals?

  • Newphy,

    I have recently starting using the StairMaster for my Cardio since I was getting bored on the treadmill. It really gets my HR up and I like the leg work it provides me. Plus with the speed control I feel like I am doing the interval part of the workout correctly.

  • Where did everyone go?

    So, it is the middle of week 4, and i must admit i am a bit disappointed. I know that everyone keeps saying, dont worry about the weight, well, i have only lost 2 lbs. Its a bit frustrating, because i feel like i have been give so much effort in my workouts, and i don't see any changes. <sigh>  Im not giving up, just going through a lull period or frustration. i know that i am getting stronger, my weights have increased some, and i have energy, and have increased the speed on my cardio. Otherwise, i am feeling good.

    I have recently been getting up earlier and adding a 2 mile run in the morning before i start my day, hoping this will add something. Then a couple hours later i go to the gym and do my workout.

    I hope that everyone i keeping on track, and having great days. Keep up the good work.  :)

  • Newphy-

    Im glad the tip helped! I started doing them with a friend, and i feel them too. Aftr my cardio, i have also added some suicides as well. What these are are interval sprinting, going to a point and then going back to start, and then going further and going back to start. It works well in a basketball court, because there are already lines on the ground. I did 5 of these, and i was dead.

    As far as my regular workouts, i do use the treadmill because i feel that it pushes me (and i get to watch TV- i don't have TV in my house) . I have to keep up with the speed. I know it doesn't help much, but maybe it gives you some other ideas.