Starting October 25 -- anyone want to join?

  • swagner2......there is not a set time to stop eating. Many diet programs tell you to stop eating after 6pm but we are not on a diet program......we are on a fitness program. Because of our weight and cardio workouts we need good nutrition. My last meal is usually 10-10:30 at night. For that last meal I do not eat a carbohydrate. I will only eat protein.....for instance protein powder mixed with water or a cup of cottage cheese. As you sleep your body needs the protein to help repair muscle tissue but it does not need carbs. Carbs late at night are much more prone to be stored as fat. Hope this helps.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Thanks fit4life! I can't wait to feel my pants loosening up and the scale can be discouraging I'll try to stay away from it.

  • Day #2 did cardio yesterday and upperbody today feeling good. The Protien pudding is helping with my after dinner/ before bed dessert craving. I have a question. 20 minutes doesn't seem like very much for cardio. Anyone out there who was successful in previous challenges did you only do this small amount of cardio or did you up it?

  • Franco -- good question about the cardio.  I wondered the same thing at first, but the 20 minute cardio was my favorite part about my first challenge.  And it was VERY effective.  The key is the intervals.  I run on the treadmill, and by using the interval method I was able to get my time per mile way down (from 11 minute miles before I started to 8:30 miles at the end of the challenge), and to get just as good a workout in 20 minutes as I would otherwise get in 30-45 minutes of just jogging.

    My advice is to use the interval system (if you need more detail, let me know), and to really push yourself hard on the intervals -- make sure you are pushing 9s at the top of each interval, with a 10 right at the end of the workout.  Do that for a week or two, and see how it feels for you.  If you push yourself on the intervals you can get a GREAT cardio workout, IMO.

    BigHurt -- in response to your question about how often to weigh in, I really like Fit4life's answer about not weighing in at all until the end of the challenge, and letting your body/clothes tell you how you are doing.  Unfortunately for me, I don't have the willpower to do that.  I tend to get overly obsessive about the scale, and I'm on it way more than I should be.  If you're not disciplined enough to do what Fit4Life suggests and stay off the scale entirely, I'd shoot for no more than once a week.  And I'd also advice to weigh in right before your free day, not after it.  I'm going to post about the free day later on as we get closer to it, but from my own experience, the scale was always really bad the day after.  So if you are going to get on the scale, do it on the morning of your free day, not the morning after it.

    Megan S -- I know just what you mean about it being hard to start back up for the second challenge.  I had that problem too.  But we've started now.  We just have to stick with it and stay strong, and very soon we'll be back in our routine.

    Sounds like everyone is doing great!  Keep up the good work!!!!

  • I'm in.

  • Hello everyone! I am definitely down for another challenge and I'm so glad I found you all to do the challenge with me:) This is my 3rd challenge. During the 1st challenge back in 2007 I lost 16 lbs and kept it off for over a year. I loved doing Body for Life. Sadly, i got complacent and the 2nd time I did the challenge years ago, I was not as dedicated and hence, did not see much results.  Now, 3 years later i have gained all the weight back and i am honestly in DESPERATE NEED of REAL CHANGE. I remembered how I LOVED working out with the BFL Fitness Program years ago and how it gave me a real sense of confidence, energy  and mental clarity.  I WANT THAT AGAIN so I've finally decided to go back to what i KNOW WORKS---Body for Life!  

    Day #2 so far went great with morning cardio at 5AM and clean eating all day with LOTS OF WATER throughout the day.  Btw, I'm in Seattle, WA ...anyone in my neck of the woods?

    We can do this guys!!!!  



  • Im in the greater Seattle area as well. I just started and this is my maiden voyage. I realize that Im impatient and I want results fast but Ive lso found that I tend to do better when I can see a plan as a direction towards a more positive embraceable change and not as some fad or starvation diet plan. So with that said I will shoot for 10 pounds a month and perhaps by vocalizing it and sending the words out across the ether that I will hold myself to that goal.

  • Amy, what part of Tokyo do you live? I lived there for ages.


  • Hi Steve,

    I did the challenge 10 years ago and both hubby and I did great!  Problem was that at the end of the 12 weeks we decided to take a week off to indulge and that was the worst mistake we ever made.

    I'm now at the end of week 2 second time around and I am finding that it's actually going better than the first time!  I feel great, I've already dropped a dress size and doing weights again is almost like being on a high - I can't understand why we stopped!

    Keep up the good work and just love the challenge.  We call our day off "fat day" and I'm now at the point where junk just doesn't taste as good as I remember only a couple of weeks ago.

