Startig Oct 18th, 2010 Care to Join Me

  • Jaimee,

    that's an impressive story.  I've never had anything so bad as cancer but 5 months ago, I got in a bad motorcycle accident, broke all my ribs down throuh the center of my chest, two ribs in the back, shattered my shoulderblade and collapsed a lung.  Needless to say, I was in a bad way but happy to be alive.

    I'd love to say that in the immediate aftermath, I packed on all this weight but the truth is, when it first happened I was serious about getting back in shape.  There were a lot of things like range of motion, they said I'd never get back but I just manned up and bore through the pain until I was better.

    Problems came for me when they doctor said I was fine.  It was like suddenly there was slack in the line and I've been terrible ever since.  I remember training with a grave sort of pain and just accepting it but anymore even the remenant of the same pain (small by comparison) has stopped me from being healthy.

    I say this to you because perhaps you'll understand:  My excuses are pain is real....and if I'm looking for an excuse, I don't have to look hard (not anymore).  But do I want an excuse?!  That's the real answer.  I'm tired of excuses.

    I'll put it another way.....I used to run cross-country for a state championship team.  It was raining sheets of cold rain and nobody wanted to go outside.  Then came along my Coach and he said this:...."That's the Point"...."This is the only day that matters."  He went on to explain that no doubt every other runner in the region was doing the same thing.....conspiring reasons why they shouldn't run.  So as he explained it, this would be the only day we made progress and they didn't.  That's stuck with me.

    It's not a reason to stop when it gets hard, it's a reason to push on.....because everybody stops when it gets hard.  So if you want something other than average....the only day that matters is the hard day.

    Anyway, I've gone on tangent.  Maybe that will help you maybe it won't.  I knew that once and finally I'm starting to remember again.  I'm starting monday Oct won't be easy, and that's the point.



  • Rebecca,

    thaks for the words of encouragement.  I'll try to keep that in mind.  Maybe I could quiery, how much you drink (alchohol) if at all and how you manage that.  I'm going to cut it out for the first month completely but at some point I am going to have to bring it back.



  • Barry,

    Definately, I'm in.  For clarity, I'll just call this T-2 until Day 1 begins but I'm already shopping for what I need.  Thanks and keep in touch.


  • Sti_cardinal_21

    Everybody is responsible for keeping everybody responsible....I think that's the point.  I welcome anybody who will help keep me straight and will likewise do the same.  Best of luck



  • Puertoricesis,

    Best of luck.  Out of curiousity, what have you decided to start eating?



  • JWM,

    Likewise.  I don't know if you've started yet but best of luck starting with the right foot on monday.



  • Birdybird,

    That's more set of eyes to keep everyone else on course.

    Best of Luck,


  • Hey Brian! Since we're starting only 3 days apart, and I am also doing my first challenge, I'm excited to follow your progress! Thanks for chiming in on my forum! Let's keep each other posted!

    : )

    Rydel001 (Lynne)

  • Hello October 18 Beginners !!!

    I wish to jump in the wagon with you all for this 12 week journey.   :)

    I did BFL awhile back, before I had my kids and loved the program.  I never finished the 12wk challenge because I had some complication with my pregnancy but in the 4wks that I did follow it I learned a lot.

    I've managed to lose about 40 lbs since having my son but  i'm up 10 pounds and that is why I decided to dust off my BFL book.  I want to lose about 20lbs.  I know I can do it.  When I set my mind to something I accomplish it.  Once I lose this 20lbs of grossness, my ultimate goal is to reach 18% body fat.

    I'll post my beginning stats tomorrow along with my before picture.  I am sooo ready to do this.

    Wish you all the best of luck!!



  • Count me in!

  • Brian,

    Thanks for your response and your story. The impact of an accident like that surely sets a course whether it be positive or negative and it sounds like you have decided to take a path that will give you a happy ending!

    I read a quote the other day that I am going to put on my fridge: "The pain of discipline or the pain of regret. Your choice."      

    Great, right?????

    Good luck tomorrow!


  • Hi Brian, I'm Carcia!  18 October will be day one for me too.  I am about to prepare my grocery list and write down my workout plan.  I am ready if you are!  This will be my first attempt at BFL, although I have looked at the program in the past.  It will be difficult, but we can and will do it!  I believe in the first few weeks it will be important for me to stick to a written schedule, cause I know I'll get weak!  Good luck and I will be checking in with you.

  • I will be starting on the 18th October as welll and the support you guys provide in here will come in handy.  I have come in here a number of times in the past to read what everyone had to say and i look forward to posting my journey.  The workouts will be a challenge, but i have accepted that the only way to stick to them is to do them in the morning.  That is the only time that does not alter and depends on my motivations.  Lunch hour and after hours always find work getting in the way! GOOD LUCK BRIAN AND ENJOY THE JOURNEY!!!

  • I'm in, I just completed my first challenge a week ago but I did not really finish on a good note.   Lots of missed meals and workouts.  This one will be much better and much more dedicated.

    Looking forward to share encouragement with this group.. Let's do this challenge right and make sure to take pics.

  • Support Group:  Starting date, Monday- October 18, 2010


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    See you all at the finish line !!!