40+Fit in 2011 starting NOW!

  • Sure, it's a little early for a New Years resolution, but why not make one now? Wouldn't it be AMAZING to ring in the new year ahead of the game? That's exactly what I intend to do, and I invite you to join me in starting your BFL challenge today. 

    12 weeks is going to pass us by whether we do this or not. 12 weeks later we can sit here with the same complaints. 12 weeks from now we can still be feeling badly about our bodies, our diets, our lives. OR we can stand here 12 weeks later with our heads held high, stunned at the changes that have taken place in just three short months. With a strong body, a lust for life, and a new lease on everything! 

    This is my first time, so there' s bound to be plenty of mistakes, questions, frustrations, aches and pains to talk about....and I look forward to every minute of it. Join me on this journey! I look forward to having your company as we keep each other motivated, updated, and most importantly, laughing through the next 12 weeks. 

    I'm over 40. You may be too. We've got some extra challenges in our path. But that's what makes it so rewarding when we reach those goals week by week until 12 weeks have gone and we've changed in ways we could only have imagined.

    I'm ready to do this. I hope you are too! Let's dive into it! Head first! No looking back! Just move ahead. No second thoughts. Forget the mistakes of the past. Eyes and mind focused solely on what's ahead of us.

    Let's do it!!!


  • Rydel001,

    Love the positive attitude! A powerful, positive attitude is, in my opinion, the key ingredient making BFL work. You are well on your way!

    All the best with your challenge. You can do this!!!


  • Thanks Orrin! I know this is going to be a very difficult challenge for me. Many personal habits and habits of thought are going to have to change. I figure if I can throw a LOT of positive energy at it, the momentum will carry me through the rough spots, and maybe help springboard someone else who might be struggling!

    Your transformation is amazing by the way! It is inspiring to see someone like you who has done it and continues to keep living the life! I cannot wait to get to that place too! : )

  • I'm over 50 and if I can do it anyone can. All the best on your challenge. Keep the great attitude. Discipline and dedication will take you to your goal.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • WoW fit4life! Your pics are AMAZING!!!!!! Sooooo inspiring! Thanks for the encouragement! I need all I can get! : )

  • Deal me in...

    I'm starting Monday and expect the next 12 weeks to be very challenging. This will be my 2nd time through but I'm as ready as I'll ever be so lets get to it.

    I love this:

    "12 weeks is going to pass us by whether we do this or not. 12 weeks later we can sit here with the same complaints. 12 weeks from now we can still be feeling badly about our bodies, our diets, our lives. OR we can stand here 12 weeks later with our heads held high, stunned at the changes that have taken place in just three short months. With a strong body, a lust for life, and a new lease on everything! "

    Very well said!

    Stay in touch I'd love to hear how things are going.



  • I'd be interested to follow, you all.  I wasn't sure from the title "40+" if you were only interested in communicating with people of similiar age, I'm 29 but this will be my first attempt at BFL Oct18th.  Love to find someone to track progress with.

  • Hey Brian,

    Sounds like we'll starting the same day. I'd really like to stay in touch and share our experiences and undoubtedly difficulties for the next 90 days. BFL presents a real life style change through nutrition and eating habits. It’ll be hard for me not to “eat like an American” but the benefits are worth the effort.

    The sore muscles in the next few weeks will be a challenge too. Upper and lower body workouts will make for some really sore muscles. Reaching for the peak during a set will tear muscle fiber and set in motion the building process. Painful but productive.

    I love BFL because it represents the three legs of a milking stool.  Nutrition-cardio-weight training. Take one away and the stool becomes unstable. Use all three and it’s strong and sure.

    So let’s share the journey…together we’ll go farther.


    I’m going to run through my upper and lower body routine today in order to be ready for a Monday start. I’ll go to the grocery this weekend. Monday morning I’ll say good bye to the old me and hit the trail for a 90 day run…can’t wait!!

    How bout it Rydel001...you ready


  • I'm READY Peter!!!!!!

    Yay! Glad to have you guys! I'm excited! And YES Brian!!! I'm thrilled to hear from people of all ages, not just 40+!! I can't wait to hear about your experience, Brian and Peter! It's great to have someone who has been through this once already. Peter, you're going to be a great resource! I hope you don't mind if I pester you with questions!

    I love that we're starting within days of each other! Since today (Friday Oct 15) is my Monday, today is my start date.

    That said, I've just come back from the gym after my first workout. Upper body. I did do a little cardio to warm up this morning too, though I know that's not part of the program. I hope it doesn't disqualify me!