    It's all a mind-set and if you're positive, you can achieve anything Steve!

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!

  • Well done for having another bash at BFL. I am a big lad (around 25 stone) and did BFL last year, losing 3 stone in 12 weeks. I felt great and had bags of energy. However, I took a week off for Christmas, and never got back to it, I put all the weight back on, plus extra and now feel really down on myself.

    However I'm starting BFL again next week, and this time i'm going to take horrible embarrassing pictures of myself, and keep looking at them on a daily basis, also thinking of registering a domain name and keeping a blog online, for me more than anything else, but it will hopefully also serve as an extra incentive being able to show everyone else how well I am doing.

    After reading most of the posts here I think that taking time off BFL is a big no no, someone once told me that BFL is not a diet, or a 12 week plan really, its a complete lifestyle change, and that is how it need to be viewed.

    Once again good luck !!!

  • Hi I did quite well last year, my local gym ran BFL spin classes that were really good, and worked in tune witht he 20 min solution, however as my fitness level increased I spent longer periods doing CV work, mostly on the cross trainer or bike, as being a big lad I have to worry about impact on my knees and ankles. I think the main point is to make sure your heart rate alternates, increasing you recovery rates and fitness.

  • Scorpio -- please be careful about that 10 pounds per month goal.  Like someone else mentioned previously, the scale can be very deceiving.  I've read many comments from BFLers who did not have the scale change for them until week 6, 8 or even week 10.  My concern with setting a goal of 10 pounds a month would be that at the end of the month you may see only a few pounds change on the scale, and get discouraged and quit.  It takes time for the body to change.  That's why this is a 12 week challenge, and not a 4 week challenge.   We are all impatient and want results fast, but this is not a quick fix.  As others have mentioned, it's Body for LIFE, and we really all need to turn this into a lifestyle change.  Just be careful not to put short-term expectations in place that might sabatouge you.

    Welcome to all the new people that have commented or joined in our thread!  This seems like a great group -- very supportive!!!  Day 3 today -- let's kick some butt!!!

  • Deena - I'm in Minato-ku, Roppongi.  We've been here since July 07 and very much enjoy it (although we're also looking forward to being home, probably next summer!).  I understand from others that there's a LOT more English than there was even just ten years ago.  When were you here?  Where did you live?  What do you miss the most??

    Finished up Day 3 pretty well.  Had a great LB workout at the gym.  I added an abductor and adductor set  (just one set on the crossover machine) and a back set (that machine where you lay over it and lift your upper body up) to my LB workouts.  I included them in my last challenge and I decided to keep doing it this time around too.  I think the key to adding anything exercise wise is just as Steve said:  if it saps your energy, it's too much.  Sometimes if I'm feeling strong, I'll add an extra interval on my CV days, and I do some aerobics before any weightlifting as a way to warm up.  

    I wasn't great with food today.  Everything I ate was on the plan, but my dinner portions were too big!).  I'm getting ready to plan for tomorrow and try harder to stick with the right sizes.  I don't think I drank enough water today and that contributed significantly I'll bet.  

    Hope everyone is having a great day!  


  • Boy I can tell I have not hit the weights in a while. Woke up pretty sore today from my Monday upper body workout. Cardio went good last night, but I am out of cardio shape. I like the 20 minute cardio workout. The high intensity level for 20 minutes is great. If you push yourself to the interval levels it will be a good enough cardio workout. And about the weight I agree with many others about don't get caught up in watching the scale. The weight will come off, but everyone needs to understand that this program is more designed to cut fat and that doesn't always reflect the scale. I am more focused on my body fat % than I am the weight. If you cut your body fat the weight will come with it, but you are adding some muscle with this program and muscle weighs more than fat so everyone keep that in mind,


  • Well, went to the gym to do my lower body workout.  I certainly did not get to the 10 high point.  The work out was just so-so.  I should have gone heavier with the weights.  I will step it up next time.  In addition to that, I ran into a problem with two of my muscle group exercises.  After I finished my dumbbell squats, I headed over to immediately do my leg extensions, but the machine was occupied.  The same thing happened after my straight leg deadlifts, the lying leg curl machine was occupied when I needed it.   I still did everything else though.  

    After I got home I transferred my before pictures from my camera to my computer.  OMG!!!!  Do I really look like that??   I am going to look at these pictures everyday for motivation.  I didn't realize it was that bad!!   I am more determined now to fix it!