Starting October 25 -- anyone want to join?

  • FRANCO: My first challenge in 2003 I followed the cardio exactly as the book says.....20 minutes and had great results. The key is to make sure you really give it all you have during that 20 minutes. You should be dripping in sweat and breathing very heavy when you are done. I know it seems short but it works. I also incorporated my ab workout after my cardio sessions. To me cardio and abs seem to go well together. All the best.

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  • DAY 3: Got up this morning and started the day with protein pancakes and will eat every 2-3 hours. In a few hours I'll head to the basement for a cardio session. Hope everyone is following the plan as best they can. Have a great day everyone!!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • gonna start 28th, very important that I try and not quit like I have in the past

  • Got my Lower Body workout in this morning (its morning to me, even though its 3pm already =).  MAN I HATE Lunges! But I did 'em!  

    Anybody have some insight on how to use intensity levels for ab work? I just don't get it, though its probably easier than I think.  Any insight would help.  I just made sure to really hold my crunches this morning and focus on using my abs.  

  • Steve, the book has a list of approved foods and it isn't big, especially with regard to fruits and vegetable. I am going to adjust as I see fit as I am a healthy eater and not worried about falling into bad habits. Having said that, the absence of things like honey, etc., is funny.

    Amy: I lived in Japan 11 years total and included Roppongi, Minami and Azabu Juban before Roppongi Hills (Juban easier to access now) and miss the food, language, hospitality and refinement. I have lived in Chinese and Muslim cultures the last 7 years until recently and miss the Japanese. I hope you're having fun, it is a fabulous city.

    All: I am using an online tool that is free, for meal and activity planning and keeping track and you might find it useful especially when you hit a plateau and need to analyze your history (yes I AM a geek).


  • Time off BFL is a DEFINITE no-no!  I dropped 9cm from my butt 10 years ago and then put on nearly 20cm!!!!!!!  I also don't use the word diet - I just say "this is how I live" or "I can eat whatever I want on Saturday".  This time, the change is forever.  I now have a child to role model for.

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!

  • EngineerAshley -  You might be interested in this exercise called "plank" in yoga - lie on your front and then prop yourself up on toes and elbows (or hands) and hold it with your body straight.  The way I found really effective is to hold it for 30secs, then rest for 5secs, then up again for 25s, rest 5s, up for 20s, down 5s etc until you get to 5s.  Only takes a couple of minutes, but it gives all-over core conditioning and really really effective.  The other thing I do for abs (along with plank) is to do 3 rounds of 3 different exercises at different speeds - first one fast for 12 reps, second one normal for 10 reps and third round I hold each movement until it really hurts as many times as I can.  

    Good luck!  I know you can do it!

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!

  • Day 3 was a day off from work which means eating and drinking but I had a great day I excersized and kept busy. I feel great already!!! My goal today is to push myself during cardio!! All the advice is great-thanks and have a great day

  • EAshley- I agree. I hate lunges, i did them today!!  I did them at the end of my workout because i wanted to get them in.. geesh that too some self motivating. haha.

    BigHurt- good job!  Days off from work are hard, because there is a greater chance to pick at food out of boredom (with me atleast) great job staying focused!

    Agilles... YOU CAN DO IT!!!   :)

    I had a good workout today. and have been doing good on my meals. I hope everyone is having a good experience so far with their own personal challenges.

    I am proud of myself because yesterday at work, someone had made some home made pumpkin bars and it was offered to me, and i refused. The coworker replied, not even a little piece... i declined and told her my goals. I am sticking to it and am determined!!  Then today a professor (i am in grad school) brought in cookies, and my friends moved them away from me. I have some very supportive friends!!  

    Have a great rest of Day 4, and good look ahead on Day 5!

  • swagner -- congrats on your successes with turning down the cookies and pumpkin bars.  It's those little steps that mean A LOT!  It shows you that you can exercise willpower, and that you can make the right decisions.  You absolutely should be proud of yourself!!!!

    I think it's great that you told your friends, too, and that they are supporting you.  It's really important to have a support system in place, to cheer you on and help you remain strong, and to give you encouragement if you do falter.  During my last challenge I found that things were much easier when I told people outright what I was doing -- no one asked me to go to unhealthy places for lunch, no one asked me to go out for drinks after work.  They were supportive of my goals, and didn't want to set me back.

    Let's stay strong, gang, and keep taking it one day at a time.  We can do it!

  • ENGINEERASHLEY :  Ditto on the When it comes to ab work I'm not quite as concerned about the 12-10-8-6-12 routine. Sometimes I will pick an exersize and do 4 sets of 15-20 reps. But to increase intensity for abs here's what I have tried....doing situps I will start on a very low incline board and each set raise the board up one notch.....or I will do my first set of situps  then grab  a 5 lb weight and hold it for my next set then a 10 lb weight for my next set and so on. If you were doing lay down leg raises you would start out flat and then raise the board up one notch on each of the following sets to make it harder. These are just a few ideas. Hope this helps.

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  • KREEATIONS: Good for you....keep it up!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • DAY 4: Hope everyone is having a great day 4. Just got back from the gym and had a great workout. The posts are very encouraging to read. Tonight for my final 2 meals I'll be having a chicken *** with a veggie stir fry and then before bed a casein protein shake. Have a great night all!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • I'm giving myself BIG props tonight! I didn't, in any way, shape or form, want to get out of bed this afternoon and go do my cardio.  BUT I DID!!! And I felt better after it! =)  Somehow I managed to leave a meal at home tonight, so I'll have to improvise.  Just means I'll be short a carb, but I have extra chicken and a salad to throw it on, so I should be ok.  

    Question: I NEVER feel hungry by the time I should eat my next meal.  I shoot for 2-3 hours like the book says, but I'm never hungry yet.  Is this normal? Should I be eating less?  Tonight I cut my carb portions back to 1/3 c to see if that changes anything.  

    Also... Saturday night I have a Halloween party to go to.  I'm thinking I still want to do my cardio day when I get up that day, and just use that night as my "free day,"  eating right but not exercising on Sunday.  Does that sound ok, still working out but not eating 100% right?

    Thanks to everyone for the Ab advice! =)

  • STEVE: Great words, much appreciated. I am being ever mindful of trying to set a goal that is realistic yet at the same time curious to see what a given amount of energy will yield. Im not gonna beat myself up if I dont hit my 10 pound goal, rather im more curious what results I will see at my pace.  Im happy to report that I think with the increased water intake and the forcing myself to eat less but more often, I have found it has positively effected my energy level. Im on day 4 and feel good. Ive got that sore feeling from having worked out with a focus on really maximizing the time. As someone once told me when lifting weights that the most important rep is the next one. All in all a good day and its not over yet.... Time for some more water I think..