    It felt great and awkward all at the same time. I'm having trouble typing this post because my arms are like spaghetti! I'm going to assume that is a good sign and pray I'm not in too much pain tomorrow. It feels great to have that done already. Now to face the real demon of the day.......FOOD. Walking the straight and narrow path through temptation is my biggest challenge!

    I am not a morning person AT ALL but I do have to say there is something about getting up and getting that workout in before most people have even started their workday.

    Can't wait to hear about your start day on Monday! Keep me posted guys!!!!!!!

    Rydel001  (Lynne)

  • Hey Lynne,

    You sound like a real fireball! And that is so refreshing!!

    I set up my workout area this morning...there's a picture on my profile. I have a gym membership too that I'll use from time to time.

    One of the best ways to fight the food demon if to follow the program by eating every 2.5-3 hours. It'll keep the hungries away for the most part. Once your blood sugar stabilizes the cravings will subside (not completely but it will be easier).

    I've been a runner for some time and I don't stretch a cold muscle. I always warm up before I stretch or lift so the pre workout cardio is a good idea in my book. I do it myself and believe that it isn't in violation of the core principles of the program. If that's a concern you might run it past one of the BFL staffers.

    You are going to be so soo sore this week. lol

    Hang in there and "walk the straight and narrow"  : )


  • Day one completed! Did pretty good! I did forget that tonight was the birthday party of a friend of mine, so that was tough. At a pizza parlor of all places. ARGHH!!! I did eat some pizza....10" very thin whole wheat crust with cheese. And managed to stop myself after two slices. Could have done better and ordered a side salad and skipped the second slice, but hey, live and learn. But I'm very proud I did NOT drink any soda, and I resisted all the other amazing dishes around me, including breadsticks. So, there it is. All in all, not to shabby!

    Oh, and just in case any of you guys about to start are interested, I"m posting my height/starting weight /bodyfat % here:



    Bodyfat: 37%

    Would love for you guys to do the same so we can track each others progress!!

    Have a great weekend Brian and Peter!!!!!! Can't wait for you to start!!!

  • Lynne,

    Stay strong girl. Sounds like you made some good choices when confronted with temptation! I'll post again later..menu planning today, body measurements and pictures too.

    Do you use the succuss journal. The planning part helps me out quite a bit.

    Talk later..stay connected


  • Good point Peter! I will do that!

    I'm traveling this weekend for work......planning to carry some food with me and determined to make good choices when it comes to dining out.

    Though I did not get up in time to do my workout this morning, I DID talk myself out of skipping my cardio today. I ran after work, 2 miles. Hurray! Knowing I'm going to have to report to you guys keeps me honest! And I promised myself I would not lie on this blog!

    I promise you the low-down dirty truth!

    Having some trouble eating on schedule but I'll get the hang of it. That is the total of my BFL boo boos!

    I am so excited for you two, Peter and Brian!!!! And for everyone else out there starting on Monday! Go get it! : )


    PS. took pictures today. Took all my courage to put that bikini on. Glad it's over with. Thanks to my dear friend Lisa!

  • Lynne,

    I read through my journal today to refresh myself on some things. It helped me find the core of what's motivating me to take up this challenge. For me the muscle gain and weight loss are great but secondary to my real goal. After running for the past 12 years I seemed to loose my focus at several different levels. Physical, mental and life focus to name a few. My core motivation is to recapture direction and a zest for life it's self. Without your health and vitality it's difficult to feel as if you're advancing.

    I live in Indiana but have a small place in Arkansas on the side of a hill with a beautiful view of the valley. It's not much but I do love it there. Today I day dreamed a bit of sitting on the porch...looking out across the valley and off towards the mountains. I don't know if you've ever seen a program called sunrise earth but I could shoot that from my front yard in Arkansas.

    oops...sorry I'm wandering off subject

    I went to the grocery today and got what I needed to begin Monday. I'll plan this weeks meals and do a breif run down of my routine again. Monday it'll be all business. It'll take a week or so to settle my blood sugar and cravings. And then there's the soreness..oh boy. I'll also review my goals and do a little work there too.

    I admire your attitude and comittment!

    Stay strong...you're going to make it!!


  • Oh boy. Now it's starts getting tough! My body is SORE!!! I had a lot of trouble getting out of bed this morning, today is leg day!!! I'm going to need a harness and crane to get myself up tomorrow!

    Good work Peter! Getting yourself prepared. I sort of dove into it without planning....still have some things to do, like purge my pantry.

    Going out today to buy a success journal so I can start tracking everything.

    Cant wait to hear about your first day!