Starting October 25 -- anyone want to join?

  • Hi everyone.  I'm starting a challenge on Monday, October 25.  Anyone want to join?  Support is a good thing, and there's strength in numbers!

    This is my second challenge.  I completed my first challenge on September 27, and it was very successful -- I lost 22 pounds!  I planned to take just one week off and I tried to start a new challenge on October 4, but I wasn't mentally in it, and I haven't been successful so far in October as far as sticking to the plan, either with diet or exercise.  So I am re-dedicating myself, and re-starting the challenge.

    So join in, and let's get healthy together!

  • Steve-Congrats on a successful first challenge! The 2nd one is always a little more challenging. Make sure you have good concrete goals in mind and written down...develop that focus on why you are doing this and you will be successful for sure.

    I'm in maintenance right now, but I'm sure if you look around there is someone starting on Monday!

    Best wishes to your success!! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Steve- I am with you. I did BFL a while ago, but it turned out to be hard with my job (i was on a touring show, and lifestyle just became hard for cooking) So, i am back because it is time for a change. I want to stick with it this time, and i am committed to doing it this time. I am going to start on the 25th!!!

    Lets do this!!

  • Steve - I am game!  This is my second challenge as well, and like you, I've had a hard time getting back into the great groove I was in for Challenge 1.  Let's do this!  

  • I'm in as well!

    Starting tomorrow 6.30 am. Great to have some company! I've started and stopped so many times with BFL, but I NEED it this time. Mentally, physically, I'm going for it. It's my 50th b'day next July. I want to arrive there looking fabulous!

  • I'd like to join all of you as well!  This is my first challenge, and my first real experience with BFL.  I am so excited to get started and sharing feedback here will help me tremendously!  I've been doing a lot of reading in preparation of starting and am ready.  I should have done this a very, very long time ago.

  • Sign me up!  I did Body For Life about 7 years ago and was very successful.  I have continued to work out over the years, but am starting to ge bored and lose focus.  I am ready to dive back into this great program.  I will start tomorrow as well, thanks for the motivation!

  • Steve count me in I did BFL May 27th and I have been wanting to do a 2nd Challenge.

  • Steve count me in I did BFL May 25th and I have been wanting to do a 2nd Challenge.

  • Count me in! This will be my first time around, but I'm ready to make a change.  I've read the book, printed the worksheets and done my grocery shopping for the week! Let's do this!

  • I'm in. I just registered for the challenge a few moments ago because I'm tired of the back and forth/yo-yo crap I've been doing all of my life. I will try to post daily, but  I work a crazy job with even crazier hours and schedules so some days I may not be able to. I'll be in for the long haul. We can do this!

  • Like cinnamonkat, I'll be 50 in April - it's time to get on the "band wagon" works, if you do!  I'M IN!!!!

  • Glad to see so many people here!  Looks like we have some first-timers, and some repeat challengers too.  Should make for a great group to support each other.

    My one piece of advice for everyone is to PLAN!  Plan when you exercise and what you're going to do, plan your meals out, and stick to your plan.  If you plan it all out the night before then your days are much easier.  Just my .02, for whatever it is worth.  :-)

    Good luck to all of us!  The great thing about BFL is that it works!  So let's get motivated and get ready to hunker down for 12 weeks of being healthy.  WE CAN DO IT!!!!


  • I'm not starting an official challenge but I am leaving for the Mayan Riviera in 7 weeks and will be following the BFL plan as I look forward to a week of sunbathing and swimming. (going to try and show those college kids that an old 50 year old can look as good as

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Morning all!

    Day 1 - here we go.... Lets have a great start! I'm all packed and prepared for the day, and off to the gym now, then off to work an early shift at the hospital. Hope you all have a brilliant day!