40+Fit in 2011 starting NOW!

  • Had a pretty good beginning this morning (upper body). I felt the old rush like when I did my first challenge. I KNOW for sure this will work because I've personally been there..done that  and I'm excited to do it again. I remember the muscels starting to define themselves as the unwanted fat begins to dissapear. I need to tweak the routine but that's normal. First day in the drivers seat usually requires adjustments.

    I'm pretty stoked at the moment.

    The nutritional transition will be tough but good. I prepaired a recipe from the Eating for Life book today for 2 of my meals (page 177 teriyaki chicken) I substituted brown rice and brussel sprouts for the peas and taters :)

    Tracking my nutrition on fitday.com too. Helps me know my calorie intake.

    Tomorrow I am really looking forward to. I think I'll do the trails...hitting 10's every 7 minutes or so on a 30 min run.

    RockNRoll...game on

  • Lynne,

    Ever feel like David facing Goliath...me too. The true test of your metal is how you do when the wind isn't blowing in your direction. When all hell is breaking loose and you're the only one standing between disaster and survival.

    You've got the strength to walk the talk. It's hidden below the surface...tap into it and LIVE.

    I'm sore today but it feels like LIFE to me!

    Cardio awaits and I'm gonna nail it NOW.

    I'm with ya girl!


  • Hi There!

    I definitely fit into your 40+ women group as I am shadowing the gate of turning 45 in March and want to ditch this extra 25lbs I've been packing around for a while...so count me in and I'm definitely going to need some support, lol.

    Tough Cookie!