Startig Oct 18th, 2010 Care to Join Me

  • Wow. Can't believe that after all the hard work I have done that I have let it all slide. Haven't worked out consistenly in over a week and my eating is completely terrible. I feel myself gaining weight and losing sight. Not complaining, not whining....just stating.

    I am excited for the holidays to be over with. Very stressful time of year for me. It is fun for my children but a lot of work for Mom's. I am starting over with BFL on Jan. 2nd but not giving up for the next couple of weeks. I will try my hardest to get to the gym and eat right.

  • Hi Jaimee, it has been really hard for me with all the Holiday goodies around.  I'm glad you aren't giving up.  You've come too far for that!  I'm planning on adding a couple extra weeks in hopes it will make up for the slip ups I had over the past 4 weeks.  Eating right has always been a big challenge for me.  I'm trying really hard and have been doing much better than when I started the program but still see I need lots of work in that area.  Enjoy the Holidays and just do your best....progress not perfection.   We can do this.  

  • Brian, sounds like things are going much better for you! Great job!  I love the feeling when I get when I have a really great week.  It's been a while since I've had a completely clean week but I'm not gonna give up.  Only two more weeks to go!  I'm so proud of us all for making a commitment and not giving up.  Even if I don't reach my goal this challenge, I'm am just so happy that I kept my promise to myself every day and stuck this out.  Have a great week!

    We can do this!

  • Im still here too. I have ran into a huge issue though!  I have been having heart problems and the doctor says no workouts.  Im still working out.  My eating hasnt been 100% but its not too bad considering all of the temptations we have been around!  Im excited to get the holidays over and start new!!

    We will all succeed................together!!

  • Hello???? Is anybody out there???    lol Where is everyone??  Im getting worried about you all!  Anyways, I have been missing workouts and eating badly all week but..............I still lost a pound!! Woot Woot!!  I am back on track this morning.  Did my lbwo and ate protein oatmeal.  Now its off to work!  Have a great day everyone!

    We will all succeed................together!!

  • Hi Sandra!  I'm still here. Was out of town all last week with minimal workout equipment. I did my best for the workouts, ate not so clean but better then last year at this same time and I lost 1.5 lbs... over Christmas! I still can't believe it! So I am at 10.5 lbs. YIPPEE!!

  • Hello everyone! I am still here..barely. I went to the gym this morning and did some cardio but not HIIT. My eating is out of control and I feel terrible. I am starting the 12 weeks again on Sunday Jan. 2nd. It is the way I think I will keep with the program.

    Hope you all had a great Christmas!

  • Hello everyone! Still here, but barely this week... I am still maintaining the eating fairly well, but not so good on the exercise...keeping busy, so not just being a lump though.... Am  losing inches, but not weight so much.... although my husband has been gone for 41 days  and came back and said he was amazed at how trim i have gotten :)


    Well you stuck with it this to go farther?

    Starting Jan 17th, Care to Join Me?

  • I'm in!!  Learned from my mistakes and am ready for a second go!  My 12 weeks is up on the 8th. I'll post pics then.  Happy  BFLing everyone :)

  • Hello everybody,

    The week started out well but went south once I got out to my parents place.  For one thing I left my notebook of where I'm at but more pressing is the fact that we're snowed in and can't get to the gym.  Regardless, I'm trying to get back on track after eating 3 meals a day and bad holiday food / treats.  Additionally, I've been spending a lot of time in the hospital because my father is ill and that has been stressing me out.

    Anyhow, a new week: WEEK 11.  It's time to push for results.  Remember if you do nothing else to check in at the end so we know who completed the challenge.  Also, if you fell off the wagon, confess the mistake and move on.

    Additionally, you may have noticed, I'm going to start a new group: "Starting Jan 17th, Care to Join Me?"  I hope all of you do join me.  If you're not starting exactly on the 17th, that's fine.  I tracked people who started earlier and later in this challenge and the group will be generated today, so it will exist before the 17th.

    To Jaimee, I would say finish this 12-weeks before you move on.  You started I think a day ahead of everyone, which means your last week should start on Jan 2nd, not end on Jan 2nd.  If I'm not wrong in that then you should really finish out this challenge first.  Maybe you won't get the results you wanted and maybe that's the point.

    Much like those old pictures could motivate, this challenge executed improperly can also serve as motivation to finish it out the next time correctly.  Addtionally, it is my fear tht you may have generated this notion that you are starting a new challenge on the 2nd to excuse mistakes you are making now.  I hope that is not the case.

    To everyone else, I would say, I know it is getting hard but thinking about how hard it is, won't do you any good.  You may have lost focus, you may have lost up....push harder.  Now is not the time to wait to be inspired to work out.  You know who thought like that.....the people who we lost at week 4.

    Don't fall into the trap of imagining these workouts or this diet to be something more difficult than it is.  When people screw up they have a nasty habit of justifying it by saying that they failed because it was hard, or impossible or any number of excuses.  They justify themselves by building up the idea of the challenge until it is insurmountable.  

    That is pride my friends.  To say that you didn't screw up because of a moments weakness but rather because "you were so hungry", "so tired"....these are excuses.  Own your failures.....they were a mistake.  You will not allow it to happen again.

    Else, you're excuse has committed you to the next time that you are "so hungry" or "so tired" that you will fail again.  You will build this challenge into something insurmountable and you will fail.  Be strong, push harder.....Join me on Jan 17th, 2010 (or thereabouts).

    Be great everybody,


  • Hello everybody,

    had a good workout.  Took me a while to build up to it but I did do it.  I'm pretty much all cardio now that I'm at my folks place.  They have a treadmill but not much else so I am just forcing myself to make it work.  Anyway, I hope everyone else is doing well.  Don't get discouraged.  Remember how much weight you packed on last Christmas?  Sometimes standing still is moving forward.

    Anyhow, be great everybody,


  • Good morning!  I had a chance to measure this morning so I thought I would share.

    10/18/10                                                                           12/28/10

    Weight-207lbs.                                                                Weight-197

    Neck-14 1/2"                                                                     Neck-13 1/2

    Right Bi-13                                                                        Right Bi-12 1/4

    Left Bi-13 1/2                                                                    Left Bi-12

    Chest-44"                                                                          Chest-37 1/4

    Waist-43"                                                                          Waist-35 1/4

    Hips-48"                                                                            Hips-41 3/4

    Right thi-26 3/4"                                                               Right thi-23 1/2

    Left thi-27"                                                                         Left thi-23 3/4

    Right ca-16 1/2"                                                               Right ca-15 1/4

    Left ca-16 1/4"                                                                  Left ca-15

    Starting body fat percentage was 39.9%

    Current body fat percentage is 27.09%

    According to the calculations I have lost 27 lbs of fat.

    Just thought I would share!

    We will all succeed................together!!

  • Nice job Sandra! You lost over 8 inches from your waistline, not to mention your bodyfat has decreased considerably.  Wow that's fantastic! Cheers to you. Keep up the good work!!

  • Hello everyone,

    Hope everyone's holiday is going well.  My own has been rather pleasant.  My father is out of the hospital which is a blessing.  I've been keeping up with aerobic workouts every day.


    great job, I hope the progress continues until the end of the challenge.  Just keep it up.

    Later everybody,