Starting October 25 -- anyone want to join?

  • EngineerAshley......I just mix vanilla protein powder with my  oatmeal. It seems to taste the best. I doesn't really matter what brand of protein powder you buy as long as it is low in carbs.

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  • Megan.....I adjust my free days quite often to fit into the activities happening in my life. It's very hard when you are at a celebration or party with friends and family and have to say no to all the good food so I normally enjoy the time and count it as my free day.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Designer1.....Welcome. This is a great group. I myself am not on an official challenge but am leaving for a beach vacation in 6 weeks and this is great for me to fine tune my physique. You'll get a lot of help and support in this group.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • So i had my free day yesterday, and i think i over- indulged a little. My stomach was definitely not happy with me. So, i learn for next time. Today was not the best day. I didn't eat my first 2 meals today. I overslept in today, and made it out of bed for my afternoon class. So, just an overall crappy day. On a positive note, i had a great cardio workout. I can feel a difference, and feel myself getting aerobically stronger, even within the first week. So, i am happy about my workout, but that is about it today. ah, life goes on.

    Keep up the good work everyone!!

  • Swagner2 - Know how you feel - our first fat day we nearly had burst stomachs!  We learned after that to tone it down and just eat enough to satisfy the cravings.  To be honest though, junk food just isn't tasting as good anymore (with the exception of chocolate of course - LOL).  Thinking of getting Indian food next Saturday (drool - butter chicken with garlic naan, raita and pappadums) followed by mud cake (my birthday - yippee!), but this time we are not going to over do it!

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  • I stayed pretty focused on cheat day and kept it to one meal and a few drinks. I worry if I cheat to much it will be hard to focus and take the rest of the week to work it off. Hope everyone the  best of luck today!!!!

  • I had to push myself to make it to the gym yesterday. Once there I had a good workout.  I have the day off because its election day.  I am looking forward to my cardio workout (it is also a great way of procrastinating on my grad project!!)  

  • Hi everyone,

    I started my second challenge on the 26th with my wife. I was in the 10th week of my first challenge and lost some focus so I am re-committing myself for another 12 weeks. The strength gains I made during my first challenge were phenomenal and I want really want to push it to the limit this time around.

    During my first time I didn't partake in the forum discussions so I wanted to try it. Reading through the posts it looks like we have a very supportive group and I hope to see you all at the finish line in January.

  • I am with you, I keep my cheat days to dinner and dessert. If I ate whatever I wanted that day I would undo a week's worth of progress.

  • Day 10 is here. Before we know it week 2 will be history. Hope you are all doing well. Stay focused and eat clean.

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  • Hi everyone!

    I would like to say hello from New Zealand!  I started my BFL challenge the same day as you, 25 October but only just managed to join up now.  It has been truly inspiring reading all your comments, knowing I'm doing everything right as far as the challenge goes.  I'm not entering the actual challenge, as I don't qualify being in another country, so just doing it as a personal challenge for myself.  And I'm pleased to say I have reached Day 10 and have followed the programme religiously!!!  (Remember, NZ is usually a day behind USA).

    The past 10 days has had its challenging moments, like watching my family enjoy scrummylicious dinner like pizza and spaghetti bolognese each night while I eat boring meals like boiled chicken with broccoli ... but it hasn't phased me at all, becoz I'm soooooo determined to lose all this fat I've been carrying around for years and years, and have prepared myself mentally for any moments of weakness.

    So thanks to you all for adding in your comments, it has really helped me stay on track.  Keep up the good work, and I encourage you all to remain focused, and remember ... if your mind can conceive it, your heart can believe it ... and YOU can achieve it!!!

    Let's do this!!!


  • CatKin welcome,

    I know it can be tough staying eating healthy when everyone around you is indulging. Hang in their though, as the weeks progress and your family sees the gains you are making, they'll probably start eating healthier themselves. I know mine are.

  • I had a question for the group. What supplements are you taking? Anyone out there trying to gain strength and get lean? I am currently following this supplement regimen:

    6am – Pro Science Reload

    9am – Myoplex Carb Control Bar

    Noon – Pro Science Reload

    3pm – Whey Protein Shake

    9pm (Post Workout) – Pro Science Reload, Myoplex Deluxe

  • lhhorton.....I try not to get too carried away with supplements but I do have a couple protein shakes each day and take glutamine after my workout (in my shake). Just before bed I have a casein protein shake (which is a slow digesting protein as opposed to whey protein). I make sure and eat a good protein/carb meal a couple hours before my workout and then about 1/2 hour before my workout I take arginine and a caffine pill which helps give you an extra boost of energy for your workout. This little format has worked well for me.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • fit4life... thanks for the info... I will remember he arginine and caffine bit if I ever feel like I need a boost to get through my workout.