Starting October 25 -- anyone want to join?

  • I'm in. I am also in London so if you're in the US, I started this morning! My first BFL challenge and I would like to get rid of 20 pounds. Tell me, on your 1st challenge, did you stick strictly to the food list and did you use EAS supplements? I won't be using the supplements.

  • Just about done with my day 1 (I'm in Tokyo, so I'm even earlier than you delawrence!).  In retrospect, it wasn't the best day to start (had commitments that made getting to the gym impossible), but I did a warm up on the Nordic Track and used my home free weights.  I never think I'm getting as good a workout as when I'm in the gym, but I worked it hard and in the end it was quite a challenging upper body workout.  I did it.  

    I second the whole plan advice.  It made a genuine difference when I was going through my first challenge.  I'm getting ready to look back over my day and plan for tomorrow.  I have found something that works really well for me:  one of the Moleskin's, the graph paper one.  At the front I tape in my overall goals and objectives, pictures I've copied of before and afters, and then my own little 84 square box that I can cross off as I exercise and eat right.  I've also got space for before and after specs.  What I like best about my system is that I use two pages for each day, planned and actual.  I know I'm writing more than I might if I were using the forms, but I add my basic things to do list to the planned page, and my observations about my efforts, frustrations, and elations at the bottom of the actual page (the last thing I do before turning in).  It's become my daily planner, my workout and food log, my life journal in all honesty.  I take it everywhere.

    I do buy the EAS Lite supplement bars.  They're my emergency reserve in those cases where real food just isn't viable.  I'm probably not going to do too much more (although I have a few of the powders left, and I might make a couple of the desserts in Eating for Life!).  

    I think I stick pretty close to the food list, although I have to make a few accommodations (low fat cheese isn't really available here, but I love it so I have it, just not as much).  I use more whole grains (like kamut, wheatberries, millet), but i balance it with the protein and veggies.  Mostly I'm looking for a quality carb, a quality protein, and as many vegetables as I can throw in.  

    Maybe we can have themes each week or even day.  Today or the next couple of days we can talk about planning, then maybe breakfast recipes, or how you make notations for your workout, or how to motivate yourself.  Like today I focused on what I do for planning.  What do you do?    

    Thanks Steve for your opening email.  I wish for all of you a fantastic first day.  Good night!


  • I am a little surprised not to see tofu on the food list and I wonder exactly how strict BFL users not in the formal competition, adjust to meet their likes/dislikes and other needs? Example, if I can have cucumbers it would follow that a pickle not made with sugar is going to be a deal breaker, etc. Thoughts?

  • I am in !!! This is my first time I want to lose at least 20 lbs in 12 weeks! Thanks for starting this challenge!

  • Wow, we have quite a diverse group!  delawrence in London, Amy in Japan, I'm in the Cayman Islands.  Very cool that we are worldwide!

    Delawrence -- I'm guessing that many people adjust to meet their own likes and dislikes.  I know I do.  I don't even think I've seen a "food list" of approved and non-approved foods.  lol.  Personally, I just try to eat clean, and to watch my portion sizes.  I just do a protein and a carb for every meal.  No processed foods at all (other than supplements), and obviously nothing fried.  And portion size is SMALL.  

    As for supplements, I do the nutritional shakes, twice a day.  The ones are do are GNC brand -- basically the same stuff as Myoplex, but they don't have myoplex in Cayman, so I just use the GNC shakes.  They are a good way to get the proper nutrition (protein and vitamins), and they taste like chocolate, so that's a plus too.  :-)

    Hope everyone is having a great day so far!  Let's start this week out strong!  Remember, it doesn't matter if you are perfect -- just stay positive, focus on your goals, and do the best that you can each day, and we'll all get there!

  • I planned out my meals and weight workout for today.  I do have a gym membership, but will probably work out most of the time at home to start due to some time restrictions.   I am excited to be a part of this group.  Reading everyones comments is so motivational for me.  I need that!!  I know we can do this!

    I am going to use the Myoplex shakes, but not any of the other least for now.   I may end up changing to something else.  

    Seeing others are posting their location.........I am in Upstate New York.  It is really neat that we are worldwide!

    iamsteve - I loved your ending paragraph above!!  I am going to print that out and post it where I can see it everyday during this journey.  Thank you!!

    Good luck everyone!!

  • Gerette -- where in NY are you?  I'm originally from Clifton Park, between Albany and Saratoga.

  • Ah, Clifton Park is about 3 1/2 hours from me.  I am west - in the Finger Lakes area, just outside of Canandaigua.  

  • Just finished my Upper Body Workout!  Could probably have gone harder, but it was still a good workout for the first day!  I'm shaky, so I guess maybe it was better than I thought.   And, I'm very proud of myself!  Typical of my true fashion, I definitely had thoughts of not doing it or putting it off.  But I didn't!  Somehow I woke up earlier than expected, and still made myself get to the gym early!  GREAT 1st day!  Thanks for the encouragement everyone!  

    I'm in South Florida by the way! =)


  • Hi everyone I am starting today myself. Made thru 8 weeks of the program back in 2004 and was in probably the best shape I have ever been in and I am in this to make it the full 12 weeks and beyond now.  I have a workout partner this time around that should be a big help. I am going to try to get him to join in here also. Planned all my meals for the week and workouts and yesterday my partner and I even had our body fat checked out so that we are not only going by weight. I am starting at 195lbs and 31.1% body fat. Can't believe I let myself get to this level, but it is going to change starting now.


  • I am in the fingerlakes as well. I am in Ithaca. Hope everyone's first day is going well. I started with cardio this morning and feel good. I am trying to lose 30 lbs. Have a good rest or the day and keep it up.

    Let's do this!!!

  • Well Done and I wish you a successful journey on the BFL 12 week program. I have also started today, Monday 25th October 2010.  I have tried it many times before and never seem to get past my first week, but now I am determined to succeed.  I have such a sweet tooth and get a little bored with the protein shakes.  I spoke to a Personal Trainer at the gym today and he said it was fine to add some fruit (not a lot) or some flavoured essence to my shakes ( I am using the whey protein shakes by SSN which is a So9urth African Company, as we do not get Myoplex EAS products in South Africa anymore).  Summer has started here already and fruit is plentiful, so I feel satisfied to add a little flavour to the shakes.  

  • I started today Steve. Its my first try and I'm glad there are others to share with. My goal is to lose 30lbs!! Let's do this!!!!!!

  • I'm from Ontario Canada. From passed challenges losing 20 pounds is very doable over a 12 week challenge. If you have 20-40 pounds to lose you are better off doing this over the course of 2 challenges. After challenge one take a week or two off then start another one. Many many bfler's have done this with great results. All the best to all of you......this is a very encouraging thread.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Started C2 the 24th!  WIth challenge 1  I saw some really nice changes I am just about where I want to be (hoping to get into a size 4) thinking a second challenge will get me there!  I look better at 34 than when I was in highschool I am super excited!  Good luck everyone I look forward to seeing how everyone is doing!!