Startig Oct 18th, 2010 Care to Join Me

  • Hello....My name is Brian.  This will be my first attempt at BFL.  I'm looking for anyone else who is starting or has started about this time.  It's past time to get a move on things.  This is about more than 12 weeks to me.  I've been healthy before and I know I'll be healthy again, what I'm tired of is the Yo-Yo.  I need to figure out a strategy I can maintain.....I need to relearn the good habits I so easily forget....I need to balance social networks with healthy lifestyles.  My A#1 goal from this is cooking!  I know that sounds silly but it is the cornerstone I am missing and if I am dedicated to anything, it is to learn to cook healthy.  Anyway....that's me.....come join me.

  • welcome to BFL Brian!  I'm Rebecca!  Monday will mark the start of week 4 for me, but I'd be happy to offer encouragement!

    I don't think the cooking goal is silly at all - it's super important to know how to cook healthy, if you want to live healthy.  The recipes on this site are pretty good - I've done a few of them with decent results.  One thing I committed to, is to cut out red meat while I'm on my challenge.  I'm still eating chicken, turkey and fish, but wanted to lower my cholesterol as well, so no red meat.  However, I'm still eating things like chili and stew - just turkey or chicken chili & stew and no added fats :)  

    Here's a hint for you - eggs whites take a bit less time to cook than the full egg!

    Good luck on your journey!!

  • Brian,

    Welcome to the forum and Rebecca, way to go for the start of week 4! I tell people if they can get past week 3 and start establishing those healthy habits, it gets much easier.

    Best wishes for your BFL journey!! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Okay Brian lets do this. My name is Barry and I am in it to finish 84 days without missing a single workout. I will plan my nutrition ahead, journal, post here everyday and make sure to follow "the rules". In a way today is day one because it begins with intent. Plan and with me?

  • Hey Brian,

    I wished I would've read down the forum a little more before posting my own about starting the 18th. I'm on board as well. I've tried to do this multiple times in the past, but no more excuses and I know this forum will help me stay on course and accountable. Look forward in joining everyone on this challenge.

  • Count me in too... Starting on Monday officially but i've already begun to change my eating habits...

  • Im in!  I have done and completed a challenge before with awesome results!  I dont know why I ever stopped but now Im at my heaviest weight and I know that BFL is the only thing that works!!  If anyone has any questions or needs support, this is the way to get started!


    We will all succeed................together!!

  • My name is Chad and I have tried twice in the past and failed. My health is so out of control. I have a beautiful wife and 5 children and my health is hurting the people I love the most. I am done being lazy and last night for the first time I made a choice to stay away from chips. I actually said, "do I want chips or my family" I resisted the temptation and I am so on my way. I am going down this road and I am not turning back. I need you all as well and I am so thankful for this website. My 12 week plan will end on Jan 3rd and this is going to be the best new year! I am 38 years old!

  • Also, I weigh around 290. What is a target weight for 12 weeks. I know it is more about changing old habits and getting heathly, but I was just wondering what would be a attainable goal? I am usually hard on myself and I don't want an unrealistic goal. I know this is not going to be overnight, but I remember the time when I did this for two weeks and I was feeling great and sleeping well.

  • My wife and I are also starting on the 18th. I'm along for the support and motivation.

    I wish everyone the best on their journey.

  • Chad,

    Welcome to the forum! You have made a GREAT decision for YOU and your FAMILY!! Write that down somewhere and stick it in your bathroom, in the kitchen, in your bedroom, in your car...well you get the picture.

    The nutrition portion of the challenge is about 80% so if you can get that part down (like saying NO to the chips) you will be on your way to success.

    I think a realistic goal for you would be 35-40# so shoot for being at 250 in 12 weeks! My husband just did the nutrition part and he lost 25# in 12 wks. If you say you can, you can.

    Stay with the forums for support and motivation...Best wishes for your success!! =)

    Keep on Keepin' On!!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Setting goals is very crucial according to the BFL book. Check out some of the success stories here and find someonethat started close to your size and weight and see what they achieved. It is very encouraging when you see how someone else has already done it! Stay the course

  • My new daily internet routine.

    1. Check e-mail

    2. Check facebook

    3. Check Body for Life

    It is such a blessing to have this website and know that I am not alone in this! I have the Lord and a great network of people that want to change their health at Body fof Life! This is going to be a huge encouragement to me. I finally looked in the mirror today and realized that I can really change and the man I see in the mirror is going to succeed at this!

  • I would love to join you and your new friends! I will be starting tomorrow the 17th and plan to lose 25 lbs by January!

    I have done this challenge before (2001) and did fantastic and kept up the eating and exercise plan for 2 years until cancer struck. I made it through that part of my life and was able to have more children. So after 5 little girls I am ready to get back into shape!!!

    THanks for starting this group!

  • I'm in, too! I'm starting tomorrow--can't wait!